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by Vikas Swarup
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Vikas Swarup (born 1963) is an Indian diplomat and a well known writer also.

Vikas Swarup (born 1963) is an Indian diplomat and a well known writer also. He is the current Secretary (PCV) at the Ministry of External Affairs, India and has previously as High Commissioner of India in Canada and has been the official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs of India. He presently serves as a Secretary to the Government of India for Consular, Passport, Visa and Overseas Indian Affairs.

Vikas Swarup is an Indian diplomat who has served in Turkey, the United States, Ethiopia and Great Britain. He is presently posted in the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Vikas Swarup is writing a second novel. ww. ooksattransworld. Acclaim for Q & A: ‘Not simply the story of a quiz, but rather a reminder of the various, often apparently random, ways in which knowledge can be acquired by the adventurous, the curious and the observant.

The Vikas Swarup's book is not Danny Boyle's film. The following twelve chapters are based on incidents that have I finished reading Q&A this morning, a thoroughly enjoyable read and a real page-turner. I first learned of Q&A from an interview with Swarup, in which he criticized the movie that had made his characters into international names. If the film, Slumdog Millionaire, based on this novel is anywhere near as good, then it will be one to watch. Q&A begins with Ram as the winner of the largest prize in a TV quiz show, he is arrested on the grounds of cheating as nobody believes that a waiter in a restaurant in Mumbai could possibly answer all twelve questions correctly.

Series: Charnwood Large Print Library Series. Steger is an explorer and adventurer, not a writer, and for what I believe was one of his first books, this book is very well-written. Hardcover: 512 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0708986264. Product Dimensions: . x . inches.

Q and A (Charnwood Large Print) by Vikas Swarup. Q and A (Charnwood Large Print) - by Vikas Swarup ePub version. 1527 downloads at 21 mb/s. Q and A (Charnwood Large Print) - by Vikas Swarup PDF version. Vikas Swarup's spectacular debut novel opens in a jail cell in Mumbai, India, where Ram Mohammad Thomas is being held after correctly answering all twelve questions on India's biggest quiz show, Who Will Win a Billion? It is hard to believe that a poor orphan who has never read a newspaper or gone to school could win such a contest.

Publisher:Ulverscroft Large Print Books Ltd. Weight:1. 74 lbs. You Might Also Enjoy.

Q and A. by Vikas Swarup. A fast, easy read which takes you on an effortless journey round modern India, from the slums to Bollywood. The central plot device is how a kid who never went to school comes to know the answers to questions on the biggest TV knowledge quiz

Q and A. The central plot device is how a kid who never went to school comes to know the answers to questions on the biggest TV knowledge quiz. This is fun and will keep you guessing - but the real interest for the reader, just as for the boy, is what you learn along the way. And despite the bleak surroundings of much of the story, the boy's personality and values make this a feel-good read. Find similar books Profile.

AUTHOR: Atwood, Margaret

AUTHOR: Atwood, Margaret.

Charnwood (Large Print) Publisher - 12 works, 0 ebooks. Publishing History This is a chart to show the when this publisher published books. Reset chart or continue zooming in. Internet Archive Wishlist, Modern fiction.

Swarup currently works at the Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi, and has written three bestselling novels. Find out everything you need to know about Q & A in a fraction of the time! This in-depth and informative reading guide brings you:,A complete plot summary,Character studies,Key themes and symbols,Questions for further reflection Why choose BrightSummaries. The clear and concise style makes for easy understanding, providing the perfect opportunity to improve your.

I really enjoyed this book. It was recomened to me by a friend who said it was her favorite movie of all time. I'm not sure about the movie being the best, but the book is a fast paced rags to riches story full of suprising twists and turns. I couldn't put it down. The book does not follow the movie so if you've seen the movie get ready for a few suprises!
Experiences of life give a young boy the answers to a question/answer TV show, but are not believed. The book was way better than the movies.
I saw the movie first. After reading several reviews on here that the book was different from the movie I decided to buy it. This book is just as fantastic as the movie. It's the same basic concept. He wins a billion rupees on a game show and is accused of cheating. He then has to explain why he knows all the answers. Only a few stories are similar but still different enough to entertain. All the stories are cleverly written. I found that I couldn't wait to get to the question to see how it related to the story he just told. Buy this book and see the movie!! It doesn't matter in what order.
Truly enjoyed this read. The format was interesting. The plotline gave insight into the culture. Saw the movie and wouldn't waste my time. It wasn't a bit like the book.
I have seen the movie first and read the book latter. Loved both of them. Which version is closer to reality? Both! Frankly, the director retold the story in a version palatable to the west.

First, why do I consider both versions to be closer to reality - In the book, there is a gay priest and a priest with a secret marriage. My hometown in Andhra Pradesh, India had both of them or quite a few of them. As kids, we were aware of teenagers getting gifts and foreign cigarrettes from this gay italian priest. And there is the priest who had sexual relations with the maid and supporting her family with cash. In the movie, the girl Latika getting scarred on her face, although throwing acid is more common in real life.

