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by Randy Wayne White
Download Deep Shadow (Center Point Platinum Mystery (Large Print)) fb2
Action & Adventure
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    Randy Wayne White
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    Center Point Pub; Large Print edition (April 1, 2010)
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    Action & Adventure
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Series: Center Point Platinum Mystery (Large Print). It's not often you find a book about past lives and reincarnation that adds in as much dimension as The Book of Lost Fragrances did.

Series: Center Point Platinum Mystery (Large Print). Hardcover: 556 pages. Mystery. Clarke's deep knowledge of internecine intrigue and power struggles - both petty and global in scale - inform the characters in this novel and set up the tensions that drive the storyline. Library Binding: 352 pages. Publisher: Center Point Pub (January 1, 2006). I often found myself musing: "So, this is the way it really works behind the scenes!" Former .

Center Point Platinum Mystery) Library Binding – Large Print, January 1, 2010. This book is downright silly in concept and execution, especially to anyone who knows anything about music, or pianos.

The Chopin Manuscript (Center Point Platinum Mystery) Library Binding – Large Print, January 1, 2010. by. Jeffery Deaver (Author). As he races from Poland to America to uncover the mystery of the manuscript, Middleton will be accused of murder, pursued by federal agents, and targeted by assassins. But the greatest threat will come from a shadowy figure out of his past: the man known only as Faust. The Chopin Manuscript is a unique collaboration by 15 of the world's greatest thriller writers. Yet, perhaps because of that, it's kinda fun.

Find nearly any book by Randy Wayne White (page 3). Get the . by Randy Wayne White. Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. ISBN 9780399158131 (978-0-399-15813-1) Hardcover, . Dark Light (Doc Ford).

Library, Large Print, 488 pages. I feel that White's books have been rather dark lately, delving into some deep territory. Published April 1st 2008 by Center Point (first published March 1st 2008). This book was a little lighter than previous books in the series, however, Alan's imaginated forays into infidelity with young, "beguiling" women is a little disturbing.

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What starts as a vacation quickly becomes an investigation into his relationship to this mystery woman. Moving back and forth in time between the sparkling Paris of today and the jazz-fueled city filled with expatriates in the 1950s, Passing Love is the story of two women dealing with lost love, secrets, and betrayal - and how the City of Light may hold the answers to their questions.

Neighborhoods are a system Until we became silent, ethereal shadows following in my father's blustery wake. She made it until I was fourteen.

ISBN 13: 9781585479245. Neighborhoods are a system. Towns, governments, any large group of people. For that matter, the human body is a system, enabled by smaller, biological subsystems. Criminal justice, definitely a system. Until we became silent, ethereal shadows following in my father's blustery wake.

Falling Man A Novel Center Point Platinum Fiction Large Print.

Author(s): Fairstein, Linda A. Title: Bad Blood (Center Point Platinum Mystery (Large Print)). Publisher: Center Point. List Price (MSRP): 3. 5.

Many dangers lurk in the deep -- and the worst of them are human. Thirty minutes into what should have been an easy, beginner-level dive in a remote Florida lake, the rim of a cave collapses, trapping two of Doc Ford's friends. Ford himself manages to escape and quickly surfaces to find help. Instead, he finds trouble.

Two men are waiting for him on the shore, and they are not the kind of men you ever want to meet. Ex-cons and killers, they're intent on diving to the bottom of the very deep lake and uncovering the remains of a legendary plane wreck, which is purportedly loaded with Cuban treasury gold. Ford's expertise is just what they need. And if he doesn't want to help? He can die. His friends? They can die, too. In fact, they can die right now . . . As the clock ticks, two struggles unfold simultaneously -- one above ground, and one below. No one is safe . . . and in the deep shadow, death awaits.

If you have been reading Doc Ford novels for awhile, this book is EXCELLENT. White has many exciting elements to this plot. Plus, he tells the story from the viewpoint of various characters which I don't remember him doing before, at least not recently. Ford, Tomlinson and friends are diving an inland Florida lake searching for lost gold when they are unexpectedly joined by many evil entities, human, animal and spiritual. If you have never read a Doc Ford book, jump right in for a great read. Then you can go back to the beginning and catch up on his non-heroic deeds that are so heroic. If you live in Florida or have enjoyed a visit to the Sunshine state, this book (and the entire series) is for you. White's research is excellent and the reader learns a lot reading his novels. Loved this book; couldn't put it down. Hope you do too!
I've been a Doc Ford fan since I first read The Heat Islands several years ago. I've also been to Sanibel and Captiva, so I know the setting and while I read of many sites and places I've seen there, you would not need to be familiar with these places to enjoy any Doc Ford books.
Enough of a commercial for Randy Wayne White . . .
This is be far the tightest written and most suspenseful of the series! You really care not only about Doc Ford and his ever-present buddy Tomilson, but also Captain Futch and William Joseph Chaser. You really want these characters to . . . OOPS! almost gave too much away.
Let's just say I got so caught up in the book that I stayed up until after 3 am to finish it!
Deep shadows in a sinkhole in Central Florida. A plane loaded with Cuban gold coins and a couple of baby monitor lizards just happens to crash, decades ago. FAR OUT. Randy White never ceases to amaze me.
I am currently on my last Doc Ford book (Mangrove Lightning) and am taking it real slow cause I'm bummed there are no more.....for now. Looking back, I particularly remember this book cause of the suspense factor. Couldn't put this one down. Love this whole series and plan on moving on to the Hannah Smith series. I had a chance to meet Randy Wayne White in Sanibel this past April. He couldn't have been more accommodating, even showing me pictures on his cell of some of his adventures. Great guy, great books. Highly recommend.
As a long-time John D. McDonald fan, I was pleased to discover the Doc Ford series written by Randy Wayne White. To me Doc Ford has become my new Travis McGee. I am slowly reading my way down the list of books in this series and I found Deep Shadow to be one of the best so far. This book is a bit different from others in the series in that most of the book takes place in one day and in one location. But there is so much taking place that your mind tries to anticipate the outcome of several scenarios all taking place in parallel. There is so much suspense that I found it hard to put this one down. As with John D. McDonald, Mr. White intertwines his knowledge of Florida geography, history and geology into the story extremely effectively, adding credibility and realism. I really enjoyed this book!
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To believe a Florida like this exists, with this variety of personalities, is simply to have been born here. Doc Ford has always brought Florida in, even though it's just outside my door. It's the people that keep those doors locked. Deep Shadow has the Doc Ford, and friends, that hooked me years ago. Once again walking through schools of rays, just seeing tracks that scare me, sleeping at the Sanibel lighthouse (my brother lived there), or hearing the Glades so loud you can't hear each other. Deep Shadow had me swimming Silver Glenn Springs, where you can you can see the eyes on an eel just by keeping your eyes open, no mask needed. It's so beautiful! These things are real in Florida. And the 2 hoodlums in this book.. real in Florida. Thank you Mr. White for creating this world.
Fascinating description of the geology underlying Florida, with a side story of Fulgencio Batista at the end of his reign. Seemed like an easy scuba dive of a lake in Florida. But not with Ford, Tomlinson and an Indian boy from Oklahoma, plus a couple killer convicts on the run. Some mix for an interesting story.
I know that there's been a lot of criticism over the last few Doc Ford books, but I thought Deep Shadow was terrific. My whole body seemed tense almost for the entire reading. Very interesting regarding the underwater tunnels and what is beneath us. I actually just returned from a trip to Florida on the Eastern side. No desire to go scuba diving though!!!