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by Gerry Conway,Steve Englehart,Rich Buckler,Ross Andru,John Buscema,Sal Buscema
Download Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four - Volume 14 fb2
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    Gerry Conway,Steve Englehart,Rich Buckler,Ross Andru,John Buscema,Sal Buscema
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    Marvel (November 28, 2012)
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Steve Englehart contributes a very informative introduction.

Steve Englehart contributes a very informative introduction. An interesting item is the practice at the time to draw one page of art and then blow it up to a two page spread to pad the page count. Recommended to fans of the Masterworks and/or the Avengers.

Items related to Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four - Volume 14. Gerry Conway; Steve Englehart Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four - Volume 14. ISBN 13: 9780785159636. Marvel Masterworks: The Fantastic Four - Volume 14. Gerry Conway; Steve Englehart.

Rich Buckler, Ross Andru, John Buscema, Sal Buscema. Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's the Fantastic Four.

Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers Vol. 16. Gerry Conway. The Introduction by Englehart adds much more to the volume and is entertaining. With this volume Steve Englehart really starts to shine. The production values of the book itself are once more excellent and the best in the Industry. My Highest Recommendation.

When Gerry Conway comes on as writer there is a certain drop off in plot quality. Buscema and Sinnott are relieved for an issue each by Ross Andru and Ramona Fradon. Both his Miracle Man and Annihilus stories feature villains who are all powerful one moment but then get their clocks cleaned the next with a little unconvincing mumbo jumbo thrown in to explain. Fradon's work was especially interesting. I was unaware she ever did any work for Marvel.

Marvel Masterworks: The Defenders - Volume Two, is a Classic Bronze Age collection featuring strong artwork and so-so stories. Still, despite the flawed story lines, these comics have much to offer fans of older comics who find today's comics too violent or too dark. Younger readers will probably be turned off by the stories and the classic American style artwork - since many of today's collectors prefer the Manga inspired artwork of today

Marvel Masterworks book His style is more cartoonish than Buckler and he also has more dynamic actions and more diverse panel work.

Marvel Masterworks book. And there's also a complete lack of any wacked-out 70s comic book madness. The first arc (142-144) is an incredibly pedestrian Dr. Doom story. His style is more cartoonish than Buckler and he also has more dynamic actions and more diverse panel work. He's not the best fit for the book, but it's a nice change of pace.

1/74: Fantastic Four (19 pages + cover). No Friend Beside Him". 2/74: Fantastic Four (19 pages + cover). The Terrible Triumph of Doctor Doom". 3/74: Fantastic Four (19 pages + cover).

Cover by JOHN BUSCEMA Volume 14 - 1st printing. Written by Steve Englehart and GERRY CONWAY.

Cover by JOHN BUSCEMA. Volume 14 - 1st printing.

FANTASTIC FOUR stands tall as one of the most famous super-hero series of all time - and it certainly didn't get there by resting on its laurels. How better can that be proven than by another MARVEL MASTERWORKS collection? First, Dr. Doom pushes the FF to the limit! Then, Human Torch and Medusa adventure in the Himalayas! Reed and Sue's relationship is strained when Sue joins Namor in an invasion of New York - and just to keep things tense, the Frightful Four pile on, too! Then, Ultron crashes Crystal and Quicksilver's wedding! Finally, it's a Thing vs. Hulk battle royale and a tense time-traveling tale - masterworks, one and all! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #142-150, GIANT-SIZE SUPER-STARS #1, GIANT-SIZE FANTASTIC FOUR #2 and AVENGERS (1963) #127.

It is interesting to note that both of Marvel's two longest running masterworks series, the Fantastic Four and the Amazing Spider-Man, each at volume 14, have reached the point where the stories are being written by Gerry Conway. While Conway did quite serviceable work on Spider-Man his Fantastic Four scripts were hit and miss. The ones in this volume were more on the "miss" side of the ledger.

There are twelve issues collected here. Nine are from the Fantastic Four title proper (142-150), one an Avengers crossover issue (127 of that title), and two of the Giant-Size quarterly issues Marvel was doing in the mid-1970s (Giant-Sized Super Stars 1 and Giant-Sized Fantastic Four 2). There are four separate story arcs in the monthlies and two stand alone stories in the giants.

None of the story arcs did much for me. The Doctor Doom had a "made up as it went along" feel to it. Several plot points were built up but not properly followed up on. An example would be the role of Coach Thorne. We are led to believe that he is important to Doom in some way but there is no payoff. The "abominable snowman" story was silly even by comic book standards. The Sub-Mariner story started out great but the resolution really strains the reader's credulity. The Avengers/Fantastic Four/Inhumans story, culminating with the Crystal/Quicksilver wedding was perhaps the best of the lot.

The two standalone giants were entertaining with a fresh spin on the recurring Hulk/Thing battles in the first and time travel courtesy of the Watcher in the second. The art in the latter has the strange combination of John Buscema inked by Chic Stone.

In his introduction Conway explains that he and penciller Rich Buckler were consciously channeling Lee and Kirby. Buckler was more successful.

One thing Conway did accomplish was to tie up two long running subplots, the estrangement between Sue and Reed and Johnny coming to grips with losing Crystal to Quicksilver. Neither was done particularly well, however.

Editor Cory Sedlmeier provides extra value as usual. All the text features in Giant-Sized Super Stars are reproduced but the rogues gallery pin-ups do not make the cut since they are reprints. Other extras included are two pages of house ads.

Recommended for FF fans and Marvel completists but the stories herein are not notably memorable. The reproduction is top notch however and the masterworks series have to collect the good and the not so good.
Amazing read! Loved reading it. So many great volumes and lots of ACTION!!!!
The Sinners from Mitar
Great art and complex adventures during the 1970s heyday of this comic!!!! Loved the stories!!!!!
Really glad I got this Fast Delivery
This volume collects the issues of FF that were the first Marvel comics I purchased off the stands way back when. It was a nostalgic kick to read them again. The art is...fantastic!
I grew up on these comics, and I love the idea of collecting them into one volume, full color !
Let me say this, the stories contained in this volume are great! The writers and artist did some amazing work for Marvel from 1968 to 1980. Now the bad part. The Masterworks have become WAY overpriced! I went on another site, we will call it E. On E, I bought every comic in Volume #14 for less than $35.00 for the entire set of comics! The comics were in Fine to Very Fine condition. Marvel needs to cut the price of all of their Masterworks to about $35.00 or $40.00 dollars! Marvel would sell many more volumes and the fans of these great stories would be greatly pleased that they can afford these volumes and put them in their collections to enjoy for years to come!!
These are the first comics I ever bought of the shelf..
I thought they were magic!
Inspired me to complete my FF collection!