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by Anne Scott
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    Anne Scott
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    Knopf; 1 edition (August 12, 2003)
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    304 pages
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On the book jacket Calpurnia is described as something of a murder mystery, but this summary is a distraction from Anne Scott's true concern: how mysterious and unknowable people are to each other. The distinctive psychological profiles Scott creates for her characters (by varying the point of view from chapter to chapter) show the reader how people are blind to each other. In an understated way, we see how and when assumptions we make about the interior life of others go seriously off the mark.

Upstairs, Downstairs meets Agatha Christie in this charming debut novel. Set in a once elegant Philadelphia mansion called Calpurnia, the action transpires in the months following the death of owner.

by. Scott, Anne, 1931-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by sf-loadersive. org on June 15, 2011.

Calpurnia's other evolution, the internal struggle she faces as the only daughter in a family of six, boisterous sons, reminds us that girls were still destined to be wives and mothers at that time. College will be denied her even though Calpurnia longs for higher education and the family has the means to send her.

Calpurnia, a 2003 novel by Anne Scott. Shira Calpurnia, protagonist of three Warhammer 40,000 novels, see List of Warhammer 40,000 novels Shira Calpurnia. Calpurnia Virginia Tate, protagonist of the novel The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate. Calpurnia (plant), a genus in the family Fabaceae, composed of shrubs and other small trees usually found in southern Africa. Calpurnia, the central crater in a series of "snowman craters" on the asteroid 4 Vesta. 2542 Calpurnia, an asteroid discovered by E. Bowell on 11 February 1980.

Anne Scott’s first novel has all the earmarks of a classic mystery story, but in the end, it provides satisfaction as much for what it. .

Anne Scott’s first novel has all the earmarks of a classic mystery story, but in the end, it provides satisfaction as much for what it does not do as for what the novelist does in this haunting tale of decadence and intrigue. The heroine, Elizabeth Oliver, finds she has taken on more than she bargained for in agreeing to manage the estate sale at Calpurnia, a once-prestigious Main Line mansion in Philadelphia.

Предметы: SCOTT, Anne Firor, 1921-2019, WOMEN historians, WOMEN'S history, SOUTHERN Lady: From Pedestal to Politics 1830-1930, The (Book), DUKE University. Добавить в избранное. Авторы: Bader, Eleanor J. Источник: Library Journal.

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An elegant debut novel about a once grand Philadelphia mansion called Calpurnia; its owner, a painter and pa-trician matriarch who has recently died under mysterious circumstances; and the woman over-seeing the disposal of the estate, who unravels the secrets and intrigues hidden away in the hundred-year-old house.Elizabeth Oliver arrives at Calpurnia to manage the sale but soon finds herself piecing together the mysterious life of Maribel Archibald Davies and her heirs: the prodigal, tennis-playing heir apparent; the fashionable niece, designated as the estate’s executor; the loyal neighbor and keeper of the Maribel Davies flame; Davies’s heartbroken longtime lover; and the famous portraitist with whom Davies had an affair-become-scandal. Each of them makes one last visit to Calpurnia, and with each arrival, Elizabeth is drawn further into the family’s intrigues and mysteries, and closer to a revelation of its secrets. Combining a contemporary sensibility with a rich, timeless gift for storytelling, Anne Scott has given us a classic, uniquely imagined tale of suspense.

Calpurnia starts off with a promising setting and characters who look like they could be interesting and believable, but the plot never thickens. In fact far from thickening, it sort of melts about a third of the way through, and trickles away in a real anticlimax.

Anne Scott's writing style is dreamy and contemplative, not well suited for a thriller or whodunit, but that's okay -- I was expecting a gently unfolding and introspective sort of story, not a John Grisham novel. Any interesting leads Scott creates, though, seem to trail off in isolation from other plot elements, never connecting or impacting each other.

Calpurnia is less a story than a collection of idle, non-urgent questions and answers about a family's life, and it never coheres into a whole that works.
Calpurnia has all the earmarks of an good read. Starting off with a peek into bygone Philadelphia Main Line bohemia, then flirting with the noir world of erotic art, it's also checks out the underbelly of estate sales. But, despite some persuasive descriptions and some almost believable characters this suspense story is full of fits and starts. There are a few revelations along the way. The neighbor next door to the Italianate mansion does know all. The guilty son isn't. The shady suitor has mixed intentions. The former portrait painter lover turns out to be a pathetic bore. The point is there is no point. What starts off as an inquiry to a wastrel son's supposed role in the death of his narcissistic artist mother ends up with an ambiguous ending where all the characters, greedy or otherwise, exit the now depleted mansion with more or less nothing. Elizabeth, the main character, is approximately in the same hapless position where she started. Rather than a who done it?, Calpurnia ends up with who cares?
The novel starts out well enough. An old matriarch with a scandalous past has died. The central character (Elizabeth)is set to manage the disposal of what is left of her estate. She meets various members of her family and some of her old friends and begins to unravel her past...
Except it's not much of a past. The matriarch and everyone else is pretty boring. One relative likes to watch tennis on T.V. and ruminate on the state of the game in the mid 1980s. Haven't heard people talk about Ivan Lendl for a while...
None of the two dozen characters is really very interesting and there isn't much of a climax.
The writing is pretty good and there is some atomosphere...
Best thing about "Calpurnia"? The cover photo!
Readers who enjoy characters with a little depth and prose that doesn't read as if it were computer generated in a marketing department somewhere will be well rewarded by investing a little time between the pages of Ms. Scott's Calpurnia.
Calpurnia is not a suspense story and it certainly is not a tennis story. -Ms. Scott will never do color commentary at Wimbleton. However, it is a good yarn that uses a house as a metaphor for changing times and people. Think Howard's End on the Main Line.
As the story ended, I was not completely ready to close the doors of Calpurnia; I wanted to linger a bit in the atomosphere and speculate on what happens next for estate agent Elizabeth, ne'er-do-well Coby and Peg the concerned friend and neighbor.