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by Mervyn Peake
Download Gormenghast fb2
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    Mervyn Peake
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    Ballantine Books (August 12, 1973)
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Gormenghast /ˈɡɔːrmənˌɡɑːst/ is a fantasy series by British author Mervyn Peake, about the inhabitants of Castle Gormenghast, a sprawling, decaying, gothic-like structure. Originally conceived as a single on-going novel, the series was ended by Peake's death and comprises three novels, Titus Groan (1946),.

Gormenghast /ˈɡɔːrmənˌɡɑːst/ is a fantasy series by British author Mervyn Peake, about the inhabitants of Castle Gormenghast, a sprawling, decaying, gothic-like structure. Originally conceived as a single on-going novel, the series was ended by Peake's death and comprises three novels, Titus Groan (1946), Gormenghast (1950), Titus Alone (1959) and a novella, Boy in Darkness (1956), whose canonical status is debated

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Titus Alone (Book three of Gormenghast Trilogy). I am also infuriated with the ending because of my personal worldview and temperament. In fact, the third book, written under the influence of Parkinson's, is quite wrenchingly removed from the first two books, as no doubt many before me have noticed.

The Second in the Gormenghast Trilogy. First published in 1946. ONE. I. Titus is seven. His confines, Gormenghast

The Second in the Gormenghast Trilogy. His confines, Gormenghast. Suckled on shadows; weaned, as it were, on webs of rituaclass "underline" for his ears, echoes, for his eyes, a labyrinth of stone: and yet within his body something other - other than this umbrageous legacy. For first and ever foremost he is 'child.

Mervyn Peake (1911-1968) was a playwright, painter, poet, illustrator, short story writer, and designer of theatrical costumes, as well as a novelist. Among his many books are the celebrated Gormenghast novels, Titus Groan, Gormenghast, and Titus Alone, and the posthumously published Titus Awakes, the lost book of Gormenghast finished by Peake's wife Maeve Gilmore after his death. Библиографические данные.

There was something irritating in this unnecessary rigidity. It was, perhaps, ladylike, but it was certainly not feminine the way that he had always used . . It was, perhaps, ladylike, but it was certainly not feminine the way that he had always used a chair. To his mind an armchair was something to curl up in, or to drape oneself across. It was a thing for human delectation And why on earth should you think that he would dr.

Enter the world of Gormenghast...the vast crumbling castle to which the seventy-seventh Earl, Titus Groan, is Lord and heir. Gothic labyrinth of roofs and turrets, cloisters and corridors, stairwells and dungeons, it is also the cobwebbed kingdom of Byzantine government and age-old rituals, a world primed to implode beneath the weight of centuries of intrigue, treachery, manipulation and murder â? a tour de force that ranks as one of the twentieth centuryâ?s most remarkable feats of imaginative writing. Gormenghast is more than a sequel to Titus Groan â? it is an enrichment and deepening of that book.The fertility of incident, character and rich atmosphere combine in a tour de force that ranks as one of this centuryâ?s most remarkable feats of imaginative writing.

I had read great reviews of this book, but it was almost painful to read. Peak is a decent writer, though I found the wordy sentences and flowery descriptions to be on the annoying side. I guess I could say that every description and situation is taken to excess and it detracts from the overall plot. I almost found myself asking, "are we there yet?" Sometimes a story just needs to get to the point.
Only dive in if you understand that the power of these works is in the author's intention and power to make you see EXACTLY what he wants you to see. As an artist for the British Army in WW II, he understood the power of images and set out to be able to convey his imagination with picture-perfect exactitude...but captured in words. Once you can learn to love the words, the novels become an endless journey into another world...
This is one of my all-time favorite novels -- but I lost my old paper copy long ago, and have wanted to re-read it for years. THANKS for giving me the chance to do so without making a trip to the library or bookstore! I'm about to finish it, and have enjoyed no end renewing my old excursions into the dark and gothically gloomy halls of Gormenghast -- and getting re-acquainted with some of the most bizarre, imaginatively developed and memorable characters in all of great literature!
BUT, the only reason I gave it a rating of 4 is that -- being a successful professional writer and editor -- I have noticed several instances of typos, spacing issues, misspellings (yes, I know how the Brits spell many words differently) and even what appear to be a few wrong words. Not having a printed copy at hand for comparison purposes, I can't be sure of the latter. I don't know the technical process & editing methods Amazon uses to convert books to digital format for Kindle -- but somehow, some (though relatively few) mistakes are being made. It's not a big problem -- I'll certainly be ordering other books for my miraculous Kindle (LOVE it!) in the future. Most folks probably won't even notice such fairly minor mistakes. But some of the more literarily erudite souls among your customers will certainly find them at least mildly irksome, as I have -- or, at the other extreme, even to be an outrageous disservice to a great author.
I have been looking for this book for forever! I loved the first two, but was not impresses with Titus Groans although I think that was published posthumously and he was already in declining health when he wrote it. The Gormenghast trilogy is famous for a reason. This is an excellent book that I would highly recommend to the avid reader. There was also a BBC production of the first two books called Gormenghast.
The Gormenghast books are unique among the books I've read: there really isn't much of a story or an ongoing plot, but they are incredible immersive and they hold the reader tightly in their grip. These books are more like a drawing or a painting than a conventional story: the main character is not so much Titus Groan as it is Gormenghast itself, a castle of unknown size, so large that none who dwell within it really know what is inside. The writing draws this castle in the reader's mind; and for that purpose, it is remarkably effective. The characters who populate this world are quirky, oddly-named, and fascinating--and often as crumbling and twisted as Gormenghast itself. I usually don't like long descriptive passages, but here almost everything is description, painted lovingly and painstakingly--and it works Some, especially those for whom English is a second language, may find the text difficult to comprehend at first, but it is well worth the effort. Years after reading these books, you may not remember the plot, such as there is, but you will remember the image of Gormenghast, or Titus' mother, or someone or something. It will be forever drawn in your mind's eye, while the vast majority of books will have long since vanished into welcome oblivion.
This particular collection is rather nice for a paperback; it's a little large, given that it collects all of Gormenghast, but it seems sturdy enough and is convenient, particularly since the individual paperbacks are almost impossible to find these days.
This is one of my all time favorite books. Rather than try to explain in a few words the nature of the story, the writing style, etc I would simply suggest that you download the sample and read it.
It's not a book for everybody but for those that might truly enjoy this book it should not be overlooked.