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by Keith A. Robinson
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    Keith A. Robinson
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    Anomalos Publishing; 1st Edition edition (July 1, 2007)
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    288 pages
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    Literature & Fiction
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In this book, Robinson has discovered a "novel" way to communicate vital information to young adults and readers of all ages. Emmy Award Winning Director/Producer.

In this book, Robinson has discovered a "novel" way to communicate vital information to young adults and readers of all ages. Mainstream indoctrination on the origin of species and the age of the earth are regularly encountered, and has long needed combating. Through this unique story, truth is conveyed.

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Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others how to defend the Christian faith

Keith Robinson has dedicated his life to teaching others how to defend the Christian faith. Since the release of Logic’s End, his first novel, he has been a featured speaker at Christian music festivals, homeschool conventions, apologetics seminars and churches, as well as appearing as a guest on numerous radio shows. Since completing his Origins Trilogy, Mr. Robinson has been working on The Tartarus Chronicles, a new series of action/adventure novels dealing with the topic of world religions and worldviews.

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Keith Robinson, the Extensions Director of the Creation Science Society of Milwaukee, has dedicated his life to teaching others about the evidence for creation and against evolution. He is also a full-time public school orchestra director; serves as Principal Violist of the Full Score Chamber Orchestra in Zion, Il. and is a professional freelance violist and violinist. He and his family live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Books by Keith A. Robinson. Elysium (The Tartarus Chronicles Keith A.

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In the near future, when planetary space travel has become possible, a NASA planet-finder telescope discovers a planet that has the necessary requirements to produce life. Rebecca Evans, a staunch evolutionary scientist, is one of the people chosen to visit the planet. After arriving on the surface, she is kidnapped and finds herself caught in the middle of an ongoing planetary war between alien clans. In an effort to escape, she makes a deal with one of the clans to exchange precious technology for her freedom. She soon finds out that on Ka’esh, you cannot trust anyone. For on this planet, survival of the fittest is played out to its logical end. Her journey of discovery turns into a search for truth as she begins to question the very foundations of all that she believes about the origin of life. Keith Robinson has a Bachelor of Arts and Masters degree. Keith is from Kenosha, WI.

I received "Pyramid of the Ancients" by this author in a bundled book deal and was about to start reading it when I realized it was not the first in a series. Though it looked interesting, I dislike starting things in the middle. I looked for a copy of "Logic's End" and boy, am I glad I got my hands on one. Non-stop action interspersed with thought-provoking questions about evolution vs. creation without sacrificing the plot. Job well done.

That said, I myself have often started to write a book that was fictionally based with the intent to write Christian fiction, but not gotten very far. It's great to see what someone else is able to do when they are called by the Master Creator for this purpose. I will leave it to the professionals. :)
God bless!
When Rebecca Evans is sent to a planet capable of sustaining life, she finds herself kidnapped by a ruthless clan of aliens. Rebecca's escape plan is simple: trade valuable technology for her freedom. Things get complicated when she discovers the only law in the land: survival of the fittest. Convincing the clan that they need her technology, she is sent with a handful of companions to retrieve it. Along the way, she witnesses actions that, according to her staunchly held belief in the evolutionary process, should be normal - but why is she horrified by these practices? When she tells her companions about love, compassion and other human characteristics, they become convinced that she is a lunatic.

After saving her companions from a perilous situation, they restore their faith in her intelligence - but then make a claim that Rebecca believes is far more ludicrous.

As I read the book, I felt a strong emotional connection to Rebecca. I shared her fury at the horrific treatment of the "less evolved" creatures, her incredulity at the logic behind the horrible treatment, and her shock when she discovered what had really happened. I read the whole book in a single evening, and it was well worth my time. I look forward to reading the next book in the trilogy!
This is the second time I've read this book. I enjoyed revisiting all of the characters! You have a wonderful imagination.
heart of sky
Makes you think beyond the "box" and really analyze the evolutionary agenda taught in the public arena
This is one of my favorite sci-fi novels. Very exciting! It had an indie feel to it, but keeps drawing the reader in. As someone with two science degrees, it made me think in a way that most sci-fi books do not.
This a fabulous book! We still enjoy reading aloud to our 10 year old son. Every night he'd beg for more. On the weekends he didn't want to wait until bedtime for his story. During the day he'd remark, "I can't wait until bedtime!" I'm going to buy the other 2 books!
This was one of the best Christian Sci-fy I have read in a long time. It was very carefully laid out, easy to read and well written. Would highly recommend this book as an exciting and informative read.
It is a fantastic sci-fi can't put it down novel that takes the reader to evolutions logical end. The story takes place on a planet discovered by NASA called 2021 PK (Ka'esch), which is believed to be habitable for simple life forms... possibly even habitable for human beings. When the astronauts arrived they find more than they bargained for. The story is seen through the eyes of the main character Rebecca Evans whose staunch beliefs in evolution is severely tested by a planet governed by evolutionary philosophy. The follow up to the Origins Trilogy are "Pyramid of the Ancients" and "Escaping the Cataclysm". Pyramid of the Ancients is even better! I am currently reading Escaping the Cataclysm... So far Keith Robinson does not disappoint. Keith Robinson's Origins Trilogy is not only a fantastic sci-fi trilogy, but through the trilogy, he challenges the reader to see and think through our presuppositions to the Origins of the Universe. Even better, his books are richly supported with end notes and websites that help the reader see the validity behind Creation Science.