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by Joseph Wambaugh
Download Finnegan's Week fb2
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    Joseph Wambaugh
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    Thorndike Pr (February 1, 1995)
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Wambaugh's perspective on police work led to his first novel, The New Centurions, which was published early in 1971 to critical acclaim and popular success. The success of the early books happened while Wambaugh was still working in the detective division. With The Golden Orange, set in Orange County; Finnegan's Week, set in San Diego; and Floaters, set in San Diego within the events of the America's Cup yacht racing, Wambaugh broadened the scope of his observations. He was a sharp observer of locations where he lived as a current celebrity himself.

Finnegan's week Joseph Wambaugh Joseph Wambaugh Finnegan's Week CHAPTER 1 It was the face of a sociopathic killer. Granite eyes: gray, opaque, remorseless. CHAPTER 1. It was the face of a sociopathic killer.

This is Joseph Wambaugh at his rousing best!"-BOOK JACKET. Writer Joseph Wambaugh was born in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 22, 1937. Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Результаты поиска по книге. He joined the Marines right out of high school, but later earned both a B. A. and M. from California State College in Los Angeles. He worked for the Los Angeles Police Department from 1960 to 1974.

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Finnegan's Week - Joseph Wambaugh. Finnegan's Week more resembles Carl Hiaasen. It's very cynical, filled with dark humor. The plot's not terribly suspenseful: two truck drivers for a corrupt toxic waste hauler steal some shoes from a . Navy warehouse to sell in Mexico.

Finnegan's Week book. Another winner by Joseph Wambaugh! From stolen shoes to hazardous waste, we ride along with Detective Fin Finnegan as he tries to solve the case-in between acting auditions. You can't help but like the forty-something cop as he struggles to get his life together and figure out whodunit!

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Seeking two truckers hauling a drum of lethal chemicals, San Diego detective Finbar Finnegan joins forces with two strong-willed female cops to investigate a deadly toxic waste scam

I'd read another of Wambaugh's books earlier this year, so I really looked forward to this book, which I understand is one of his most popular. At first I thought I would be disappointed. It didn't hit me out of the shoot like the other book did. But as soon as the 3 main characters got together the chemistry exploded. All of the characters, even the bad guys, are amazing! The dialogue in this book is witty and will at times make you laugh out loud. The distinct voices are crafted to a T.

The plot is also well planned out and executed. When drivers from a toxic waste disposal company decide to steal from their boss and the Navy, but instead get stolen from, things take a turn for the crazy and worse. A navy cop, a San Diego detective who wants to be an actor, and an assistant DA team up to crack the case. Soon, the bodies start dropping North and South of the border. Will anyone be left standing by the time it's over?

I recommend this book despite the frequent cussing from the bad guys. If that bothers you, then pass on this one.
After an orgy of three Ruth Rendell novels (she's great, of course), I was ready for a change of pace, and this Wambaugh filled the bill. He's pretty much an opposite to Rendell - brutal, bawdy, cynical cop stories. Stay away if you are offended by rough language or expressions of misogyny . Finnegan's heart is in the right place - even if he is a Ross Perot supporter.
Wambaugh creates a mystery that reads like one of those crossover TV shows, and it works. The combined settings of San Diego and Mexico provide plenty of opportunities for local color, and this reader felt at home in both places, despite never having been in either. Wambaugh's characters are a nice mix of stock, yet personable, "bad guys" and more fully developed and believable "good guys," who are actually two "bad ass" gals and one guy who'd rather be acting in cop shows than being one in real life. The three make an interesting team, both on and off duty, and the newbie is better than the vets give her credit for. It wasn't great literature, but it was a very good story.
Another great story from the police-storyteller par excellence. I just love his dialogues and you can almost hear the banter in the precinct locker rooms. He really knows how to tell a story. The seemingly unrelated events really tie together beautifully.
Joseph Wambaugh has had a long career as a crime / police non-fiction and fiction author. I think his best works have been his most recent: Hollywood Station, Hollywood Crows, Hollywood Hills, Hollywood Moon, and Harbor Nocturne. Finnegan’s Week isn’t one of Wambaugh’s best, but it’s not his worst. It’s a quick read and somewhat entertaining. I will often times re-read a good novel 10-15+ years later as my memory of it fades. Finnegan’s Week won’t be one that I’d re-read unless my entire memory of it is wiped from my brain.
I was going to use the headline 'Classic Wambaugh' however, another reader has beaten me to it. The story really grips you and its various intricacies keep you interested until the end. I can highly recommend this book.
First time reading this author style of writing. I was pleasantly surprised. Loved the character fin Finnegan a neurotic cop, the investigator nell, with some men issue along with the young navy detective Bobbie. Both women and Finnegan involved with supplies missing from navy that somehow involved with hazarous waste and Mexico and their big boss crime lord. Need I say more. It is a making of a good story for those who enjoy a good crime solving mystery.
I finally figured out what it was about Joseph Wambaugh books. It is all about the quirky characters and not the plot! I have read a number of his books over the years, and finally came to this conclusion! It was set in San Diego, where I lived for a year, which help. The plots are simple and the characters great.