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by Alice Adams
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Second chances: a novel. This is a novel about relationships.

Second chances: a novel.

Other Books by This Author. A Note About the Author. 1. Often January brings a strange false spring to much of northern California.

Published in the United States by Vintage Books, a division of Random House, In. New York, in 2011. Previously published in hardcover by Alfred A. Knopf, a division of Random House, In. New York, and simultaneously in Canada by Random House of Canada Limited, Toronto, in 1988. Other Books by This Author.

After Charles, a second chance? How, when beneath her clothes she is withered, dry, terrible, old? . But why did you tell us he was gay? is one of the things that Sara has asked Celeste, about Bill.

After Charles, a second chance? How, when beneath her clothes she is withered, dry, terrible, old? She is bleeding almost every day, she is probably dying. Oh, that was just my little joke.

See this thread for more information. Alice Adams was an American novelist, short story writer, academic and university professor.

In a moving and richly evocative novel about the remarkable capacity. See this thread for more information. She was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia and attended Radcliffe College, graduating in 1946. She married, and had a child, but her marriage broke up, and she spent several years as Librarian Note: There is more than one author in the GoodReads database with this name.

Tahoe? Mendocino?), Brooks Burgess and Dudley have gone to Houston, Texas- of all places, Dudley has just managed not to say. It made a certain sense, though: Brooks had business there t of the business in those parts, he told Dudley; you wouldn’t believe what’s happened to oil. ). Also, he knew of a first-rate hotel. It’s even quite beautiful, you’ll like it. And, as neither of them did say, they were most unlikely, in Houston, to run into anyone they knew. Somewhat to Dudley’s surprise, Brooks has turned out to be quite right about the hotel.

Second Chances, perhaps Alice Adams most accomplished novel, is a rich, moving, and beautifully drawn portrait of six women and men, friends for years, who suddenly, and with amazement, find themselves growing old. They live in a beautiful small California town called San Sebastian, an. . They live in a beautiful small California town called San Sebastian, and they see each other almost daily- Dudley and Sam Venable; Edward Crane and his younger lover, Freddy Fuentes; the widowed Celeste Timberlake; the eccentric, secretive Polly Blake.

by. Adams, Alice, 1926-1999. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Alice Adams (August 14, 1926 – May 27, 1999) was an American short story writer and novelist. In 1982 she became the third author of only four to receive the O. Henry Special Award for Continuing Achievement for her short stories (others having gone. Henry Special Award for Continuing Achievement for her short stories (others having gone to John Updike, Joyce Carol Oates, and Alice Munro). Alice Boyd Adams was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the only child of Agatha Erskine Boyd Adams and Nicholson Barney Adams

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Five young women meet at Radcliffe in the late 1930s and grow to maturity-through intrigues, ambitions, affairs. This is my kind of book; the type of book I always long for. The women characters are so absolutely different, so terribly complicated and oh so very much like the people we know, or where some of the very personalities shown, remind us of ourselves, of the ways we were, or are.

In a moving and richly evocative novel about the remarkable capacity of the human spirit, Alice Adams brings readers into the beautiful community of San Sebastian, California, where a group of dear old friends have shared their lives for many wonderful, difficult years. It has taken writer Dudley Venable and her husband Sam thirty years to perfect their once-tumultuous marriage, but now they've almost got it right...lovely Celeste Timberlake, recently widowed, has found herself in the midst of a destructive new relationship...Edward Crane is desperately trying to hold on to his much-younger lover, Freddy Fuentes...and the group's eccentric, Polly Blake, shares everything but her own dark secrets. Together they make up a circle of deeply devoted friends who have weathered life together -- and discovered the resilience of the heart, the power of friendship, and the wonder of second chances.

This is a somewhat contrived novel of close friends growing old together. These people are so repressed and self-centered that I wonder how Ms. Adams could consider them real friends at all. Everything remains unsaid and civil. There is no true sharing between them other than so WASP-like ESP which I'm not culturally privy to.

I must say, however, that despite all the "darlings" interspersed in conversations and greetings, it is a well-written book and there is a strong sense of characterization that just misses the boat.

We get to share life in San Sebastian, California with eight friends approaching old age. Their lives outside of their friendships seem rather dilletantish, but 'oh, so civil'.

"And now, he thinks, now I am old and sober, and instead of jealousy I feel the most excruciating tender compassion for my wife, who is also old and sober and sometimes very silly. And I hardly know which emotion is the more difficult to bear. (p. 148)
Alice Adams uses her trademark writing style to chronicle the aging process among a tightly knit, yet diverse group of friends. They are unalike, but their judgements toward each other are mild. They make comprimises because, when you get down to it, they need each other. They are alone, lost their mates, or are a heartbeat away from losing their mates.
Aging is a drag, but Alice Adams has a way of softening it. It's always a pleasure to get to know her characters. She gets inside their heads and shows (through the help of limited parentheticals) what they are immediately thinking as they are saying something else. They are not forced upon us. Tragedies happen in this story, but they aren't the easy emotional or manipulative bombs that a lesser author would overuse.
It's an engaging read. Unfortunately, this book is not as good as her Superior Women.
An interesting and thoughtful book following the thought processes and adventures of a young Argentinian Man in Poland. We get to look into Miguel's mind and follow his ideas about women, romance, politics, philosophy, religion, food, economics and many other topics. But mostly the book is preoccupied with Miguel's romantic escapades with a series of Polish ladies, especially one named Luiza. I think this book accurately reflects the struggles of sensitive young men in many parts of the world and as such it should be easy for many people to relate to.