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by Catherine Mulvany
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Dramas & Plays
  • Author:
    Catherine Mulvany
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    Loveswept (March 2, 1998)
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    240 pages
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    Dramas & Plays
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Most romance fans read an enormous number of books. Those they truly love, they keep. Others may be traded with friends and soon forgotten.

Most romance fans read an enormous number of books. We hope that each LOVESWEPT romance will be a treasure-a keeper. We will always try to publish. Love stories you’LL never forget by authors you’LL always remember.

Similar books to Man Shy: A Novel (Loveswept). Catherine Mulvany is married, has three children and now lives in the Pacific Northwest. This book is brilliant, funny, raw and utterly magnificent ― it's a portal to a world you’ll never want to leave. Lev Grossman Learn more. Publisher: Loveswept (September 16, 2009). Publication Date: September 16, 2009.

Upon a Midnight Clear. Published by Loveswept -. E-Book.

In the one week Dixon had shadowed the man, Jordan managed to have assignations with six different women in four different motels, which Dixon figured was some kind of record, at least for a small town like Brunswick. Delusional or not, Alexandra Roundtree deserved better than a jerkwad like Mark Jordan. Upon a Midnight Clear.

The hero, Dixon Yano, is the perfect romance novel hero-gorgeous, vulnerable, and real. One person found this helpful.

Man Shy (Loveswept) Mass Market Paperback – March 2, 1998

Man Shy (Loveswept) Mass Market Paperback – March 2, 1998. by. Catherine Mulvany (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more.

Lindsey had no doubt helped herself to the key under the flowerpot again. Maybe she’d even dragged Evan along. Two of the three people-her mother being the third-Mallory most wished to avoid. I changed my mind, she told Brody. I would like to get something to eat, after al. .Did her enthusiasm sound as false to his ears as it did to hers? He paused at the stop sign. Why the sudden change of heart? And don’t give me that stuff about a woman’s prerogative. He sounded more curious than angry, which was a miracle.

Random House Publishing Group.

by Catherine Mulvany. Published March 2, 1998 by Loveswept.

MAN SHY (Loveswept) Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove MAN SHY (Loveswept) from your list? MAN SHY (Loveswept). by Catherine Mulvany.

Find nearly any book by Catherine Mulvany. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. Man Shy: A Novel (Loveswept): ISBN 9780553763362 (978-0-553-76336-2) Softcover, Loveswept, 1998. Man Shy (Loveswept): ISBN 9780553446043 (978-0-553-44604-3) Softcover, Loveswept, 1998. ISBN 9780743493833 (978-0-7434-9383-3) Softcover, Pocket Star, 2004. Learn More at LibraryThing.

In jeans and leather jacket he looked handsome as the devil—and just as dangerous.... With his sexy mouth, silver-gray eyes, and drop-dead dazzling body, undercover cop Brody Hunter was perfect for the job Mallory Scott had in mind: playing escort at her double-crossing sister's wedding! Convinced she was safe in Brody's arms, Mallory was shocked to discover just how perilous—and pleasurable—his kisses could be. Could her carefully planned game of let's pretend make them both winners in the end? Funny, steamy, and just this side of wicked, Catherine Mulvany's outrageous romp of a romance offers a potent look at one woman's hunt for the man of her dreams! She'd vowed to hire herself a hunk so gorgeous her man-stealing sister would turn green with envy, but once she found the right man for the job, would she dare offer him a lifetime contract?From the Paperback edition.

nice romance written in the older style with more story, less garbage. still enjoy a lighter love story. thanks
Mallory needs a man right away, and not just any man, he's got to be drop-dead-gorgeous and make her sister salivate. Why? Because said sister has stolen her longtime boyfriend and expects kind and understanding Mallory to not only attend the wedding, but to be her maid-of-honor! Mallory is painfully shy around men, but one of her friends introduces her to undercover cop, Brody Hunter. With his long hair, dangerous and stunning looks, he is perfect for the part. And Mallory is told that he's gay, so there is no need to feel insecure around him. Except she does, especially when he insists on going out on "dates" so they can get their act down before the big wedding. She soon wonders if her buddy has lied to her because Brody's acting is becoming quite convincing.
The author hooked me from the first page, creating such lovable characters that I didn't want to put the book down. The story starts out light, sexy and funny, then she adds an ongoing mystery/investigation plot that relies a bit too much on coincidence, but which made for some cute encounters. Despite the suspense thread, the author manages to keep the love story the main focus of the book, which is why it worked so perfectly for me. The characters appear to be your classic mismatch: the shy, frigid schoolteacher and the dark and dangerous cop, but it's quickly revealed that they both have much more depth (and much more in common) than at first glance. A genuine, believable friendship develops before they fall head-over-heels in love. This kind of story wins me over every time! The entire book was a real pleasure to read.