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by Mary Jo Putney
Download The Burning Point fb2
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    Mary Jo Putney
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    Berkley (May 1, 2000)
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Book 1 of the Circle of Friends Trilogy.

Book 1 of the Circle of Friends Trilogy.

Mary Jo Putney (born in New York) is a best-selling American author of over twenty-five historical and contemporary romance novels. She has also published romantic fantasy novels as . Her books are known for their unusual subject matter, including alcoholism, death, and domestic abuse. Putney was born and raised in New York.

As he ripped lettuce for a dinner salad, he speculated on how much longer it would be until she came back to Maryland. Another week, by her own estimate. er, he might not see her before March. The door from the garage opened, and Kate erupted into the kitchen. Purse in one hand and flight bag in the other, she wore an elegant coat that was way too light for the fifteen degree temperature, and an expression that reminded him of a ticking grenade.

Mary Jo Putney (Author). Book 1 of 4 in the Circle of Friends-Putney Series. Kate Corsi dreamed of going into the family business: Phoenix Demolitions International, but her old-fashioned father refused to let her get involved, even after she had finished school and licensed as an architect.

Putney's first book for Berkley and her first contemporary novel is the riveting story of the ties that bind two people together-and the incendiary forces that can tear them apart. The story centers around a woman destined to inherit her family's fortune if she and her ex-husband agree to live under the same roof for one year.

The Burning Point book. The Burning Point is New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney's first contemporary novel, a riveting story of the ties that bind two people together - and the incendiary forces that can tear them apart.

Praise for The Burning Point: Powerhouse novelist Mary Jo Putney explodes on the contemporary scene with an emotionally wrenching and dramatically intense story. She tackles a very difficult subject with insight, and compassion. Exceptionally powerful reading! –

Praise for The Burning Point: Powerhouse novelist Mary Jo Putney explodes on the contemporary scene with an emotionally wrenching and dramatically intense story. Exceptionally powerful reading! – –Romantic Times. This passionate love story unravels gradually, in trademark Putney style. The author has created a realistic, well-crafted story, laced with elements of suspense and mystery and featuring sympathetic protagonists whose biggest mistake was marrying too young.

The Burning Point is New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney's first contemporary novel, a riveting .

The Burning Point is New York Times bestselling author Mary Jo Putney's first contemporary novel, a riveting story of the ties that bind two people together - an. .You may love it, you may hate it, but it will better to just read it and decide for yourself.

Finding books BookSee BookSee - Download books for free. Mary Jo Putney, Charlotte Featherstone, Kristin James.

Forced by her father's will to live with her ex-husband for a year, Kate Corsi will uncover the secret behind her father's death and rediscover the passion she once reserved for her ex. Original.

This book was discussed on Amazon's romance forum. There are mixed feelings about this book. Some people just cannot get past the fact that the husband was violent towards his wife. I do not condone, in any way, physical abuse of anyone. This couple has been divorced for several years and he's had time to grow up and accept that he wrecked his marriage. She left town and her father kept him on as a valuable employee. Her father died so she came back to work for his demolition business. The reunification of this couple was very slow because she did not trust him at all. I am not going to give a long-winded story since this one is not a gotcha kind of book. A young couple where the husband is so damaged and so obsessed with her that he cannot function as a grown-up. One day he blows and hits her. The story is, for the most part, them having to live together because of her father's will. How they managed to resolve the violence issue and learn to love again is what makes this book a very good book. I did give it five stars. All of he books are intense and very well written.
The author describes spousal abuse and the difficult journey to reconciliation realistically. The romance of secondary older characters is heartwarming. The half star deduction is for poor proof reading--even more unacceptable since this is a republication.Examples: "Why was actual knowledge of other women was [sic] so much more upsetting...." "As God is my witness, I swear that [ ]will never touch you in anger again." "...he managed to raise the fallen piece; the[sic] shove it backward...." "If Manchetti gets it,he'll probably hire me to run to run [sic] it."
This book is something with a difference. I am just lucky it was suggested by my mother, and I took her advice. Its a deep story about a woman who wants to be in a mans world, where she isn't accepted. She doesn't give up on her dream and works her way steadily towards it, while at the time same time is divorced from a man, whom she still loves and cant get over 10 years later, who is in that world she so badly wants to be part of. Both her and her ex have some demons to work through, and for all intents and purposes, those demons are what are, in some cases, unforgivable.
Its a great story, that pulls you straight in, and at times makes you very cross, but also teary eyed and happy for certain happenstances. Its very well written and unputdownable. I can really suggest this book and this writer. Its great for book clubs. Once you've read it you will see its extremely controversial and the subject matter applies in all our daily lives and begs the age old question, what line needs to be crossed before forgiveness is no longer an option.
Can you forgive the past? Kate knows that she has no choice but to accept the condition of her father's will and she knows that it is going to be so hard to contain her feelings for her ex. She loved him so much but he scared her and if she didn't leave he could have killed her. Patrick knows that what he did to Kate can never be forgiven, he left his anger get the better of him and he threw away the only woman that he could ever love but maybe this is his second chance at redemption.
They will need to live and work together for a year and then the business is safe but where will this leave them? Kate has always wanted to be part of the family business, who doesn't love to blow this up but she is angry as when her father was alive he never wanted to give her a chance at been part of the business. Now she has that chance and she can prove to herself that she is going to be good at it but with Patrick around it has become very hard to be focused on just the company. Patrick knows that is going to be near impossible not to want to touch Kate, he is still so in love with her but can he really prove to her that he has changed and that he won't ever hit her again? But there is someone that wants to make sure that they both fail as they want the company for themselves and if that means someone else has to die then so be it. But why would someone have killed her father what did he do to them?
Can they find the truth about her father's death and be able to try fix their relationship or is it too late now?
A good intense read.
I read this book halfway through and gave up. I really did not want to know all about the building demolition/implosion business, which really seemed a major focus of the book.

So, the main characters have a history with lots of baggage. If you've ever read Linda Howard's "After the Night" you will see how this kind of emotional tension can be written correctly. In my opinion, you don't dribble out the facts over half the book, while discoursing on the details of how to implode a building. It was like the author was trying to set up a mystery with clues, when she was really building the background of their relationship. Linda Howard took 67 pages in her book to do this brilliantly. I found the "clues" scattered about in the first 50% of Putney's book to be frustrating.

I finally gave up, and it's too bad, because this could have been a great story, but it was so chopped up and riddled with their commercial business details that it couldn't keep my attention.
This was totally relatable and is a good story about reconciliation, second chances and grief. You can't help falling in love with the characters with all their flaws and really hope for everything to work out for all of them. This is a great book to curl up and read with your beverage of choice.
I read this book years ago and now with its new cover and reprint I reread it again. This is about a broken marriage that had ended. Kate Corsi has always wanted to go into her family business. But demolition was not female friendly under her fathers fist. The job she wanted went to her husband. After several years she leaves. There is many things going on in this story. Many triggers for those who suffer from domestic violence. And with the death of her father and his will stating she had to move back in with her ex for six months. She finally gets her shot at becoming what she has always wanted to be.
Enjoyed book thoroughly. Really hit on some real life issues with abuse and spousal abuse. But it also hits on how abuse happens. It's a great love story. I really enjoyed it.