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by Kaori Yuki
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    Kaori Yuki
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    VIZ Media LLC; 1st edition (August 8, 2006)
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Angel Sanctuary, Vol.

Angel Sanctuary has to be one of the best Mangas of all time. Kaori Yuki has delivered a gothic master piece containing some of the most beautiful and horrific scenes ever to be seen in a Manga. Really, to think of this as simply a "comic" book would under-value it. Kaori has created a complex, involving, and addictive storyline. Please someone make the whole series into an anime (and not just the first three books like the movie)! This is an epic story, as Setsuna Mudo, a normal high school boy, discovers that he is the reincarnation of the angel Lady Alexiel. He then finds himself.

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Things look bleak for the rebellion as Sevy tightens his grip on heaven.

The artist and author of many a brilliant stories, including Angel Sanctuary, Blood Hound, Count Cain, Gravel Kingdom, and Boys Next Door show more.

Angel Sanctuary (Japanese: 天使禁猟区, Hepburn: Tenshi Kinryōku) is a fantasy shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki

Angel Sanctuary (Japanese: 天使禁猟区, Hepburn: Tenshi Kinryōku) is a fantasy shōjo manga series written and illustrated by Kaori Yuki. Appearing as a serial in the Japanese manga magazine Hana to Yume from the 5 July 1994 issue to the 20 October 2000 issue, it follows Setsuna Mudo, a human teenager who, as the reincarnation of a prominent angel who rebelled against Heaven, becomes entangled in political machinations between the angels and demons.

item 2 Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 15, Yuki, Kaori, Good Condition Book, ISBN 1421505215 -Angel Sanctuary . Volume 15 in Angel Sanctuary, a manga series following fallen angel Setsuna's adventures on earth. 15, Yuki, Kaori, Good Condition Book, ISBN 1421505215 -Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 15, Yuki, Kaori, Good Condition Book, ISBN 1421505215. item 3 Angel Sanctuary: Volume 15 (Angel Sanctuary) - Paperback NEW Yuki, Kaori 2009-10 -Angel Sanctuary: Volume 15 (Angel Sanctuary) - Paperback NEW Yuki, Kaori 2009-10.

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Items related to Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 15 (15). 3. Angel Sanctuary, Vol. 15 (Paperback). Published by Viz Media, Subs. Yuki, Kaori Angel Sanctuary, Vol. ISBN 13: 9781421505213. of Shogakukan Inc, United States (2009). ISBN 10: 1421505215 ISBN 13: 9781421505213.

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At the center of this epic tale of Heaven and Hell and forbidden love is high-school student Setsuna Mudo. He's no angel - he's completely tactless around girls, has an unpredictable temper, and can become extremely violent. That he comes from a broken home and is in love with his sister Sara just makes matters worse. Add teenage hormones and major issues with his mother, and you've got the recipe for one troubled kid. And then Setuna's reality becomes seriously twisted when his past life as an angel comes to plague the present and threatens to destroy the future...

Angel Sanctuary is interesting, that's for sure.

This story is entertaining. While it doesn't really make much sense, it still keeps you flipping pages, trying to figure everything out. The cast is VERY large, and filled with very odd, and at times over the top characters. The art is beautiful, with flowing hair, and detailed costumes. Pretty much everyone is drawn pretty, which can make figuring out specific characters' genders difficult, but that actually adds to the quirkiness of the story. I can see the roots of a very enthralling, epic drama in this volume, and I have to admit, I quickly bought volume 2 once I finished.

The series can also be surprisingly gruesome when it wants to be, although it never dwells on the violence and gore, it also never holds back when it's needed. From what I've read of Kaori Yuki, she is not afraid of letting her stories get dark, and they are all the better for it. The story is also not afraid to delve into a little taboo melodrama, with a Flowers in the Attic level brother/sister romance at the center of everything. Everything feels just dirty enough to make things interesting, but it keeps from crossing that line that would make the reader want to take a shower after reading it.

