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by Geoff Nicholson
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British & Irish
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    Geoff Nicholson
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    Overlook Books; Reprint edition (September 1, 1996)
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    240 pages
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    British & Irish
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Still life with Volkswagens .

Still life with Volkswagens. One. Gentlemen Prefer Volkswagens. But it all changed when a man in a Volkswagen stole his daughter, slept with his wife, invaded his house, turned the media against him and caused his incarceration. You would probably listen politely to these colourful fantasies. Once such obvious contenders as basket, book, bristles, biro, button and bulbs have been eliminated and everyone has admitted defeat, Magenta tells them that the b in question stands for ‘bare bottom’. But we can’t see anybody’s bare bottom, Charles Lederer reminds her gently but authoritatively, and even as he says it he realises his error.

Still Life with Volkswagens Hardcover – October 1, 1995. Nicholson (Everything and More) hilariously reunites the cast of characters from his first novel, Street Sleeper, saddling them with varying degrees of obsession with Volkswagens. by. Geoff Nicholson (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Charles Lederer, recently deinstitutionalized former member of Parliament, hitchhikes through England in a fugue state, discovering that "wherever there's trouble, there's always a Volkswagen" and concluding, therefore, that the Bug is "quite clearly the car of the devil.

Still life with Volkswagens

Still life with Volkswagens. He would tell you, if you asked, that he used to be a well-respected figure in English public life; a back-bench Tory MP and director of a handful of extremely profitable companies.

Still Life With Volkswagens book. I keep saying I won't read another Geoff Nicholson book - nothing can match up to the sheer snork-your-coffee side-splitting humour of What We Did on Our Holidays, but each book is different and very good in its own way. But I must admit I do have my eye on Flesh Guitar for my next GN book, like his personal obsession with Volkswagens, I think he has a thing for guitars to. .Jan 04, 2019 Tony rated it really liked it. Shelves: novels, own-loanable, setting-england. Still life with Volkswagens. Nicholson, Geoff, 1953-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by KellyCritch on November 5, 2009.

I bought this book at first because I too have a strange passion for Volkswagens. Nicholson brings the reader a diverse group of Volkswagen "nuts", and with some of his characters, the quotation marks would be optional. All of his characters, from an annoyingly precocious little boy, to a millionaire who vanished, to a platoon of neo-Nazi skinheads are brought together convincingly by that odd-shaped "car of the people" in this absurd romp through our times.

Geoff J. Nicholson (born 4 March 1953) is a British novelist and non-fiction writer. Geoff J. Nicholson was born in Hillsborough, Sheffield studied English at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge, and Modern European Drama at the University of Essex. He is generally regarded as a satirist in the tradition of Evelyn Waugh, his writing also being compared favorably with that of Kinsgley and Martin Amis, Jonathan Coe, Will Self and Zadie Smith.

Title:-Still Life with Volkswagens. Author:-Nicholson, Geoff. Genre:-Modern fiction. Read full description.

Naturally Still Life with Volkswagens is full of Nicholson’s brand of dark humour while the book includes a fair amount of trivia about Volkswagens, somehow or another, various Volkswagen drivers and collectors are mentioned: Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Hitler.

Naturally Still Life with Volkswagens is full of Nicholson’s brand of dark humour. Here’s Barry having a conversation of sorts with Phelan: You’re like me Barry. while the book includes a fair amount of trivia about Volkswagens, somehow or another, various Volkswagen drivers and collectors are mentioned: Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Hitler and even the Fabulous Elvis also find their way into these pages.

Follows Barry Osgathorpe, once known as Ishmael the Zen Road Warrior, who has decided to hole up for the nineties, but Volkswagen Beetles begin exploding across the country, and Barry gets on the road again

I purchased this title a a gift for a "bugged" friend after reading another of his books and seeing this on his back list.

It shall not disappoint.
I didn't know this was a work of fiction, and not non-fiction. It is told from England, and deals with New Agers, Hippies, and Neo-Nazies. I was entertained by the story, but if given more details about the nature of this book, I would not re-purchase.
Apparently this is the second Volkswagen-themed novel by this British author. I have not as yet read "Street Sleeper," so I can't tell you if this is the better of the two or not. What I can tell you is that is a mostly amusing tale of a number of Brits all bound together in one way or another by Volkswagens. The main problem is that all across England, there are Volkswagen's blowing up left and right. Who is doing and why, and how they can be stopped is the alleged plot which drives this book, but the reader is mostly along for the ride as the main characters search for meaning in their existence. I get the impression that many of the main characters appeared previously in "Street Sleeper," but how long the interval has been in unclear. It's a little tough to describe a novel which culminates in a rave/VW expo under siege by eight neo-Nazi skinheads and their delusional leader, who is questing after a holy grail comprised of a hand carved VW whose sun roof opens to reveal human bone replicas of Hitler and Eva Braun in flagrante... All I can say is that if you have a taste for the quirky, check it out.
I bought this book at first because I too have a strange passion for Volkswagens. I was thoroughly delighted when I discovered that Mr. Nicholson had a great story to back up the VW obsession, once I got over the horror of destroying all those VWs that is. The strange cast of characters and their individual motivations are brilliantly woven together. The amazing thing is that even at it's most confusing and destructive I didn't want this novel to end. I look forward to trying his other works.
If there was any more fluff in this book contractors would buy it by the truckload and use it as landfill. The obvious waste of time, energy, and research that went into this book is staggering, on par with the worst writer of our time, Tom Robbins. I admit, I did finish it, even though I regret that waste of life, but the ending was worthless. Mr. Nicholson, in an attempt to tie up loose ends only succeeded in putting a bullet in the head of a horse that didn't even make it out of the starting blocks. The characters were unbelievable as human beings from the start, the author's asides into his depressing and pathetic life were a complete waste of paper, and the story line went from bad to worse to unimaginably stupid. At no one point could I succeed in a suspension of disbelief. Maybe it was the nine year old car thief savant, or the sodomasochist undercover reporter, or the closeted gay neonazi; I don't know, but they all seemed to be part of the cast of an off, off, off broadway musical dreamed up by a necrophilic methamphetimine addict. I think after awhile I just kept reading out of pity for poor divorced Mr. Nicholson, who is obviously so obsessed with Volkswagen toys and writing that he can't seem to keep a normal personal relationship. Poor guy. If he ever reads this I hope he takes my advice and lays down the pen. If I were a psychic I'd say his future lies in the manufacture of kidney pies.
I was worried that this book might be to 'British' for my American tastes, but it was wonderful. Well paced, colorful characters, and a good mix of action and humor. Well worth the money.