Vikas Swarup choose to tell the story in a very plain language, the few metaphors used in the book, I suspect were slipped in by the editors. He borrowed the story telling style from RK Narayan's "Guide", which starts in the middle of the story line, goes the beginning and then the end. Vikas took it to a whole new level by weaving the story between different episodes of the protagonists life in 13 chapters. The author included plenty of observations he made in his life. Every Indian has seen domestic child labor (as maids), blind kids begging on a busy street corner, police brutality etc. There is so much misery around, an average indian gets immune to it. Vikas was courageous enought to write about it and tell a gripping story too.

The author also borrowed a few items from Indian movies, like the double headed coin (from the movie Sholay). Is Neelima Kumari the real life actress Meena Kumari, or is it Parvin Bhabi who committed suicide? My suspicion is, the author borrowed a lot from his observations as a diplomat, world traveller and as an Indian. He wove them into a beautiful story, a wonderful fabric with many colors, details and designs.

It is a shame that this books did not win awards. Boring, long drawn books by indian authors won pulitzers. I guess, they were heavily promoted or had guiding hands from their parents who were 3rd class writers. It also tells a lot about the book reviewers. It took Danny Boyle to recognize the book and create a gem of a movie.

Having said that, except the story telling style, there is no commonality between the movie and the book. The book is very secular, from the protagonist's name "Ram Mohammed Thomas" to the misery around him. Secular that there is misery and deceit from the priests to the nefarious creatures who blind children, from westerners to indians, from rich to poor. This is missing in the movie. I suspect the changes were made in the movie for two reasons. One, to make it palatable to the western audience such as removing references to gay priests from England or to australlian diplomats running a spy ring. Second, Lovely Tandon (the co-director) and Anil Kapoor (game show host) Bollywoodised the movie with a "heroine" and also making the role of Prem Kumar the game show host a less nefarious charachter. With the galaxy size egos in Bollywood, it is not unimaginable that Anil Kapoor has demanded a modification of his charachter.

Except for the protaganits winning the money, the movie is a documentary of the plight of the under privlleged kids world wide, not only Indian. It is the story of Ismael Beah in Congo or any other kid in projects close to Manhattan or Chicago.

Two problems with the movie - The scene where Jamaal jumps into human excrement was unnecessary and not in the book. This is what angered most indians, both rich and poor. The second, in all the movies that I have seen so far, only the Hindus are shown attacking Muslims during a religious riot. The truth is, it is more complex. There are idiots on all sides creating trouble for the peace loving majority. I guess, the movie makers are just plain afraid to show a muslim being the perpetrator of a riot.

Other items I see as a correlation to real life are observations from my own experience as a kid: One of my neighbhours, a beautiful young doctor was abused by her husband, a drunk. Only when she committed suicide the rumor spread that she had cigarrette burns all over her body. Second, babies stolen from government hospitals to be sold to beggar mafia, Atleast there are news reports once in a while about stolen babies. You cannot round a busy street without encountering a girl with a drugged baby begging for money. Third, Guides in any tourist spot through out the world giving wonderfully altered versions of the history.

Next, street kids being smarter than kids going to school. There was this nine yeal old banana seller on the street who I met in my hometown a couple of years ago. You should see the sharpness of his mind to be believed, he can not only calculate the profit margin in %, prices, hedging against prices from the wholesale market, interest rates from the money lender a school kid cannot. It is needed for his survival. My family volunteered to pay for his education. He shouted back he makes Rs. 120 a day and has a sick mother, a young sister to feed. Who will earn the money if he goes to school? We tried to talk to him several times after that, but his assessment of the daily needs of his family were as accurate his math.

So, this is a documentary, not a fiction.

Contrast this to booksmart kids from middle class and rich class. It was nicely contrasted in the book, when Akshay a middle class kid knows that there is no Sony PS3 yet (2004), but gives away the survival skill of Ram Mohammed Thomas hiding cash in his underwear.

Great movie, great book.

Now, the ugliest of the ugliest truths, worse than the exploitation detailed in the movie - Child actors who played the roles of Salim and Latika, who were originally from the slums are paid a pittance. Danny Boyle and Fox movies did a PR stunt saying three times the local daily wages was paid. So, is it 150 rupees a day, 3 dollars a day? Sure they can have done a lot better than that. Money deoposited in the bank for the actors to cash out when they turn 18? How much was deposited? The truth needs to come out. The children and their families cannot live in a 6ftx6ft dwelling and lead the same life of daily survival as a challenge, waiting for some one to turn 18.

So, who is the best actor in the movie? The young Salim without any question. Better than Benjamin Button and Milk and 18 year Dev Patel combined. He deserves a better living, atleast after he demonstrated his artistic talent.
Much better than the movie
I enjoyed this book so much from the very first sentence to the very last. It is so well written and the plot is great. I felt sympathy with the main character Ram Mohammad Thomas and I enjoyed reading about his adventurous life in India. And the end is brilliant! This book is quite simply a pleasure to read! It is one of my favorites.
Excellent book! I was a little hesistant about reading this book at first but because it was our book of the month selection for our book club...I decided to go through with it. Can you say AWESOME! I really did judge this book by it's cover initially. I thought a book about an Indian boy. Hmm would I have any interest? Would the story be current? Would it be a page turner and have me focused? Answer: All of the above! Slumdog Millionaire is the story of a boy that actually won the million dollars based on giving answers (to the tv show) that related to his own life. Very funny. Very witty. A must read:-)