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by Kim Harrison,Marguerite Gavin,Dawn Cook
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Action & Adventure
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    Kim Harrison,Marguerite Gavin,Dawn Cook
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    Blackstone Audio Inc; Unabridged edition (July 1, 2010)
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    Action & Adventure
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Dawn Cook's First Truth is a fun book, sure to appeal to fans (like me) of Tamora Pierce or Robin McKinley. With characters to cheer for, vicious villains, and attack birds, First Truth had everything I need in a good read. I look forward to Alissa's next adventure.

Dawn Cook's First Truth is a fun book, sure to appeal to fans (like me) of Tamora Pierce or Robin McKinley. bestselling author Patricia Briggs. DAWN COOK wrote both the Truth and the Princess series. She is better known as fantasy writer Kim Harrison. KIM HARRISON was born and raised in the upper Midwest but has since fled south.

Truth Series, Book 1. By: Dawn Cook. Narrated by: Marguerite Gavin

Truth Series, Book 1. Narrated by: Marguerite Gavin. Length: 13 hrs and 21 mins. This is the third book in the Truth Series by Dawn Cook, who also writes under the pen name Kim Harrison. Listen to more in the Truth Series. I simply love how Marguerite Gavin reads this story. She give a unique voice to each characters and her male voices are believable.

First Truth (Truth Series, Book 1). Published April 15th 2010 by Blackstone Audiobooks. Dawn Cook, Kim Harrison (Goodreads Author).

Author(s): Dawn Cook, Kim Harrison (Goodreads Author). First Truth (Truth Series, Book 1). Audio CD. Author(s): Marguerite Gavin, Kim Harrison (Goodreads Author). ISBN: 1441753958 (ISBN13: 9781441753953). ISBN: 1441753982 (ISBN13: 9781441753984).

Alissa doesn't believe in magic. This was That Book for me. Dawn Cook has weaved an intricate, magical world that is so solid and enchanting, I can feel the snow on my skin and hear the echo in the caverns. The magic breathes, and lives.

New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to the Hollows with the electrifying follow-up to her .

New York Times bestselling author Kim Harrison returns to the Hollows with the electrifying follow-up to her acclaimed Pale Demon! The ever-after, the demonic realm that parallels our own, is shrinking, and if it disappears, so does all magic. Of course, there's also the small fact that Rachel is the one who caused the ley line to rip in the first place, and her life is forfeit unless she can fix it. Not to mention the most powerful demon in the ever-after-the soul-eater Ku'Sox Sha-Ku'ru-has vowed to destroy her, and has kidnapped her friend and her goddaughter as leverage.

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Kim Harrison is a pen-name of American author Dawn Cook After the success of her first novel, Harrison was able to resign from her day job, devoting herself to writing full-time

Kim Harrison is a pen-name of American author Dawn Cook. Under the name of Harrison, she is best known for her Rachel Morgan urban fantasy series set in an alternate history where a worldwide pandemic. caused by genetically modified tomatoes led to the death of a large portion of the world's human population. Together, they produced Dead Witch Walking, and her first book was published in paperback by HarperTorch in 2004. After the success of her first novel, Harrison was able to resign from her day job, devoting herself to writing full-time.

Written by Dawn Cook, Audiobook narrated by Marguerite Gavin. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible?

Written by Dawn Cook, Audiobook narrated by Marguerite Gavin. But when a spell goes awry, Alissa is transported back four centuries to an era when the Hold and its city thrive with magic students and their tutors. Forgotten Truth Book 3. By Veritas on 12-28-12. By: Dawn Cook aka Kim Harrison. Length: 13 hrs and 26 mins.

Kim Harrison (born 1966) is a pen name of American author Dawn Cook. Kim is best known as the author of the New York Times best selling Hollows series, but she has written more than urban fantasy and has published over two dozen books spanning the gamut from young adult, accelerated-science thriller, anthology, and a unique, full-color world book, and has scripted two original graphic novels set in the Hollows universe. She has also published traditional fantasy under the name Dawn Cook.

Kim Harrison is a nom de plume of American author Dawn Cook. Kim Harrison - Nom de naissance Dawn Cook Activités Romancière Naissance 1966 États Unis Langue d écriture. Under the name of Harrison, she is best known for her Rachel Morgan urban fantasy series set in an alternate history where a worldwide pandemic caused by genetically modified tomatoes led to the death of a large portion of the world's human population. The first two Truth books were originally one book, which was split into two separate books for publishing  .

Alissa doesn't believe in magic. Her father's stories about the Hold, a legendary fortress where human Keepers learn magic from the enigmatic Masters, are just that-stories. But her mother insists Alissa has inherited her father's magical ability, so she must go to the Hold to be trained. On her way, she crosses paths with Strell, a wandering musician from the plains. Though Alissa is not sure she can trust a plainsman, Strell has something Alissa needs - one of her father's old maps. Traveling together, they can reach the Hold before the snow sets in. But they don't know that the Hold is nearly empty. The Keeper Bailic has sent the Masters on a fool's errand and systematically killed the other Keepers in his search for the First Truth, a book of magic that will give him ultimate power. And he believes that Alissa and Strell hold the secret of the book's hiding place.