There are issues, however. The first, and biggest in my book, is the panel layout. While it does improve as the book goes on, the panel layout is, at times, a complete and total mess. Images are cramped, characters are hard to make out, and scenes have a very poor flow from panel to panel. While things did settle, especially towards the later chapters, the poor layout decisions nearly make the first part of this volume impossible to read.

Another issues is the sheer amount of information the reader is given, and at a rapid pace. This book is about 80% info dump, which does free up the later chapters to focus more on progressing the plot, and develop the characters, but that earlier info dump can be pretty confusing.

Still, the story is interesting, and at times very gruesome. The shojo art hides a shonen story, and in turn it creates a series that could be easily enjoyed by both male and female readers. While this book isn't for everyone, I couldn't help but be drawn into the twisted world of Angel Sanctuary. I recommend it, especially for kindle readers, since the price of the book is very affordable.
A lot happens in this novel. Rosiel is plotting something, Lucifer at his side, and again, shuts Katan out, preferring to have Lucifer tend to him. In truth, Rosiel's body is degenerating and he doesn't want Katan to see him how he is. Katan worries over Rosiel as Lucifer and Rosiel make plans to try to reach Atziluth and get the Tablet of Heaven so that Rosiel can get back his body. Meanwhile, Sara, possessed by Sandalphon escapes from Raphael's care. There is a brief appearance by Mad Hatter, and one of Lucifer's wives. Kurai enters the story again (although, she plays a minor role in both this volume and the next). The climax of this volume is a fight between Kato (who's body and mind are starting to fall apart from the wound inflicted on him by Lucifer) and Lucifer, followed by a very bitter-sweet ending.

Depressing though the end of this volume is, it's really truly beautiful. Tons of very nice full-shots of Lucifer, throughout, as well as of Rosiel. Kato is drawn slightly different than before but he's still recognizable. Overall, this volume is action-packed, full of twists, and fun to read (like most of the series).
This was actually an amazon suggestion based on some other manga that I had searched for and some that I bought, and I picked up volume 1 to see if it was any good. I found the story and characters to be interesting and the artwork to be superb as well. I am interested to see where the story progresses at least enough to buy volume 2 and see where it goes from there. This is more than I can say for the "Loveless" series which is also a five-star rated item on amazon. The author/artist breeches some interesting topics and you can tell while reading that the imagination behind this story is vast and there will be much more creativity poured into the rest of the series as well. I give this one a high reccomendation, 4.5 stars if I could. The 1/2 point deduction is only because i had a bit of trouble following some of the characters, but i think this is a fault of my own for being a newbie manga reader.
This is definitely my favorite manga of all time! Kaori Yuki knows how to perfectly blend a superb plot that is fairly complex, with beautiful artwork while distracting from neither. It focuses on Setsuna, a boy in love with his sister, who later finds out that he is actually the reincarnation of an angel that rebelled against god! In the first volume we are introduced to the main characters: Sara, setsuna's sister, Kira (the best friend who is also more than he seems, Kurai and Arachne (Demons that have been searching for Alexiel, Rosiel (the crazed but beautiful angel and brother to Alexiel, Katan (Rosiels devoted servant). There are so many more characters to come later, but I recommend this series if you like impossible love, monsters, and any story where the lines between good and evil are not always black and white.
I am so glad they finally translated this text into English. I read the German version a year ago, and the English translation is pretty close to that one. Angel Sanctuary is by far my favorite anime of all time. Yuki's complex character and story development will keep you intrigued! Not to mention, her artwork is awesome and high quality. The story may be a little confusing at first, but once you read farther and maybe a couple times over, it'll be a lot clearer. I highly recommend this series! On a side note, this obviously isn't for younger readers since there is language, violence, gender bending, etc.
I used to love manga, but I stopped reading them when I entered high school for the most part and now am in college. I purchased this because not only was reading a manga a blast from the past, but also because it is mentioned in The Mortal Instruments series, a personal favorite of mine, and I wanted to analyze it and look for parallels. I was certainly not disappointed by this manga. The characters were.memorable and there were some interesting takes on mythology concerning heaven and shell.