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    Picador; New Ed edition (2001)
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I’m always having to pretend to be Ruby Wax, said novelist Kathy Lette. People confuse me with her every day. I think it’s because we’re both funny and red-haired and opinionated.

I’m always having to pretend to be Ruby Wax, said novelist Kathy Lette. Luckily she’s one of my best friends. I don’t like to disappoint people so I just end up signing her name. I’ve got very good at it. More about: Actors And Actresses Authors Friendship Literature.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. From the iconoclastic Lette, here's another "single girl" book to join the current trend, a self-consciously sassy English novel about a 32-year-old woman torn between boring Mr. Right and the absolute freedom of shagging anyone she wants. In her fifth novel (after Mad Cows and Foetal Attraction), Lette's heroine Becky Steele makes the protagonists of Laura Zigman, Helen Fielding and Suzanne Finnamore look like veritable prudes, as she blazes new trails in satisfying her desires.

Read online books written by Lette, Kathy in our e-reader absolutely for free. Books by Lette, Kathy: Altar Ego. Author of Altar Ego at ReadAnyBook.

Recommends it for: fans of Kathy Lette, Fiona Walker, and their ilk. Recommended to Kambin by: I found it in the cupboard under the sink

Recommends it for: fans of Kathy Lette, Fiona Walker, and their ilk. Recommended to Kambin by: I found it in the cupboard under the sink. Not as poignant as Till Divorce Do Us Part, but punny nevertheless.

Altar ego. by. Kathy Lette. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. London (England) - Fiction. Uploaded by Alethea Bowser on March 7, 2012. SIMILAR ITEMS (based on metadata). Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014).

Alter Ego est une méthode de français sur quatre niveaux destinée à des les niveaux A1 à B2 du 1554. Alter Ego 3. Methode de francais B1 - Livre de l'élève. 83 MB·3,319 Downloads·French·New! Book by Dollez, Catherine, Pons, Sylvie. Alter Ego + 4. Livre d'eleve Alter ego 5 : méthode de français C1 C2 : cahier de perfectionnement. 64 MB·2,603 Downloads·French·New!. Alter Ego A1 PLUS ++++. 98 MB·2,471 Downloads·French.

Kathy Lette first achieved literary success as a teenager with Puberty Blues. After years as a newspaper columnist and television sitcom writer, she went on to write the novels Girls' Night Out, The Llama Parlour, Foetal Attraction, Mad Cows, Alter Ego, and Nip 'n' Tuck -all international bestsellers. Get updates about Kathy Lette and recommended reads from Simon & Schuster.

By age thirty-seven, Cathy Alter had made a mess of her life

By age thirty-seven, Cathy Alter had made a mess of her life. With a failed marriage already under her belt, she was continuing down the path of poor decisions, one paved with a steady stream of junk food, unpaid bills, questionable friends, and highly inappropriate men. So she sat down and asked herself what she truly wanted.

Kathy Lette, Shirley Barthelmie. Query: 'Would it be a serious breach of etiquette to run out on my own wedding?'. This is the question Becky Steele asks herself as she clings to the window ledge of her parents' bathroom, grimly regarding the ten-foot drop into the dustbins below. She stares in disbelief at the meringue dress for which she has drunk only skimmed water for four weeks to fit into

A contemporary humorous tale from the author of FOETAL ATTRACTION and MAD COWS. As a woman stares in disbelief at her wedding dress, she is having second thoughts and wondering whether to run out on her own wedding. She worries that she will be unable to give up her toy boy rock star, or quell her urges to dance naked in front of her pets.

