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ENQUIRY - Ex Francis, Dick - 8th book. Kelly Hughes is a jockey, labelled a cheat by a Steward's enquiry. To clear his name he investigates all those who gave evidence, including the Chief Steward who was being blackmailed. Standard Dick Francis thriller - meaning good writing, likable characters, a little love interest, a little whiff of High Society, the usual adversary trying to use violence as a means to an end and the hero stoically enduring and digging his heels in obstinately and using brains rather than brawn to clear his name. The plot is a little less spectacular than other Francis books, dealing with the aftermath of a jockey suspension enquiry and his efforts to revert the decision.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. One of the greatest living suspense writers. CBS RADIO Jockey Kelly Hughes and trainer Dexter Cranfield had been barred from racing-for throwing a race for personal profit.

Francis wrote more than 40 international best-sellers. Enjoy free online English audiobook Enquiry, a breathtaking novel by Dick Francis. His first book was his autobiography The Sport of Queens, for which he was offered the aid of a ghostwriter, which he spurned. The book's success led to his becoming the racing correspondent for London's Sunday Express newspaper, and he continued in that job for 16 years. When Kelly Hughes rides the favourite into second place, he gets penalized for his trouble. Not only has he lost the race, but also his licence, as the Jockey Club suspends him - believing he threw the race.

Enquiry is a classic novel from Dick Francis, one of the greatest thriller writers of all time. Packed with intrigue and hair-raising suspense, Enquiry is just one of the many blockbuster thrillers from legendary crime writer Dick Francis. The Dick Francis legacy continues through his son Felix Francis: Refusal is his latest novel, following Bloodline and Gamble.

Few match Francis for dangerous flights of fancy and pure inventive menace’ Boston Herald. master of crime fiction and equine thrills’ Newsday.

Dick Francis, the bestselling master of mystery and suspense, takes you into the thrilling world of horse racing. Few match Francis for dangerous flights of fancy and pure inventive menace’ Boston Herald. Each Francis novel seems to be his best. Few writers have maintained such a high standard of excellence for as long as Dick Francis’ San Diego Union-Tribune.

Richard Stanley Francis CBE FRSL (31 October 1920 – 14 February 2010) was a British crime writer, and former steeplechase jockey, whose novels centre on horse racing in England. After wartime service in the RAF, Francis became a full-time jump-jockey, winning over 350 races and becoming champion jockey of the British National Hunt.

Book Overview "Rare and magical. -San Diego Union-Tribune "Head and shoulders above the rest.

Mobile version (beta). If you did not find the book or it was closed, try to find it on the site: GO. Exact matches. Dick Francis's Gamble. Mobile version (beta).

THE RACE IS ON to prove a jockey's innocence-a Dick Francis classic!When a banned jockey starts asking questions, he may get barred from life....Dick Francis is..."Rare and magical."-San Diego Union-Tribune "Head and shoulders above the rest."-Ottawa Citizen Dick Francis was named Grand Master at the 1996 Edgar Awards

I should have read this book when it first came out in 1971. The cover price on a new paperback then was only 95 cents. It was only later that I discovered Dick Francis, whom I now consider to be one of the best mystery/thriller authors ever. To my mind Enquiry captures all the qualities that have since made him one of my favorite of all novelists. His writing is uncluttered and doesn't lose you in a huge cast of characters you can't keep track of. His plots are fresh, excitingly paced and filled with characters who seem remarkably human and three-dimensional with their passions, plotting, and motivations. So far I've read 27 of the 48 novels I believe he wrote solely or in his later decade with his son Felix. I still have 21 to go and I can't wait to read each of them. His protagonists vary. While several of them recur in several different novels, most of them are discrete different individuals with different backgrounds, occupations, histories and personalities. Francis who was at various times the steeplechase jockey of the Queen of England, a successful journalist, an RAF pilot, and an amazingly compelling and productive author, reflects some of his own past in creating the individual dramas of each book, almost always setting them in some relationship to British or international steeplechase or flat racing that somehow involves each of his sets of characters. His villains are genuinely dangerous and menacing. Each book draws clear distinctions between right and wrong, but don't make it a simple matter for his characters to make choices. None of them is perfectly good or perfectly evil, they are drawn from the issues of life and human relationships familiar to all of us. While Francis pere is no longer with us, his books still are. I enjoy them immensely and am happy to suggest you try them too if you haven't yet.
In this Dick Francis mystery, jockey Kelly Hughes and trainer Dexter Cranfield are undergoing a closed-door enquiry by the Stewards of racing. The outcome is that both men lose their licenses and are barred from horseracing and also are barred from being around the tracks and the entire racing scene for throwing a race for money, which means that Kelly slowed his horse in order to keep from winning. If a jockey does that, it's for money, but someone has set up Cranfield and Hughes. This also means unemployment for the two men.

This is on par with Dick Francis's other mysteries in that the mystery is slowly developed but never boring. Kelly finds romance and this story makes for an overall excellent reading experience. I haven't read a Dick Francis novel that I haven't liked yet. The character development is excellent and the dialogue is outstanding.

Highly recommended.
The story of Enquiry begins after a jockey, Kelly Hughes, and a trainer, Dexter Cranfield, have been stripped of their licenses and banned from any association with racing. Thanks to a flashback, we learn the hearing was pretty much a kangaroo court and the pair was framed for intentionally throwing a race. Hughes decides to find out what really happened and starts digging into things. Along the way, he starts to get chummy with Cranfield's daughter, making for some interesting cross-class romance. From there, things proceed to resolution in a pretty straightforward fashion for a mystery.

Enquiry moves along at a quick pace, and is not a long book at 264 pages. Kelly Hughes is the main character and he's honest, fairly courageous, and reasonably intelligent. He's no detective but he is determined to keep digging until he can find out who set him up. It doesn't take long for you to get firmly in his corner and stay there. The supporting cast is also interesting. It was definitely a nice touch to show the class snobbery between aristocracy and laborers.

This book is a good read and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a mystery. Either first time readers or established fans of Francis should be pleased with what they find here. I can't point out any real flaws in the book because it didn't suffer from any. Buy it, read it, and enjoy it.
I'm a Dick Francis fan and this engaging mystery is up to his usual high standard. It also kept me wide awake on a 14 hr drive. I played all 5 CDs with no problems (no scratches/skips). Arrived on time for my long trip too. So glad I bought it!
This is a good book that like most Dick Francis is an easy read, enjoyable, hard
to put down, and has really great character painting throughout. Also has some
interesting amateur sluthing which is a bit hard to accept in places, but nonetheless
is not too overdone and helps the story along.

I recommend highly!
I can't stand horse racing, yet Dick Francis always manages to make it sound so exciting and thrilling. His characters are, as usual, well developed and (mostly) believable. It is quite a scary thought that the governing body of racing has so much power over the lives of those involved. Another of his books that I just couldn't put down.
Second time I have read this! Always a good read by the talented Mr Francis. Recommend it to anyone especially with even a small interest in the sport of Kings!