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by Wilbur A. Smith
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Action & Adventure
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    Wilbur A. Smith
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    Pan Publishing (October 1, 2011)
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A gripping thriller from global bestseller Wilbur Smith.

Ruthless men and a beautiful woman locked in a struggle for power such as few men dream of; it is a novel of treachery and betrayal, of loyalty and courage, of hatred and love. It could blow the fuselage of this aircraft open like a paper bag or kill, by concussion, any human being within fifty yards. A gripping thriller from global bestseller Wilbur Smith. is master of his muse.

Also by wilbur smith. Outstanding praise for the novels of wilbur smith. There were only fifteen joining passengers for the British Airways flight at Victoria Airport on the island of Mahé in the oceanic republic of the Seychelles. Two couples formed a tight group as they waited their turn for departure formalities. They were all young, all deeply tanned and they seemed still carefree and relaxed by their holiday in that island paradise. However, one of them made her three companions seem insignificant by the sheer splendour of her physical presence

Wild Justice is an adventure novel by Wilbur Smith. It was partially set in The Seychelles where Smith had a home for a number of years. It was the third best selling book in England in 1980.

Wild Justice is an adventure novel by Wilbur Smith. The novel was published in the US as The Delta Decision. The novel was filmed for TV in 1993 as a two-part miniseries. It is also known as Covert Assassin. Roy Scheider - Peter Stride. Patricia Millardet - Magda Altman. Christopher Buchholz - Colin Noble. Ted McGinley - Aubrey Billings. Clive Francis - Sir Steven.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Wild Justice tells the vivid and complex tale of ruthless men and one beautiful woman locked in a struggle for power. Entangled by treachery and betrayal.

His bestselling Courtney series includes Assegai, The Sound of Thunder, Birds of Prey, Monsoon, and Blue Horizon.

Wild Justice by Wilbur Smith. There were only fifteen joining passengers for the British Airways flight at Victoria Airport on the island of Malic in the oceanic republic of the Seychelles. Two couples formed a tight group as they waited their turn for departure formalities

Wild Justice by Wilbur Smith. However, one of them made her three companions seem insignificant by the sheer splendour of her physical presence. She was a tall girl, with long limbs and her head set on a proud, shapely neck.

Author: Wilbur Smith. It begins as a routine trip to South Africa. It ends in a nightmare for 400 passengers taken hostage. The hijacker is a beautiful pawn for an elusive figure-codename Caliph, whose campaign of terror has just begun. And the one man who rescued Flight 070 is the only man who can stop Caliph dead in his tracks. His name is Major Peter Stride, commanding agent of a crack team of anti-terrorist operatives. He’s used to doing battle-and winning.

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Wild Justice is an adrenaline-filled thriller with an extraordinary hero at its heart, from bestselling author Wilbur Smith. 'As he ducked he heard the familiar sound, like a giant ripping heavyweight canvas, an automatic weapon throwing bullets at a cyclic rate of almost two thousand rounds a minute, and the bullets tore into the side of the Maserati, beating in the metal with an ear-numbing clangour, while glass exploded in upon Peter like the glittering spray as a storm-driven waves strikes a rock. Glass chips pelted across his back, and stung his cheek and the back of his neck. They sparkled like a diamond tiara in his hair.' The hijacking of a jumbo jet off the Seychelles galvanizes anti-terrorist chief Peter Stride into the action for which he has spent a lifetime training. But even in the hail of bullets which follows, he knows that this is only the beginning of a nightmare. Stride is the one man who might find the twisted genius who holds the world hostage - if only his every move were not anticipated by the enemy . . .

Wilbur Smith never ceases to provide great reading. In the series books, his characters develop well, and most provide unexpected twists and changes. The plots do the same times ten. In the stand-alone books, new and provocative insights into the innermost fabric of African life create a fascinating journey into Smith's homeland.
Like all Wilbur Smith books, this also was a winner.
Its not a historical novel like many of his earlier ones, but a more modern story. Its quite an adventure, sometimes a bit far fetched, but in this case, it just adds to the excitement.
How they actually hijacked the plane, is sort of a wake-up call, it was so easy, so slick.
This is one is different than his earlier books, but its not to be missed.
This book is another of Wilbur Smith's engrossing stories. I have read many of his books and have enjoyed every one of them. He is a very gifted writer. I found that I had read this book years ago but I still enjoyed reading it again. I am reading it on my Kindle this time. The Kindle is so convenient to take to bed to read. I am so grateful to have found Wilbur Smith's books. He is one of my favorite authors.
Not what I have become to expect from Wilbur Smith. A lot of rambling. Not the worst I have read, but a long way from the usual.
I have read all Wilbur Smith's books. And I mean ALL OF THEM.
This book was, however, disappointing.
The story has some good ideas, but it becomes extremely gruesome and violent at a stage, to the point where I felt physically nauseous. This book is the sequel to Those in Peril, which I enjoyed immensely as it was relevant to pirates off the coast of East Africa at the time when the book was released, and even the violence in Those in Peril seemed appropriate and realistic given the area and characters in that book (Those in Peril).

I was quite disturbed by a certain part of this book (Wild Justice) where humans are fed to man eating pigs. Then I recently watched the 2001 movie "Hannibal' (about Hannibal Lecter) (and I saw this movie after I read WIld Justice) and it is my opinion that that the idea about pigs eating humans was taken from this movie which disappointed me as it seems a bit unoriginal...

Wilbur Smith has written truly great books, such as the Courtney and Ballantyne series which are quite old by now, but still excellent reads. I actually read these series every 5-10 years again because I enjoy them so much.

I will, however, not read this book again, and I don't recommend it. It is almost out of character for Wilbur Smith. I can't believe he wrote this book. I only finished it because it is a Wilbur Smith book and I was expecting it to become better as I was reading, but sadly not. :(
very good
The terrorists which force landing on Jan Smuts Airport. SA. are example of the 68 generation.
At that time most graduates of Universities on the Western Europe continent, came out with mixed ideology. Either Marxists, or Anarchists. As seen later such souls are easily manipulated.
Gen. Peter Stride is good example of British upper class officer. Trained to take on terror attacks of our modern times
Magda the ex-Soviet spy does credit to her trainers and the character and is unforgettable.
When Peter Stride, incognito, is scheduled to meet the Caliph in a castle on the cliffs of Jericho and discovers that it is the commander in chief of Atlas, very well connected to the White House and more, is the Caliph himself.
To me it seems that the model is taken from Rashid al Sinan (Old man of the mountain) Grand Master of The Assassins, the fanatic murderous Islamic sect in the time of the Crusades.
At the time of the story The Seven Sisters have lost the oil monopoly and money created in the Gulf of Persia are getting power, also it can be seen that wealth is moving from the west to the east.
The sinister hawks do not take it lightly and apply methods of the Assassins to pave their own way.
The message could be in this book: Be aware of the Hawks. Trouble they make affects us all.
If I could,I would give Wilbur Smith a 10 Star rating . His books are imaginative ,exotic ,exciting, and in many instances breathtaking. . A man of Kipling abilities.