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by Myra Johnson
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    Myra Johnson
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    Abingdon Press; 8768th edition (September 1, 2009)
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One Imperfect Christmas. On Christmas Eve her parents had celebrated their forty-eighth wedding anniversary, a legacy of love Natalie hoped she and Daniel could emulate.

One Imperfect Christmas. ISBN-13: 978-1-4267-0070-5. Published by Abingdon Press, . Box 801, Nashville, TN 37202. But was such a dream even possible when the two of them seemed to operate in different time zones? She paused at the breakfast table and set her hands on her hips.

Natalie chewed on the idea for the rest of the long weekend

Natalie chewed on the idea for the rest of the long weekend. r) had gone ahead with the after-Christmas chore Natalie had pleaded with her to postpone. Not that she could blame the stroke on Mom's putting away the Christmas decorations.

The book is well written for the most part. Especially for a debut novel. This book had a very good story line. I also think the Author writes well. My problem with the book was repetition.

Graphic designer Natalie Pearce faces the most difficult Christmas of her life. For almost a year, her mother has lain in a nursing home, the victim of a massive stroke, and Natalie blames herself for not being there when it happened. The book is well written for the most part. But the author started to drag down the story. It felt as though the author had to write a certain number of pages.

Myra Johnson's One Imperfect Christmas rings with truth-not every Christmas is a picture-perfect celebration. Sometimes life deals a blow, bringing even strong Christians to their knees. Natalie Pearce turned down her mother's request to help put away her Christmas decorations. Natalie and Daniel's marriage looks doomed to failure, even as their teenage daughter Lissa schemes to keep her family together. In the end, with God's help, Natalie is able to forgive herself, accept life as it comes and the healing love of family, her very own Christmas miracle. Published by Thriftbooks. com User, 9 years ago. One Imperfect Christmas - Myra Johnson. Worse, she's allowed the monstrous load of guilt to drive a wedge between her and everyone she loves-most of all her husband Daniel.

One ImPerfect Christmas (9781426700705) by Myra Johnson. Learn more about Myra and her books at MyraJohnson. Title: One ImPerfect Christmas By: Myra Johnson Format: Paperback Number of Pages: 352 Vendor: Abingdon Press. Publication Date: 2009 Dimensions: . 8 X . 4 (inches) ISBN: 1426700709 ISBN-13: 9781426700705 Stock No: WW700705.

One Imperfect Christmas book. In this work of fiction, Myra Johnson paints a tradition built around Christmas. Natalie is a gifted graphic artist and painter; her mother is a very gifted painter as well. With the 50th Christmas celebration of Natalie’s parents coming closer, some things are going to change. One Imperfect Christmas. Download (epub, 341 Kb). FB2 PDF MOBI TXT RTF. Converted file can differ from the original. If possible, download the file in its original format.

Graphic designer Natalie Pearce faces the most difficult Christmas of her life. For almost a year, her mother has lain in a nursing home, the victim of a massive stroke, and Natalie blames herself for not being there when it happened. Worse, she’s allowed the monstrous load of guilt to drive a wedge between her and everyone she loves—most of all her husband Daniel. Her marriage is on the verge of dissolving, her prayer life is suffering, and she’s one Christmas away from hitting rock bottom Junior-high basketball coach Daniel Pearce is at his wit’s end. Nothing he’s done has been able to break through the wall Natalie has erected between them. And their daughter Lissa’s adolescent rebellion isn’t helping matters. As Daniel’s hope reaches its lowest ebb, he wonders if this Christmas will spell the end of his marriage and the loss of everything he holds dear

This story was just okay. I really didn't like any of the characters. I didn't connect to a single one. I was honesty frustrated with the lack of communication between Natalie and Daniel...no wonder they separated. They have the worst communication on earth! They both want each other back but refuse to say so...just terrible. Then their bratty, mouthy daughter Lissa thinks that meddling at Natalie's job to get her mother fired was a good idea. That was ridiculous. I can't believe that a grown adult (young, but grown) would go along with a 13 year old's idea to sabotaging her own boss. More ridiculousness... To top it off, Natalie just forgave her and Lissa without a second thought. Craziness. I guess lucky for Lissa her mom was preoccupied with her mother dying.

