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    Nora Roberts
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    CHIVERS LARGE PRINT (CHIVERS, WINDSOR, PARAGON & C; New Ed edition (October 1, 2000)
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Here the circling shelves were jammed full with books and treasures

To me, fair friend, you never can be For as you were when first your eye I eyed, Such seems your beauty still. Here the circling shelves were jammed full with books and treasures. She loved the man who sat behind the enormous desk with his cigar and his shot glass and his ledgers. The love was an ache of the heart in the woman inside the child, a shaft of longing and of envy for that uncomplicated and complete love.

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Now it's 2016 and I bought a LOT of Nora Roberts books through the years but my latest purchases were all her novels that were made into movies. I'm starting with this one. I hope they make the Bridal Quartet next.

Blew him a mental kiss. She thought she might just give him a call later and see how he felt about taking a drive that evening. Maybe they could head over to Georgetown and find some pretty spot near the water. It was nice being with Wade, comfortable on one hand, exciting on the other. He was as dependable as sunrise, always.

Carolina Moon is a 2000 romantic suspense novel by American author Nora Roberts. It is a standalone novel featuring Tory Bodeen as the heroine and Kincade Lavelle as her love interest. It was made into a TV movie for the Lifetime network in 2007. Tory Bodeen survived a difficult childhood thanks to her father's religious views and her special gift-another sense that can see events about to happen or happening. Her world is shattered when her best friend, Hope Lavelle, is murdered.

Based on the book by bestselling author Nora Roberts. Tory Bodeen returns to her South Carolina hometown to reclaim her life in the town where she suffered a violent childhood.

Based on the book by bestselling author Nora Roberts. But Tory has the gift of visions, and coming back means reliving the horrific images that flashed through her mind the night, years ago, that her childhood friend Hope Lavelle was killed.

New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents a novel of redemption and suspense, as a woman haunted by the unsolved murder of her childhood friend returns to her small South Carolina hometown. Tory Bodeen grew up in a run-down house where her father ruled with an iron fist and a leather belt-and where her dreams and talents had no room to flourish.

Tory Bodeen grew up in a small, rundown house where her father ruled with his fist. Only her friendship with Hope, from the big house nearby, allowed Tory to be the child she couldn't be at home. But Tory's life fell apart when Hope was brutally killed - a murder which was never solved. Now, as Tory returns to her hometown to settle and start a business, she is determined to rid herself of the nightmare of that terrible night. Forging a bond with Cade Lavelle, Hope's brother, she's unsure whether the loss they share will unite them or drive them apart. But she's willing to try. Only living so close to those unhappy memories is more difficult and frightening than she expected. Because Hope's killer is still free - and extremely close ...

This is one of Nora Roberts' best books. It just sucks you right in. Ms. Roberts is fantastic at painting a picture with her writing and she always has a good mix of serious, comical and menacing characters. This story takes place in the deep South and her descriptions of the town and its surroundings and the people of the town make you feel like you're right there. The suspense is right there all along; you feel it there but it doesn't hit you full blast until later in the book. It's good stuff. One word of caution, however: beware the Audible version of Carolina Moon. The narrator is simply awful. She reads way too quickly in some places, her sentences tend to run on, and because she doesn't differentiate the characters' voices, you don't always know who's speaking and you don't always realize when she's stopped dialogue and gone back to the narrative. I had to stop eight chapters in and I returned the audiobook. It's a good thing I'd read this before. Better you should just read the book or the Kindle version.
This book is for those who like a little paranormal. The protagonist has "the sight". Since I'm not a believer in such things I did not like the book. Nora Roberts seems to write three types of novels. Most follow a romantic formula where a woman who has been betrayed moves to a small town and meets a man there who has a great deal of baggage of his own. After some struggles they manage to trust and love each other. These are okay occasionally for a beach read.
Her next category has some great novels which obviously required research. The Witness, Tribute, Nigh Noon, The Search, Northern Lights, and Blue Smoke, to name a few. I re-read these books and enjoy the talent that Roberts truly has.
I was really busy with my life when I started this book, but once I was about half way through, I was hooked. If you've read a handful of her other books, you pick up on the familiar story line (strong, hardheaded woman, persistent and handsome love interest, some variety of twisted, cruel tragedy). I was expecting the end of this book to simmer down to a happy ending, tied up with a bow.

Instead I was hit with a huge, unexpected turn of events that left me in a stupor for a solid 2 hours, trying to process (and reevaluate) this entire book. Loved it!
There is mystery and suspense due to a serial killer. There is one rape-murder scene with not much detail. There is child abuse. Tory was repeatedly beaten by her father throughout her life until she left home at 18. There is romance for two different couples. I liked both romances. Although I wondered why Cade fell in love so immediately with Tory. But I could go with it. I liked the character development. I liked the paranormal. Tory has psychic ability. She could read anyone’s mind except the killer’s. So that was “convenient” for the author to keep the mystery going. But I could go with it because the rest of the story was good. I would have liked more done with Cade’s mother at the end. That was left dangling.

Narrative mode: 3rd person. Story length: 468 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words, but not often used. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 7. Setting: around 2000 South Carolina. Copyright: 2000. Genre: romantic suspense with paranormal.
When I want an engaging romantic suspense, I look to Nora Roberts. Yep, she has a formula and she uses it with wit, style and charm. A great mix of suspense, humor, sorrow, and love -- with family, with secondary characters, with the bad ones -- is usual in these books. The focus here is Tory and her psychic gift that has tormented her all her life. She returns to her hometown to set some old, sad, bad memories to rest. Along the way comes Cade bringing love and acceptance to Tory who wants none of it. And then there is the very bad guy -- enough said. Fully satisfying read.
I have so many favorites by her, hard to pick a # 1.
This book was great as they all are.

I loved Faith especially....such a fantastic character.

The movies made from these stories are great too but nothing really compares to a book.
It would be so great to have a second part to this book.

Read Nora Roberts and be happy.

eh, i've read other books by her that are WAY better and follow the same formula. Obsession & Witness are actually good alt's to read. This book felt like 2 different books mashed together because she couldn't pick a love plot she liked. The twist at the end (which all of these books have) left me going "huh?" It make zero sense, and felt forced.
I'm finding the serial killer romances repetitive. I'd like to see a return to more real world stories like the Chesapeake Bay series, or Born In series. The horror and the murder stories have had their time in the sun