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by Steven E. Gaskill,Brian J. Sharkey
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    Steven E. Gaskill,Brian J. Sharkey
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    Human Kinetics, Inc.; Seventh edition (February 25, 2013)
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    456 pages
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    Schools & Teaching
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Authors Brian J. Sharkey and Steven E. Gaskill have 60 years of combined experience in the field. Sharkey is a fellow and past president of the American College of Sports Medicine and has served on the board of trustees.

Authors Brian J. Sharkey also coordinated the . Ski Team Nordic Sportsmedicine Council. In 2009, Sharkey recevied the Fire Safety Award from the International Association of Wildland Firefighters.

Fitness & Health book.

item 2 Fitness and Health, Gaskill, Steven . Sharkey, Brian . Very Good Book -Fitness and Health, Gaskill, Steven . Sharkey, Brian J. .This book is aimed at those who want to develop an understanding of fitness and health. Very Good Book. item 3 Fitness and Health by Sharkey, Brian J. -Fitness and Health by Sharkey, Brian J. £. 0. item 4 Fitness and Health By Brian J. Sharkey, Steven E. Gaskill -Fitness and Health By Brian J. Gaskill. It teaches the reader how to improve their health, allowing them to design their own fitness programmes and maintain them in the long-term.

It Looked Like Spilt Milk by Charles G. Shaw (1993, Board Book. How to Solve It by George Polya (2004, Paperback).

Sport consists of preparation and performance-about 99 percent preparation, 1 percent performance

Sport consists of preparation and performance-about 99 percent preparation, 1 percent performance. You know the importance of physical fitness in sport, but do you know how to train your athletes to perform at their best? Sport Physiology for Coaches is designed to help coaches assess, refine, enhance, and improve athletes' performance through an applied approach to exercise physiology.

Brian J. This handbook for students and fitness professionals explores the physiology and benefits of fitness whilst also providing information and tools for improving health and wellness

John S Cuddy Steven E Gaskill Brian J Sharkey Stephanie G Harger . Case study of training, fitness, and nourishment of a dog driver during the Iditarod 1049-mile dogsled race.

John S Cuddy Steven E Gaskill Brian J Sharkey Stephanie G Harger Brent C Ruby. Med Sci Sports Exerc 2007 Jun;39(6):1004-12. Authors: James S Skinner Steven E Gaskill Tuomo Rankinen Arthur S Leon D C Rao Jack H Wilmore Claude Bouchard. Authors: Carla Cox Steven Gaskill Brent Ruby Sharon Uhlig.

Brian J Sharkey Steven E. Gaskill Brian J. Sharkey. Published by Human Kinetics Publishers

Brian J Sharkey Steven E. Published by Human Kinetics Publishers. ISBN 10: 0736056149 ISBN 13: 9780736056144.

The completely revised seventh edition of Fitness & Health offers a comprehensive understanding of the exercise–health relationship and provides a framework for attaining health and fitness goals. This one-stop handbook for students and fitness professionals explores the physiology and benefits of fitness while also providing information and tools for improving health and wellness. Authors Brian J. Sharkey and Steven E. Gaskill have 60 years of combined experience in the field, as evidenced in the depth of content and accessible style of writing. The book aims not only to educate but also to inspire the audience to put the suggested methods into practice and have a positive effect on their quality of life.

Fitness & Health, Seventh Edition, includes fresh, new content and has been restructured to enhance the educational experience:

• An entirely new chapter detailing behavior change, helping readers better understand the psychology of activity and how to modify individual behaviors using documented strategies

• A revised chapter on the physiology of fitness to help readers grasp the science behind aerobic and muscular fitness

• Proven methods for achieving aerobic and muscular fitness, plus strategies for exercising in high heat and humidity, extreme cold, high altitude, and environments with low air quality

• New information on physical activity and brain health that shows how an active life improves learning, higher-order brain processes, and academic achievement

• A detailed explanation of the Exercise is Medicine movement that highlights the benefits of regular physical activity in terms of improving quality of life and reducing health risks

Students will excel with chapter summaries of content for easier review and tables and figures that organize information for quick reference. The seventh edition also includes special elements to highlight interesting content on health and fitness, including important health behaviors, testing procedures, and proven fitness programs. In addition, instructors benefit from the inclusion of new ancillaries containing an instructor guide complete with lab activities, a test package, and a presentation package plus image bank.

With Fitness & Health, students learn the body’s response to exercise and acquire strategies for motivating themselves or others to commit to an active and healthy life. The book explains how the body responds to physical activity; why physical activity is beneficial to health; and how physical activity can help people increase aerobic and muscular fitness, achieve and maintain a healthy weight, enhance performance in work and sport, and improve vitality.

We purchased this book hoping that it would help my son prepare for the Dantes Here's to Your Health exam. When we received it, we were disappointed to find out that it was more a book on fitness and nutrition rather than fitness and HEALTH. Fortunately, my son is very into fitness and sports nutrition, so he will likely still garner some gems from the book. We did NOT use it, however, to prepare for his exam as it offered a mere 15% of the information that he needed to learn.
Freaky Hook
Even though I had to buy this for a school course it was a very good health book I have gone back to many times. Worth the buy just to get a better understanding of health and your body. It's one I ended up keeping and putting in my library .
Had to purchase this book for a physical education class in college. We were permitted to buy the e-version, which was cheaper, so I did.

It has no pages, only arbitrary "locations" that vary in the thousands from arrow-click to arrow-click. Very disappointing way to spend money.
I love 6th edition of this book. This new editon include more interestinc, contemprorary information about fitness and health. The information given both in scientific and interesting to read maner
I guess this is a college text book for health and fitness majors. But I read it just for myself. Even though it is used as a text book, it is very easy to read and understand for anyone who enjoys a health life style. I has just enough science in it to make it more educational than your average fad health book, but not so much as to put someone off who is reading this without a professor to explain it. Great book for the lay person.
My college level fitness class required this but I had to drop the class and didn't get to utilize the book. I am certain it would be a great informational book for fitness....
Good book for school and I did not have to wait for a long delivery.
Great product and great service