Honestly, this story dragged on longer than it needed to. It's suppose to be a nice "Christmasy" read. We experience Natalie basically breaking down after her mother has a serious stroke which changes her for life. Her marriage falls apart and her relationship with her daughter becomes strained. We see Natalie's family butting into her relationship. Her brother, Hart trying to create circumstances for them to be in the same place, while he had good intensions, it was still a little fake, most men don't do that kind of stuff. I'd expect that more from Hart's wife than him. I thought the scene when Daniel rode out on the old, fat, scary acting horse "Pokey" to see his Natalie and Lissa was hilarious.

I did feel a bad for Natalie's father, pretty bad losing a spouse to a stroke. It's like she's no longer there. It was so sad to read Belinda speaking to her husband so naturally, except it was in only her mind. She couldn't physically get the words out, instead her words come out as mumble/moaning. That was sad.

I would call this book Christian "lite" because I couldn't really tell if this book was Christian fiction until towards the end. It had a hint of it all throughout, but at the end there was more of church, bible verses and "thank you Jesus" going on. I didn't mind it, but I'm glad that it wasn't overly preachy, It had what you expect from a feel good book, there's a dilemma, a moral and a happy-ish ending.

Overall, this book was just something to read and free. I probably won't purchase a book from this author.
Belinda and Bram Morgan have been married for almost 50 years and have set the example for all their children to follow in what makes love work in a marriage. They celebrate Christmas the same way now that their children have grown beginning with the celebration of Natalie's birthday and then trimming the tree. But for Natalie, those are high expectations to have even within your own home. She is far from the perfectionist her mother is and often procrastinates more than she should. That's why her husband Daniel asked her to take down the decorations before his own parents arrived later that afternoon. So when Natalie's mom called enlisting her help to take down their decorations she had the perfect excuse. Her mother wanted to help since Bram and their oldest son were on a trip leaving her alone to begin the task if she didn't want to wait.

So when Natalie told her she couldn't help today due to the visit from Daniel's parents she told her mom to simply leave all the boxes in the guest room downstairs and she would over later this week to put them in storage for her. She often worried that her mom did too much now that she was older and suffering from the effects of arthritis. What Natalie didn't expect when she hung up with her mother, was to receive a phone call later that evening that would forever change her life. Her mother had suffered from a massive stroke and since she had been alone at the time, the damage was far too great for her mother to return to her former self.

Now plagued with guilt for simply being glad that she didn't have to join her mother that afternoon and instead had a day for herself, Natalie pours herself into her free lance job trying to earn money she knows her father will need to pay for her mom's medical expenses. This drives a wedge between her and Daniel as he tries to fix things between them, and Natalie avoids dealing with their own marriage issues trying to make up for not being there for her mother. She feels if she had only been there, this would have never happened. Will Natalie find a way to restore her own marriage or will this be the first imperfect Christmas to rock her family?

I received One Imperfect Christmas by Myra Johnson compliments of Abingdon Press as part of the Christmas Blog Tour for my honest review. I did not receive any monetary compensation for a favorable review and the opinions expressed here are strictly my own. I absolutely LOVED this novel based in part to being able to relate to Natalie's character so much. Often times when the holidays are upon us, we feel like we are expected to do our best and meet all family obligations despite having to manage our own. I could relate to the guilt that Natalie felt upon hearing of her mother's stroke and understood the need to do everything to make amends to her what she felt was her mistake. The resolution that evidently comes is believable and everything doesn't come wrapped up in a pretty bow like you would expect. This is real in my opinion and thus why I would rate this a 5 out of 5 stars.