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by Maya Banks
Download Colters' Woman (Colters' Legacy) fb2
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    Maya Banks
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    Samhain Publishing; Reissue edition (April 6, 2010)
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    280 pages
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Holly Bardwell is running from her past mistakes. Straight into the arms of the Colter brothers.

The book reads well but there is no character development whatsoever and the plot is ridiculous. Basically a young woman is swindled into marriage by an abuser. She runs away on her wedding night and ends up in the mountains where three brothers immediately decide she is wife material and within 24 hours they have seduced her. Sex scenes with all follow. Big bad husband comes after her. More sex. Husband ends up in jail. More sex. Then she ends up knocked up and they live happily ever after. Shocker. A review I read once said there wasn't enough meat to the story and that phrase applies here. There is nothing much to this story.
I've only read Maya Banks historical books so this was a first for me. When I realized the main character Holly was going to have three brothers Adam, Ethan and Ryan as husbands I didn't think I would like this book but I kept reading and couldn't put it down. I loved the book. It was a story about unconditional love and loyalty. It also showed that sometimes the family that we seek is not the traditional family. If you have a open mind and you are looking for something different then I highly recommend this book for reading. You will love the story and fall in love with each character. You will also love Maya Banks writing.
The Colters' Legacy series is definitely recommended as a great set of re-reads! This series has well thought out story lines that so many other books in this genre just don't have. You'll find the romance, of course; fast-paced drama; even funny moments with family dynamics and what I call "great visuals"! This book takes you to the Rockies and its beautiful vistas! I was transported to one of my favorite parks ( Rocky Mountain National ) with Maya's beautiful descriptions of the Rockies' incredible scenery! Another big plus which I really appreciated was the editor did her/his job! E-books are notorious for editing errors, yet this series was so refreshingly free of errors on that score. I believe this series to be one of the best of Maya Banks' works. If you are a fan of Maya Banks, you should definitely buy this series. You will not be disappointed.
I've read quite a few other books by this author & enjoyed them all enough to try this series but to me, this one misses the mark! I'm quite happy to enjoy erotic scenes in my books, but I felt at times, that this booked crossed over that line into porn & in fact seemed designed more to male tastes than Maya's other books! In other words, basically a simplistic story & characters, but plenty of graphic sex scenes! Also I prefer some sort of realism to relate to, & I found it definitely unrealistic, & could be called abusive even; for a supposed virgin, to be prepared to participate in sex with 3 men at the same time; so soon after they took her in, & had assured her, that they only wanted to cherish & care for her! I would like to have known more of the brother's characters & motivations too, but maybe I'm in the minority! as obviously many have read this series
I loved this book. The storyline was perfection. Holly, Adam, Ethan, and Ryan were perfect for each other. 3 brothers find the one woman that completes them, but she comes with trouble following close behind her. What trouble you ask? Guess you'll have to read it to find out. Let me just say this, I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Most importantly to me is this is a keeper to be read more than once. I highly recommend this to anyone.
This book is ridiculous from start to finish. The writing is mediocre, the characters are undeveloped, the dialogue is enormously boring. They have really nothing to say to one another of any interest. The author wants you to believe that a woman found half frozen in the snow, and who, it turns out is a virgin, gets into bed with three brothers shortly after being carried to their cabin. The author then describes in detail how much the heroine likes having all of her orifices filled at once by her three soon-to-be "husbands."

Wish I could get my money back.
I thought this story was told so well and loved how this Author worked it out between these brothers and Holly. It made sense. I have two gripes however. It would be great to be informed how old these brothers actually are! I mean, what's the secret here? Fill us in Ms. Banks! You told us Holly's age...so...give a little, huh? Secondly, I thought it kinda weird how quickly Adam..a scrumptious Alpha Male if I ever read one...asserts himself on this woman by slipping into bed with her WHILE SHE'S ASLEEP, all within 2 hrs. of meeting her. And she accepts this behavior?? I realize he's the eldest brother and the protective one of the three and I know the story has to get moving..but sheesh, let's be kinda, sorta realistic. I mean, she's running for her life and is highly suspicious of just about anyone and scared of most every one......yet she's fine with waking up and finding this stranger (albeit hawt and verrrry yummy) lying in bed with her??!? ... um...don't think so. Other than this, the story was well played out and told extremely well that I had to read it again.
I am an open minded woman in my fifties. But WOW Did I miss the explicit warning?
I have ready the Fifty Shades series and Sylvia Days Entwined with you and Yes, they had some hot stuff but they also had a story to them
I could not get past the first part of the book. What kind of woman would do that? That fast, come on really?
Unless you just need a porn read and I not sure I would say it was a good one.....DON"T buy this book