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by M. A. Thakor
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Thakor, M. A. Publication date.

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Details (if other): Cancel. As a self-proclaimed modern-day feminist and independent woman, Ani is mortified that she even cares a The Other Side of Thirty is the story of Ani Spencer, a feisty, passionate, single, 30-something architect.

This book breaks new ground and makes a really refreshing change from the recent raft of chick-lit. It has universal appeal across the sexes irrespective of whether you're a bachelor or not. Ani's story reveals an awful lot about the issues most women go through but what a lot of women find difficult to articulate openly. The advice Ani has for dealing with these issues is uniquely and cleverly presented.

Manisha Thakor is the Founder and CEO of MoneyZen Wealth Management, a boutique financial advisory firm serving women and families. The Other Side of Thirty: Musings of a Modern Day Bachelor Gal Apr 03, 2001. Known for making the complex simple, Manisha provides clear and concise financial advice to support your life goals.

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The Other Side of Thirty is the story of Ani Spencer, a feisty, passionate, single, 30-something architect. Ani is on a quest. While professionally successful, Ani feels like the "traditional" route to female happiness (marriage, children, etc.) is rapidly passing her by. As a self-proclaimed modern-day feminist and independent woman, Ani is mortified that she even cares about this issue. But to her chagrin, try as she might (and she tries!), Ani just can't seem to push the subject out of her mind. Despite having devoured the current plethora of books and TV shows depicting the ups and downs of the modern single female in witty, lighthearted tones, Ani still has unresolved angst. So she decides to take matters into her own hands.

The Other Side of Thirty chronicles Ani's efforts to ride the rapids of single life in the 21st century and figure out how to move forward and address head on the issues that tug at her on a daily basis: dating, marriage, body image, self-confidence, careers and personal finance, and last but not least, building a life that is rich with simplicity, creativity, and small joys. Ani's journey is told in a unique format; the chapters in The Other Side of Thirty alternate between Ani's thinking on these key subjects and what Ani refers to as "d.i.t.l.s.", copies of email correspondences that give the reader a chance to see what was going on in her life at the time these thoughts were written down.

While Ani starts off thinking her problem is being single in her 30's, she eventually comes to recognize that the root issue with which she is grappling is something much broader than that. As a result readers of all types-singles, women, and none of the above-will find wisdom and humor in Ani's tale about trying to move forward in life.

It's been said that a book that has to be self-published shouldn't be published at all. Real publishers obviously knew this when they read the manuscript for The Other Side of Thirty. The author is as stubborn as she is opinionated and got this one to market on her own. Maybe that's admirable, but there's a lot to be said for realizing when you don't have anything original to say.
The Other Side of Thirty is one 30-something's opinions on body image, career, hobbies, finances, etc. In other words, her shopping list of the controllable items in one's life, except of course, finding a man. She laments wanting to feel wanted in a post-feminist world. Ani asks, is a woman a true feminist if she needs a man to make her feel complete? She answers that and a hundred other questions, all unilaterally in "the world as i see it" journal-style format. There's not a real story here to distract the reader, no characters with challenging viewpoints, no situations to toss her much-cherished opinions into the crucible of real life. There's only one email boyfriend whose messages we read, and of course, he doesn't challenge her or say anything the least bit unsupportive. He is the model boyfriend, asking all the right questions and having all the right responses.
Education, career, relationships with friends, hobbies, etc. can be controlled to some extent in our lives. But when it comes to that most intimate and revealing of relationships, a love bond with the opposite sex, there are many factors we can't control. That's what bothers Ani, but I don't think she realizes it. She's done everything else right (hasn't she?) and yet at 30+, she still doesn't have a man.
Most women will agree with a lot of Ani's remarks and observations. I found many things I agreed with and have been through, too, but so what? Sometimes we need to approach old problems with new attitudes to find solutions. This book offers no new perspective on things. For the still-single-after-30-woman, there is a phase of reflection most women go through. Maybe she'll get over it when she hits 40. Thank God I did.
This book dealt with many issues that single (and married) women have: our self-image, confidence, how to manage our personal finances, careers, and eating issues. The concept of d.i.t.l.s. = Day in the Life Snapshots resembles, for me, a gratitude journal. When I write in my gratitude journal, I am in a space of happiness.

It was a quick and meaningful read.
I found this book a month before I turned was turning 30.... I was looking for something as sort of a guide to help me into the next decade of my life. This book is a must read! I think it would be appreciate by all single woman. It has some thought provoking moments that allow you to reflect on how you truely think about issues: marriage, dating, children, self confidence, body image and career. I'd highly recomend!
Great book, simple, practical and so SO capturing! The format is a little different but nonetheless entertaining, there was not a single chapter that I couldn't relate to my own experiences.
I have a vast interest in women's literature of this sort. "Chick novels" are novels with similar characteristics: single women in their twenties or thirties with semi-successful careers and unsatisfactory love lives. These novels chronical the heroines' efforts in finding a suitable mate. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the reason these heroines find men with such tenacity has much more to do with the fear of ending up alone than anything else. Compared to men's fiction -- which focuses more on their bachelor status or love for sports -- it doesn't escape my attention that women, whether in real life or in novels, need men to validate their lives.
Hence why I love this novel. Thakor delved into these issues. Furthermore, I was delighted to read that Ani isn't ashamed to acknowledge herself as professionally successful and is unwilling to lose her power over a man. There are various feminist issues in this book, all of which are meant to empower women and remind them that there is such a thing as having one's own idenity while in a relationship.
Ani shouldn't be ashamed of wanting someone to love. After all, who wants to be lonesome? Wanting someone to share your life with is nothing to be embarrassed about. Having someone doesn't have to validate your life, but it is still nice to have someone.
This is a great book. Every single (or attached, or married) woman should own it! I highly recommend it.
Ms. Thakor just wowed me. I bought the book after a mutual colleague told me about it. Actually I bought several copies actually, thinking it would be a good gift for my growing list of "singelton" friends. I was expecting a Bridget Jones-like approach with a few clever adaptations, I was delighted to be wrong! I loved the more modern medium of email instead of a diary to impart the interesting factoids and painful truths of being a single woman at this time in history. I take public transportation to my job in Chicago and many times while reading this book I laughed out loud or had other audible responses to what I was reading. As further endorsement, my brother-in-law picked up the book at my house the other day and was immediately engrossed in one of the discussions about relationships. He actually asked to borrow it, and he's not a really big book reader! Way to go Minisha! Write another book...soon!