Kathy Lette is one of the most talented writers I have come across in a long time. Her wit is sharp and her ability to bring it to the written page is magical. This story of Becky Steele, a woman who wants her cake and eat it too, will make you laugh out loud, wince in despair at her ludicrous life choices, astound you with her amazing ability to live out what should only be fantasies ... I could just go on and on. The book is funny, sexy, a little on the crude side at times - but I adored it!
Again don't bother. The sequel wasn't any better.
One of Kathy's good books. Funny, with a good plot. In some ways I could relate. Beck totally goes off the rails and messes up a good thing. Lots of shenanigans along the way and a satisfying ending. Total escapasisim. Recommended.
this purchase came on time and is just was I excepted, this product was in great condition. I am very happy with this purchase.
What a whirlwind of a book! I finished this book yesterday and my head is still spinning. Altar Ego is the kind of book that shocks you with its outrageous characters, naughty scenes and devilish humor. Definitely a book to read for pure entertainment.
On her wedding day, 32-year-old Becky finds herself hiding in the bathroom with one pantyhosed leg hanging out the window. With fears of marriage running rampant and the horrible idea of being monogamous filling her with dread, Becky does the only feasible thing - she jumps. Naturally, fiancé Julian is devastated; however, he doesn't give up and decides to continue with their relationship as is. Meanwhile, Becky gets all sorts of advice from her best friends: anti-men, psycho-feminist Kate and desperate-to-marry-royalty Anouska.
And then the unthinkable happens.... Becky meets Zachary, an American rap star trying to make it big in Europe. He's rude, crude and socially unacceptable, but he's also gorgeous, sexy and wild in the sack. Torn between a comfortable and safe relationship with boring workaholic Julian or a glittering rock-star romance with Zachary, Becky does what she does best - she takes the fun, easy way out. This one simple action begins a spiraling domino effect that will inspire shock and humor for the reader. Finding out what Becky will do next is half the fun. Seeing the unnecessary results of her actions is the other.
Altar Ego is an outrageous romp of a novel, candidly fresh and downright dirty. Each deed done spawns another twice as bad and leaves the reader gasping and wide-eyed. A true pleasure to read with an important lesson to be learned: Future brides, beware. This could happen to you.... Enjoy!
Honestly I tried to give this book a chance. I struggled through to the end of this book despite the fact that I kept telling myself to just put it down and never pick it back up again. But unfortunately I did pick it back up and it never got any better. I do not get offended easily, however, as an African-American woman I found parts of this book to be very offensive but, sorry to say, that was not the only downfall of this book. `ALTAR EGO' was not very funny, the characters were totally unlikable (to the point where I almost didn't even care what happened to them next), and the ending was completely unbelievable.
Becky, the main character of this book ditches Julian, her fiancé, at the altar feeling overwhelmed by the idea of commitment, despite this Julian takes Becky back into his life and his home. But at a friends wedding Becky meets an American rap star and begins a long-term affair with him. Throughout this book Becky proceeds to hurt everyone in her life from her lover and fiancé to her best friends and yet Lette expects us to feel sympathy for her when things don't go her way. I am a big fan of British humor but `ALTAR EGO' is not a good example of a `BRIDGET JONES DIARY' style of book. And the portrayal of this Lenny Kravitz type rap star (a combination that is unbelievable enough by itself) was a completely inaccurate representation of American culture. Simply put `ALTAR EGO' was just plain bad, 1 star!!
Kathy Lette is an Australian living in London and in Altar Ego, the humour of both continents is mixed into a politically-incorrect novel that will have you weeping with laughter. Lette is clearly well-versed in antipodean one-liners and mixes these with British inuendo to produce a naughty-but-nice novel that I class amongst my 'girlie books that men can read too'.
Becky Steele gets cold feet on her wedding day and jumps out of the bathroom window - right into the arms of Julian, her fiance. Things move from bad to better when she meets Zach, an American rap star trying to make it big in Europe, and she decides to dump Julian and move in with Zach. Unfortunately, it hadn't dawned on her that she still loved Julian. From that point, the story moves forward like an unstoppable wall of water. Events tumble out of control and Becky finds her life getting more and more convoluted.
Rich with dubious and memorable characters, Altar Ego is a rollicking roller-coaster ride of sexy mishaps. If you're easily shocked, leave this one alone. If you enjoy bawdy fun, grab it now and get laughing.
Becky is in her 30's and about to get married, but at the last minute...she asks herself, "Am I really ready to be with just one guy for the rest of my life?" No more one night stands? No more lustful encounters?" And this is where the book takes off...with Becky and her journey through love, lust, marriage, divorce, betrayal, friendship, and well LIFE!
Poor Julian, Becky's fiancée, doesn't know what hit him with Becky runs off with Zach, a new and upcoming rap star she meets in London - who is much younger than her to boot! Where will life take her? Who will she choose? Who will have her? Well, you will have to get this book because I am not going to give all of it away!
This book has everything and will have your head in a spin! Your stomach will hurt with laughter! I highly recommend this book! I can not wait to read my next book by Lette! If you like Brit Lit - you will most defiantly like this book (Lette is Australian, but the book takes place in London)