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by Alan Dean Foster
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Action & Adventure
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    Alan Dean Foster
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    Grand Central Pub; 2nd edition (July 1, 1985)
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    Action & Adventure
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For Dick and Marge Green, who helped move the Lazy Unicorn, with love and thanks. The man's eyebrows rose and he appeared amused. He leaned forward, his hands resting on the top of the display screen. I'm not aware that I owe you anything.

For Dick and Marge Green, who helped move the Lazy Unicorn, with love and thanks. Chapter 1. It's very old, the protection racket.

Alan Dean Foster (born November 18, 1946) is an American writer of fantasy and science fiction, who has written several book series, more than 20 standalone novels and many novelizations of film scripts. Foster earned a bachelor's degree in political science and a MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles and currently resides in Prescott, Arizona, with his wife. He is a cousin of singer Lesley Gore. Foster also holds multiple state and one world record in senior powerlifting.

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Man Who Used the Universe. The New York Times–bestselling author of more than 110 books, Alan Dean Foster is one of the most prominent writers of modern science fiction and fantasy. Born in New York City in 1946, he studied filmmaking at UCLA, and first found success in 1968 when a horror magazine published one of his short stories. In 1972 he wrote his first novel, The Tar-Aiym Krang, the first in his Pip and Flinx series featuring the Humanx Commonwealth, a universe he has explored in more than twenty-five novels.

Alan Dean Foster's "The Man Who Used the Universe" suffers from two fairly big faults. First, after the initial crisis point, you pretty much know exactly how the rest of the book will play out. Second, we really don't have a protagonist (or even a main character) until someplace around the half-way point in the book. The character everything revolves around is a total cipher or enigma to us throughout the book. We have no idea of what he's thinking, what his goals are, or why he behaves the way Alan Dean Foster's "The Man Who Used the Universe" suffers.

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Her hair was in disarray, she was panting hard, and the clinging blue nebula she wore pulsed with her breathing. Loo-Macklin glanced up from the compact work station, his attention shifting from the. computer readout he'd been monitoring. Something wrong, Khryswhy?". She stalked over to the desk, put both hands on it as she leaned down to glare at him. Her voice was low, intense. I hear that you've been visited by representatives of the First Syndicate from Restavon. He nodded slowly, once.

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He’s a mastermind criminal who gave up his place at the head of the dark underworld to become a legitimate member of Evenwaith’s cities. But soon he was reaching out to powerful enemies--the slimy aliens called the Nuel. Loo-Macklin negotiates an illusory peace agreement and gains precious alien secrets in the process. Books related to The Man Who Used the Universe.

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Outstandingly political!!! Well written and applicable to our world today. Especially the US. It should be required reading in political science and philosophy classes! Also it would be an advantage for military training as well. Not many science fiction novels relate in such a way, very similar to the way the original Star Trek series related to events of its early writings. I especially liked the interactions between the different interspecies characters as comparable to races and nations today. Well worth the reading if you like these types of topics!
This is probably the best Sci-Fi book I have read, and I have read probably at least a thousand of them, forgot more than I have read, and this one stands out. I still have that original book, all torn up, and bought this new copy to read again, it's more than worth it...
It is not a Commonwealth book, but it is similar. There are no Thranx or AAnn, but there are the Nuel and some other sentient species. It is entertaining to read. If there were further novels about the UTW/Families universe, I would read them.
In one of his stories Kurt Vonnegut describes his fictional author Kilgore Trout as a bad writer with great ideas. That's the way I feel about this book. It's not very well written but it is compelling nonetheless. As a teen I read and reread this book, enjoying it uncritically. When I bought the kindle copy and read it once again I still enjoyed it but was able to look at it with a much more critical (or jaundiced) eye. It feels like a first or perhaps second, but certainly not final draft of a story. It can't settle on any one character to follow. There is A LOT of telling instead of showing. Still it is a compelling tale of a man who rises from nothing, a low level street thug on a poisoned planet to become the de facto ruler of the known galaxy.
A fascinating story about short range and very long range planning. The politics are never what they seem, probably like the world today. I agree with Big Mo that it should be required reading for political science and philosophy classes. The story was easy to read but very hard to predict what would come next. I always enjoy Alan Dean Foster’s books.
Foster gives us an amoral sociopath-ish type character for the "protagonist", but it works. He's interesting enough that you don't have to like him. There is also an interesting alien race to get to know. Well worth your time.
I love this book. Alan Dean Foster has written a lot of great characters/stories (Flinx/Pip is awesome) but tthis is one of the greatest non-series books I've ever read.
Appreciate the perspective shift of the main characters over the course of the book. Didnt spend a lot of time for the exposition on world building - it was woven in just as much as needed.