I wasn't sure about this book at first. I picked it up since I love Kim Harrison and this is another name she writes under. Tired of waiting for more Rachel Morgan novels I decided to try these out, which are a very different from the urban fantasy genre this author also writes under. It was a surprisingly good read, with the plot speeding up towards the end of the book to the point that I could not put it down.

The foothills and the plains are extremely prejudiced towards each other, yet they rely on each other to survive. The foothills is a fertile land that is able to produce and abundance of food while the plains is a desert so the people specialize in crafted trade items. Alissa is a halfbreed, with a foothills father and plains mother. Her father left when she was very young to go back to the Hold, where Keepers and Masters of magic are trained and live.

Her mother sends her off to the Hold one day, planning for her to join the ranks of her father as she believes Alissa possesses the same skills he did. Along the way she meets Strell, and plainsman who is irritating in every way, but also the only one that can help her get to the Hold before winter falls. It is along the way that Alissa has a vision that her father didn't return for a reason, and that it is only by finding a book called the First Truth that she can realize her destiny.

The book is told in multiple perspectives, but mainly Alissa and Strells. This allows for more character development and understanding of the two cultures of the plains and the foothills.

The story flew by fast, going in a direction I wouldn't have guessed as I started reading it, making the read extremely enjoyable. The magic within the book is described in an interesting way and I look forward to understanding more of Alissa's abilities in the next book.

There is a touch of romance developed that will probably grow more in future books. It was the perfect amount and very sweet, seeing as Alissa seems pretty innocent.

Overall enjoyable, and recommended to anyone that likes fantasy novels.
20-year-old Alissa is a "halfbreed"--the child of a foothills-farmer mother and a plains father--in a world where the two societies interact only to trade. Physically she partakes of both heritages, but recently her mother has begun to suspect that otherwise she is entirely the daughter of her father, who disappeared when she was five. Abruptly Rema announces that Alissa is a Keeper, like her father--a person with magical gifts--and must go to the Hold to be trained. Alissa can't believe it. "There's no such thing as magic," she protests, "[and] I can't start a fire, or speak silently without words, or still anyone. I can't even keep a cat from running away from me." But Rema insists that "the Hold is calling you," and the summons is not to be denied. Before Alissa quite knows what's happened, she finds herself on the road with a pack on her back, her pet kestrel Talon on her shoulder, and a pouch of something that smells dreadful (but only to her) in her baggage. Since neither the hill people nor the plainsmen will take her in, she has little choice but to seek out the Hold. Along the way she falls in with Strell, a plains minstrel who has recently learned of the deaths of his entire family. Then she finds herself dreaming about things she can't possibly know--like her father's death: at the Hold (yes, it exists) a renegade Keeper named Bailic has contrived to kill off all his fellows and send all but one of the Masters off on a wild-goose chase in order to have plenty of scope in which to search for a powerful magical book called the First Truth. His goal is to use it to unite hills and plains--whether they like the idea or not--and "forge them into the image I desire." It also turns out that Alissa's father hid the book before he died--and the wards he set on it may be unbreakable by anyone not of his blood.

Cook has created an intriguing pair of mutually suspicious (if not exactly antagonistic) societies which don't fight each other but also don't care to mix. Her world is developed slowly but has fascinating details--in the hills, for example, nobody eats meat, and it's considered indecent to let anyone see your bare feet. The story isn't fast-moving, but it sucks you in and you find you can't leave the book unfinished. Then, about two-thirds of the way along, comes a startling revelation regarding the nature of the Masters who once ruled the Hold and taught the Keepers to use their gifts. It's not entirely clear how magic works in this milieu--there are references to "tracings" and "sources" but no forthright explanation of what they are--or even what a trained Keeper would use it for, but I have hopes that the subsequent three volumes in the series will reveal more.
1st of 4 in a great fantasy series. You get to meet Alyssa and join her on her journey to the Hold. Along the way, there are interesting experiences and new characters that will be throughout the series. I like for others to make their own decisions about their pleasure/enjoyment in a series. I hope you'll give this one a chance to become a favorite. I've already re-read the series about a half dozen times, so it's obviously a favorite of mine.
The Truth series is one the best I have ever read. The second of the series, Hidden Truth, is my favorite of all time. Dawn Cook's works are genius!

You HAVE to read all four books. I admit First Truth starts out slow and seemingly pointless, but if you just hang in til the second half of the book you will be hooked. After reading the first book I remember my only complaint was wishing the plot could be more complicated. But now after reading the whole series I am shocked at how much was actually going on in that first book that I would have never guessed!

With a small cast of characters, each is very well developed. While at times I found Alissa's stubbornness annoying, she eventually found her way into my heart, as she does with basically every character in the books. And Strell is absolutely adorable. You will fall in love with him immediately!

The Truth series is riddled with surprising twists, some that made my heart pound and some that made me cry. With the end of each book I was frantic to get my hands on the next. But when it was finally over, I was not left with that pained feeling of wanting more that some books can do to you. Instead, you know in your heart that this is how it should end.

I strongly recommend you read this book. I will be amazed if I ever find a series to match its equal.
I had this paperback when I was younger. I lost it and had to buy the Kindle version because the story is just that good. There is magic, dragons, and of course love.