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by Edgar Wallace
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    Edgar Wallace
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    The Echo Library (July 31, 2003)
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Edgar Wallace The Green Rust. Chapter I the passing of john millinborn. by crackling briefs and calf-bound law-books

Edgar Wallace The Green Rust. I don't know whether there's a law that stops my doing this, Jim; but if there is, you've got to get round it. You're a lawyer and you know the game. by crackling briefs and calf-bound law-books. Yet, between these two men, the millionaire ship-builder and the successful solicitor, utterly different in their tastes and their modes of life, was a friendship deep and true.

Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a prolific British crime writer, journalist and playwright, who wrote 175 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles in newspapers and journals. Over 160 films have been made of his novels, more than any other author. In the 1920s, one of Wallace's publishers claimed that a quarter of all books read in England were written by him.

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Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1 April 1875 – 10 February 1932) was an English writer. Born into poverty as an illegitimate London child.

Edgar Wallace The Green Rust. The new-comer was Dr. van Heerden. What is this I hear?" he demanded fiercely, addressing White. You dare accuse Miss Cresswell of theft?" "My dear doctor," began White. It is an outrage," said the doctor. It is disgraceful, Mr. White. I will vouch for Miss Cresswell with my life.

Chapter XXIV The Green Rust Factory. 271. Chapter XXV The Last Man at the Bench. A prodigious writer of fiction, Wallace published, over the course of his professional life, some 173 books and wrote 17 plays. Many of his adventure narratives featured elements of crime or mystery, but they all thrived on action. Although Wallace's handling of plot was superb and he was respected for his ability to blend suspense with humor, he was less successful with his characters, who tended to be two-dimensional and stereotyped.

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You can read The Green Rust by Wallace Edgar in our library for absolutely free Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a prolific British crime writer, journalist and playwright, who wrote 175 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles i. .

You can read The Green Rust by Wallace Edgar in our library for absolutely free. Read various fiction books with us in our e-reader. Richard Horatio Edgar Wallace (1875-1932) was a prolific British crime writer, journalist and playwright, who wrote 175 novels, 24 plays, and countless articles in newspapers and journals. ce was born in Yarmouth, Greenwich, Norfolk. His biological parents were actors Richard Horatio Edgar (who never knew of his existence) and Mary Jane "Polly" Richards, nee Blair.

This was great fun to read. German anger over their loss in the Great War causes a bold attempt at early biological warfare. A mad German scientist plots the destruction of Europe and the US wjile an intrepid American detective and a damsal in distress struggle to thwart his plan.
I'm a little half way of the book and I'm much less interested than in the beginning. The plots are smart if you look at them individually. For example, how the doctor slipped the girl under the nose of Beal and his companies. However if you look at the big picture, you have the feeling of why did he/they have to do this? Sure there must be an easy way around?
The story attached great importance that almost affects the fate of humanity, however Beal the hero feels it is OK for him to keep secret and try a lone hand on the issue. The lawyer is very clear of the danger of the girl but he has to remain silent to stay loyal to his late friend. These make the story sound not very convincing.
I recently became acquainted with the work of Edgar Wallace from BBC Radio Four Extra. During the pre-World War II era, one out of every four books sold was written by Edgar Wallace. Wallace was a master of crime and suspense. This book lives up to his reputation. I found this post-World War I thriller to be nicely paced and attention grabbing. I read it over a few days. If you like crime fiction or suspense thrillers, you will enjoy this novel. I am tackling Wallace's J.G. Reeder series next.
This is an enjoyable short story by Edgar Wallace, set in England during the 1920's. It is set up like your basic thriller; young intelligent detective, attractive and unknowingly rich heroine, an arrogant dispicable German fanatic, and a plot to destroy western civilization. Sounds a little corny, but Wallace actually pulls it off quite well. Although you catch on fairly early what the story is, you want to hang in there and see how they stop the S.O.B. Entertaining. 4 stars.
Always been a fan of EW from school days. Those days back in 1960s and 70s not all titles were available in India . The few that were available used to provide the thrills for a young boy. Reading the 20s and 30s scenaio near a century later provides a still greater satisfaction. When you read the story imagine a life without all the present day technology and gadgets and then read how a derective still functioned and got results. True there is a bit of romance which may sound strange these days when one acts rather than think! But it was the prim and proper days then. Lots of underground stuff too. The use of pigeons in the climax which was thwarted well even today I remember one of the current day author using it in his story! I say simply read and enjoy
I bought this on a whim because I was bored and it was a free Kindle book. This is a really good story! There was a very complex plot but it wasn't unnecessarily confusing. The characters were well developed and interesting. It had a lot more to it than I expected and it was an enjoyable read. Seems like it would make a good movie.

In a nutshell, the plot is this: After World War II, when Germany was seriously crippled by the Allies' governing rules post-war, a brilliant German scientist decides to get revenge by destroying the world's crops. He plans to destroy the wheat fields in America, Canada, and many other countries, so that the only supply is Germany's. Then, Germany can put whatever price she wants to on her wheat, and get some of her power back. The scientist plans to do this by a chemical weapon called the Green Rust. But he's very clever at making sure nothing can really be traced or tied to him. There's an undercover agent working to expose all this, but he's racing the clock and he knows that capturing the scientist won't be enough- he needs to figure out how to undo all of the work that the scientist has already put into place. There's a girl in the story who helps him out, and I like her because she's resourceful and helpful instead of being one of those annoying people who are there just to provide a romantic interest. Altogether a good read.
I rate this one five stars. I base this on originality of the story line, plot, pacing and action, and, a some extra credit again for originality. This may be the very first modern "villain out to conquer the World" story. Update the plot with some gratuitous sex and violence and it is ready for the next James Bond movie. The parallels between this story and the plot of some of the classic Bond thrillers are striking; a dauntless hero, a fair maiden in distress, evil genius out to ruin the British Government, Ian Flemming couldn't have formulated the plot better. The fact that the hero is an American and not a member of the British Secret Service is only a minor sticking point. Written in 1919 and set in that time frame, this story is miles away from the typical drawing room murder mysteries of that era. A good read, and a story way ahead of it's time.
This is a wonderful classic mystery from an early master of mysteries, Edgar Wallace. It has everything: adventure, mystery, conspiracy and even a little romance thrown in. A most enjoyable read.