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by Ted Dekker
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    Ted Dekker
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    Thomas Nelson Inc; First Edition edition (January 6, 2009)
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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When Shauna McAllister returns to her childhood home to recover from a car accident that left her in a coma and wiped out six months of her memory.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers.

Not one of Dekker's better books. The best portions of the book were the historical flashbacks, which I found captivating; full of emotional content and substance. It was hard not to strongly react while reading these flashbacks

Not one of Dekker's better books. It was hard not to strongly react while reading these flashbacks. On the other hand, the current day stuff appeared to be written by a different writer who lacked common sense. It was like "Are you kidding me?" kind of writing. The protagonist was utterly stupid and reckless for the most part

This novel reminds me of Ted Dekker's books in his early years. This story is I have to say I was intimidated by the cover of this book.

Let me tell you all I know for sure. This novel reminds me of Ted Dekker's books in his early years.

Chaos (The Lost Books, Book 4) (The Books of History Chronicles). Ted Dekker, Erin Healy. Download (PDF). Читать. Renegade (The Lost Books, Book 3) (The Books of History Chronicles).

Read unlimited books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. Find out in this gripping psychological thriller from New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker and Erin Healy. Let me tell you all I know for sure.

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Ted Dekker (born October 24, 1962) is an American author of mystery, thriller, and fantasy novels including Thr3e, Obsessed, and the Circle Series. Dekker graduated from high school and took up permanent residence in the United States to study philosophy and religion. In the early nineties Dekker turned to writing novels. Over the course of three years he wrote two full-length novels before starting from scratch and rewriting both.

New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker teams up with Erin Healy for a gripping psychological thriller. I woke up in a hospital bed missing six months of my memory. In the room was my loving boyfriend-how could I have forgotten him?-my uncle and my abusive stepmother. Everyone blames me for the tragic car accident that left me near death and my dear brother brain damaged.

When Shauna McAllister returns to her childhood home to recover from a car accident that left her in a coma and wiped out six months of her memory, her estranged father and abusive stepmother blame her for the tragedy, which has left her beloved brother severely brain damaged, but Shauna leans on Wayne Spade, a forgotten but hopeful lover who stays by her side, as she attempts to sort out what happened that night.

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Haven't finished yet, but can't hardly put it down. Ted Dekker is gifted by God to write stories of intrigue, suspense and a Spiritual message that challenges the soul. Won't give away anything of the story, enjoy it for yourself.
"Is dying for the truth really better than living with a lie?"

Kiss by Ted Dekker and Erin Healy

Shauna awakes from dreams of drowning and finds herself on a hospital bed. She doesn't remember what happened to put her there. In fact, she can't remember the past 6 months. She is welcomed back from her six week coma by an angry stepmother, a concerned uncle and a caring boyfriend... whom she does not recognize. Her overriding concern is the whereabouts of her brother Rudy. But her questions concerning him are met with avoidance, anger and accusations that she is responsible for the tragic accident, having driven under the influence of illegal drugs.

Told she awoke from the coma because of a successful trial drug regimen, Shauna leaves the hospital with bottles of pills, her boyfriend Wayne and a lot of unanswered questions. Taken to her father's residence, she faces rejection from both her father, a presidential candidate, and her step mother. Rejection she has endured for many years. Shauna accepts she is forever separated from her father's love, though exactly why remains a mystery to her. But she will not accept the forced separation from her brother.

Determined to rebuild her missing memories, especially of the accident, Shauna seeks answers and succeeds in regaining memories. But are they hers? Events continue to spiral until Shauna is faced with the choice to die for truth or to live with lies.

I found Kiss to be an engaging thriller, a blend of romantic, detective and political agendas. This is my second read through. There is very little Christian truth, not the usual Dekker style. But that main Christian truth concerned how we handle our past, our memories, especially painful ones, since we are each a product of our past, our memories.

Do we focus on the pain and allow it to ruin our lives, or do we gain perspective from it by remembering how God saved or rescued us through the pain, and experience godly growth as a result? A pertinent question and one we can each apply to our own lives.

Love and forgiveness or hatred and self-centeredness. You choose.

Wowee, that was a good one! Ted Dekker enters the reader into a world where everything Shauna knows is gone. Her memory of her painful past erased, but along with it love too. Through her journey to recapture her memory she discovers not only who she can and cannot trust and love, she also learns that God asks us to remember. Not so that we remember pain and suffering, but that He delivered us out of our suffering. Man this was a good book. Obviously since Ted Dekker is a Christian author it is a Christian message, but the thrill and story line would appeal to all readers alike Christian or not. I won't give away any spoilers, but this journey of discovering betrayal from family, friends, and love alike left me loving "Kiss" by Dekker.
I thought this book was good for science fiction. But I did find some of the plot (even for sci-fi) to be reaching. It was an interesting story for the most part and one I think most people would enjoy. Would they remember it? Not sure. I just finished it a month ago, and I have trouble remembering all of the plot. I gave it 4 stars for being above average. I really wanted to give it 3.5 stars, but since I can't I rounded up.

My reasoning for rating it less than 5 stars:

1) The sci-fi in it is mostly implausible
2) Character development is a little shallow
3) Novel is less than memorable
4) I wouldn't re-read the novel
5) I might recommend to a friend if it was free (like how I got it)
Being a Ted Dekker fan, I enjoyed reading this book. If you enjoy twists and turns, stories that totally suck the reader in, then this book delivers. Not sure if this is classified as a thriller but it constantly moves, always on the go. Not infeasible concept for this day and age of memory erasing. Makes on wonder...
net rider
I have fallen in Love with Ted Dekker since first reading Three and I have not stopped since. He can tell a story like only one other author I have ever read, who used to be my favorite, and make your emotions flow like no other. If you have read him I encourage you to try it, you might just like it! :)

Dont give "Christian fiction" a shrug of the shoulder and think its all religion this and religion that. Its the fight between good and evil that each and everyone of us face every day! Like it or not we do, we all have faith in something, and Teds stories thrill me to the bone.

I own everyone that has been published to date and will read them now on my Kindle but will also purchase the hard backs for my collection. Now that is what I call love of a story teller!
This was an E-ticket ride to say the least. What if you wake up and the last six months of your life are missing. You have a boyfriend you don't remember and the doctors say you need to take this medication for the next six weeks. Also, you caused an accident and your brother is severely injured. Add to this you find out you can take memories from other people without them knowing. And who's trying to kill you and what do you know that they want? Ted Dekker is always a thrill a minute. Highly recommend this book.
Ted Dekker is currently my favorite author. However, this book is sub-par for Dekker which makes me think that Erin Healy wrote it and he put his name on it to help her out.

Saying all that, it's a great story that had lots of moving parts and plenty of mystery.

It fell short in the pace of the story that, at times, felt disjointed and in the characters emotional plight.