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by David Lodge
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    David Lodge
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. By all appearances, Laurence Passmore is sitting pretty.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. True, he is almost bald and his nickname in Tubby. Similar authors to follow.

Therapy (1995) is a novel by British author David Lodge. The story concerns a successful sitcom writer, Laurence Passmore, plagued by middle-age neuroses and a failed marriage. His only problem seems to be an "internal derangement of the knee" but a mid-life crisis has struck and he is discovering angst. His familiar doses of cognitive therapy, aromatherapy, and acupuncture all offer no help, and he becomes obsessed with the philosophy of Kierkegaard

I love David Lodge, but this book about sitcom writer Tubby Passmore didn't blow me away as much as his others. This book has taken me a few months to get through when normally I will devour a Lodge book in a day and night.

I love David Lodge, but this book about sitcom writer Tubby Passmore didn't blow me away as much as his others. Tubby is a very self obsessed character suffering from depression and I found his first person narrative a drudge to read through. Lodge doses up the final third of the book with his usual Catholic musings and a pilgrimage but I had lost interest by then. This book has taken me a few months to get through when normally I will devour a Lodge book in a day and night

David Lodge's frank and illuminating memoir about the years where he found great success as a novelist and critic. Luck plays an important part in the careers of writers.

David Lodge's frank and illuminating memoir about the years where he found great success as a novelist and critic. In this book David Lodge explores how his work was inspired and affected by unpredictable events in his life. In 1976 Lodge was pursuing a 'twin-track career' as novelist and academic. As a literary critic, he made serious contributions to the subject, before carnivalising it in his comic-satiric novel Small World.

Which makes Therapy a welcome change, at least initially. The story is told in the first-person and TV scriptwriter Passmore’s voice is refreshingly different in tone and idiolect from anything that’s gone before. Very confidently and amusingly (Lodge has done this so many times before) the entire middle section of the novel is made up of dramatic monologues from the ‘secondary’ characters. Thus Laurence bolsters the ‘realism’ of the text by including numerous references to contemporary events and trends

DAVID LODGE - Therapy.

DAVID LODGE - Therapy. David Lodge, Nice Work General Fiction Trade Paperback 1990. David Lodge (English Authors Series) Hardcover.

Author: David Lodge ISBN 10: 0436203340. item 1 Therapy-David Lodge, 9780436203343 -Therapy-David Lodge, 9780436203343. item 2 Therapy by Lodge, David Hardback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post -Therapy by Lodge, David Hardback Book The Cheap Fast Free Post. item 3 Therapy By David Lodge. 9780436203343 -Therapy By David Lodge.

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Therapy Lodge David Random House 9780099554196 Лодж. Терапия : A successful sitcom writer with plenty of money, a stable marraige, a platonic mistress and a flash car, Laurence & Passmore. Автор: Lodge David Название: Therapy (Лодж. 2011 Язык: Eng Размер: 199 X 132 X 19 Читательская аудитория: General (us: trade) Рейтинг

Book by Lodge, David

A remarkable book, Therapy recounts the sad-and-funny experiences of a successful fifty-something TV sitcom writer whose wife of many years suddenly abandons him. His life falls apart, he is assailed by an inexplicable mid-life angst and a puzzling knee pain that no amount of acupuncture, aromatherapy, physiotherapy, you-name-it-therapy is able to cure. The book is a classic quest for lost happiness, taking us on an unexpected and unforgettable pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain before resolution is found.

David Lodge is one of my favorite authors and along with Malcolm Bradbury, who was his closest writer friend - they're both major exponents of the campus novel genre - he is surely one of the top satirical writers of the 20th century (no, he's not dead yet - look for more masterpieces from him!)

You know what is the most surprising thing about this book? It was first published in 1995! Yes, that's some fifteen years before we started talking earnestly about Boomer Lit, with the creation of a Goodreads Group to discuss Boomer Lit. Yet Therapy is quintessential Boomer Lit. It hits on all the major points that make for a top Boomer Lit read:
- a mature adult protagonist facing a major life transition as his marriage and job unravel;
- a range of challenges that are typically those boomers are facing today;
- coping mechanisms and complex characters that are the result of a lifetime of experience.
The plot and characters are not simple, only a mature writer could have written this with the necessary depth of experience and nuances in sensibilities.

Add to this David Lodge's writing talent and you have a masterpiece, rich with unforgettable character descriptions, surprising twists and turns in the plot and a whole array of thoughtful observations. From a technical point of view, Lodge shows his virtuosity with masterful changes in points of views, each written with a different "voice" to reflect each character.

Some of the reviews on Amazon mention that this is a book about a "mid-life crisis".

But this is not a mere mid-life crisis, it is much more!

Consider the main character, Tubby Passmore (I love the name!). Once he has solved his problems, can he go back to the way everything was before the crisis began? Because that is what the term "mid-life crisis" implies: that you can return to what you were before. The answer is he cannot. Things change in Tubby's life in such a radical way that he is forced to embark on the "Third Act" in his life. And learn to live differently. This is where David Lodge's Therapy is similar to Rachel Joyce's The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry: they both throw their main characters on a harrowing quest to find a new self, in short, a picaresque pilgrimage - across England for Harold Fry, to Spain for Tubby Passmore (after he's gone through Tenerife and Copenhagen, yes, I told you, expect some surprising turns!).

This is the fundamental question at the heart of Boomer Lit: who are we? After a lifetime of work, of living with a partner/lover, what is left of oneself when everything that has defined our lives disappears?
Not sure if it's the parallels with my own life (hopefully not, because that makes me sound self-absorbed), but I was endlessly interested in everything that happened to this character. And when the POV of the alternative chapters was explained, I loved the main character even more. Exceptionally well-written. Not a long book, and so good that I expected to plow through it in 2-3 days. But it took me about 2 weeks, because I enjoyed the experience of reading it so much that I slowed down.
One of Lodge's best - funny, smart, insightful, flows great. I am addicted to Lodge and this is the best. Tubby's mid-life crisis is told from a number of viewpoints and characters in the book, and each voice is unique and interesting. I find most great literature is depressing ("Blindness" anyone?) and over the last few years I don't feel like having books get me down, and its hard to find books that are fun and humorous but still intelligent and insightful. Lodge is the master of this genre.
Gotta be one of the best books for me. Great great true satire on sex, marriage, religion, relationships, dancing!!. Tubby and Sally are right on for my ex and me. David Lodge must have had a divorce experience like I did. All guys past 40 would love this book. Well, uptight puritans would not like it.
I love this book. I have it on cassette and wish I could get it on CD as the telling of it with the voices is hilarious.
This book had a lot going for it - it was both funny and sad, it had interesting characters and a very good story. There is more depth in this book than in others I have read by the same author. The main theme deals with the question of what constitutes real therapy, a 'product' that can be purchased, or something that the person in need discovers for themselves?
Silly Dog
Well written, funny and wise. Such a pleasure to read an author who is clever and writes with such knowledge. Highly recommended
Wonderful novel