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by C.F. Hawthorne
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    C.F. Hawthorne
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    Ja Nea Press (May 2004)
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From mesmerism to illicit love, The Blithedale Romance represents one of Hawthorne's best and most sharply etched works, one that Henry James called his "brightest" and "liveliest" novel, and that Roy Male, acclaimed Americanist scholar, said is "one of the most underrated works in American fiction.

Hawthorne is a book of literary criticism by Henry James published in 1879. The book was an insightful study of James' great predecessor Nathaniel Hawthorne. James gave extended consideration to each of Hawthorne's novels and a selection of his short stories. The book became somewhat controversial for a famous section where James enumerated the items of novelistic interest he thought were absent from American life.

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Got this book because I love Melville. Hawthorne is also excellent; wonderful writing! You will love this writer and his style is fabulous. 2 people found this helpful. The books from the Library of America are of very good high quality. Page-paper is very thin but not bible-thin, so these books might not work well for young readers who may tear the delicate paper.

This is a story about a business woman who finds love in the most unimaginable person in the world. This is a story about a business woman who finds love in the most unimaginable person in the world. A man that has nothing to offer her but a duffel bag and a love song.

semantics is everything! This pin represents most of the major themes from the chapter. ART & ARTISTS: Arthur Rackham – part 8. Arthur Rackham, Painting, Color Illustration, Rare Print Art ("They have sea-green hair") 1920 Hawthorne's Wonder Book, Print Art.

You have no idea what you're talking about!" James screamed clear across the room. Like the peace that normally breezed through Hawthorne House had reached the end of its tether, that seventeen years had to be repaid in a single winter. Stay out of this, Zane," Their father warned, not unkindly, not dangerously, but warned all the same. And it incensed James.

This is a story about a business woman who finds love in the most unimaginable person in the world. A man that has nothing to offer her but a duffel bag and a love song.

In HOMELESS LOVE, Nina Moore is a successful businesswoman with many things accentuating her wealth, but she is living a lonely existence. Franklin is a saxophone player who yearns for a clear conscious and for Nina to see him as a man instead of a homeless person using her business doorway as his home.

Nina meets Franklin unconventionally; she finds him in a drunken stupor in front of her business. Yet, one night Franklin is able to save Nina from a very vulnerable situation and what started out as a strained affiliation slowly turns into a romantic attraction. Although Franklin has nothing but himself and sexy saxophone tunes to offer Nina, they find they give each other much more than they realize.

C. F. Hawthorne has crafted an unusual romance story making it believable by tackling such a disconcerting concept in a realistic fashion. Besides the love story in this novel, the author also examines the issues of family dynamics, alcoholism and self-esteem. I personally found the family dynamics very intriguing because of the secrets and lies fostered by Nina's family. However, I wish she had developed the family issues and characters more in depth which would have created a stronger and more powerful story. One other fault I found with the novel was the author seemed to rush the ending and create more questions than answers. Readers will find HOMELESS LOVE a wonderfully unique story that extols the warm sentiment that love knows no boundaries.

Reviewed by Cashana Seals

of The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
C.F. Hawthorne follows her first book, For Every Black Eye with another novel complete with razor sharp dialogue and an awesome style of storytelling skills. Homeless Love opens with Nina Moore screaming "Oh hell no" at a homeless Rastafarian sleeping on her front stoop. The Rastafarian awakes from his sleep groggy; apologizes and says "sorry I must have overslept."

There is a lot more going on in Homeless Love, other than the emotions between a business woman and a homeless man with nothing but a duffle bag and a saxophone to offer her.

Homeless Love gives it's readers a panoramic view of a family ruled by an evil judge, a silent matriarch, sibling hatred and love, cheating partners, and dirty laundry.

Ms. Hawthorne rapidly draws the reader into the story from the first to the last chapter. Her characters quickly become family and you get so wrapped up in their lives you are literally laughing out loud, or choked by your tears.

I read an article online a couple of years ago by Lauretta Pierce of The Literary World. She asked C.F what type of atmosphere C.F required to write. Her response was absolutely what I would have expected; quiet so she can hear her characters talking to her.

Make your next two reads be For Every Black Eye and Homeless Love. Then save room on your bookshelf for her third novel tentatively title Tears in my Joy.


Homeless Love- Reviewed by: Wanda Starkes, C&B Books

Very -attention-grabbing story that leads to an unforeseen finale.

Nina Marie Moore - Very successful businesswoman who has everything except love. She spends her days in an office filled with pandemonium, jiggling angry clients as she hunts to find the culprit trying to sabotage her company. Meanwhile, Nina spends her evenings along aching for passion and the comfort of a real man! Nina's zany sister, Alex works with her but has a one-track mind, which has no room to focus on work. Alex tries to help bring her sister out of a life-of-dullness unfortunately, at Nina's expense.

Here comes the JUDGE! Nina's father, the Judge very controlling, with mean, disposition, receives far too much recognition and power more than any one man deserves. With his so call love for the family's bloodline, he persistently interferes in his family lives consuming and instilling fear in each member. He will stop at nothing to hide his dark secrets!

Franklin, brilliant saxophone player, homeless and on the run from his tragic and painful past life. He seeks comfort in (the bottle) along with his homeless friend Bones until he laid eyes on Ms. Nina! After meeting each other face-to-face, their different worlds collide.

The author nails the ending exposing the family secrets, lies, and betrayal, poisoning the bloodline that will never be the same. Nina and Franklin are determined to stay as far away from each other as possible. Will their two worlds come together as one or will both Crash-and-Burn with the one thing they're running and hiding from; the one thing they both have in common Homeless Love!
White gold
Homeless Love. ............What can I say, a sassy, witty, book of highs and lows, laughter and tears. Ms. Hawthorne's tale of a homeless man and a businesswoman's love story was a great read. I couldn't wait to find out what made Franklin, a brilliant saxophone player, turn to a life of living on the streets in the pits of hell and despair. Or what made Nina, a beautiful businesswoman with wealth, her own business, beautiful home so unhappy. When Franklin the homeless man comes to Nina's aid, and family secrets are revealed this books will leave you waiting for more. I was left looking for another chapter. Loved it!
I really and truly enjoyed reading Homeless Love as well as For Every Black Eye. I truly fell in love with the character Franklin. It goes to show you that you can't judge a persons heart by their appearances. In the end Franklin and Nina saved each other from themselves and their lifes issues and fell in love. Homeless Love is a great romance story and a good read. I will definitely recommend it as a must read for my bookclub. I will continue to spread the word about Homeless Love. Thank you so much for "For Every Black Eye" and "Homeless Love" and I'm looking forward to your next book.
Hawthorne, is a very talented writer. She captures the true essence of how love can still exist even if it involves a professional and a person with real worth but temporary down on their luck. Awesome illustration.