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by Carol L. Flinders
Download Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics fb2
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    Carol L. Flinders
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    HarperOne; Eighteenth Printing edition (June 11, 1993)
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Astonishingly relevant portraits of the lives of seven women mystics

Known to more than a million readers as the coauthor of the classic vegetarian cookbook Laurel's Kitchen, Carol Lee Flinders looks to the hunger of the spirit in Enduring Grace. In these striking and sustaining depictions of seven remarkable women, Flinders brings to life a chorus of wisdom from the past that speaks with remarkable relevance to our contemporary spiritual quests.

From Clare of Assisi in the Middle East to Thérèse of Lisieux in the late nineteenth century, Flinders's compelling and refreshingly informal portraits reveal a common foundation of conviction, courage, and serenity in the lives of these great European Catholic mystics. Their distinctly female voices enrich their writings on the experience of the inner world, the nourishing role of friendship and community in our lives, and on finding our true work.

At its heart, Enduring Grace is a living testament to how we can make peace with sorrow and disappointment and bring joy and transcendence into our lives.

One of my favorite books in all the world. Desert island worthy. The writing is lucid and unbiased. The stories ring true and go deep into human experience. I didn't expect to like it at all since these things are generally not well described, but Carol Flinders' own reticence about people officially canonized by the behemoth institution that gave them so much grief during their lives matches my own rpm about iconified figures who happen, as it turns out, to have been remarkable and interesting people in their own right.
It's a hard book to lend people because there aren't many of us who would give it a chance, but if you are reading the reviews here, you may find it nourishing to mind and heart.
I just finished this book and before I re-read it (which is what I intend to do immediately) I wanted to write this review. If you are looking for a book that will help you learn about women mystics, this is the book to read. If you are looking for a book that will introduce you to some dear friends you will want to visit with again soon, this is the book to read. The author juxtaposes beautifully written narrative with thorough scholarly research into stories that are both intellectually fascinating and pleasant to read. The notes, for me, were as interesting as the chapters and that reveals her skill as an author. It's a wonderful book and I recommend it as eagerly and enthusiastically as I introduce one of my good friends to another, certain that they will like one another and become good friends.
Enduring Grace: Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics

This is an old title, but a goodie! The author of this book,Carol Flinders, writes just enough about each of the mystics to keep the reader interested. If you have ever read any of the autobiographies of the mystics you will understand what I mean. Flinders relates the stories of these seven mystics in a way which the reader of today can understand. Some of the feminist issues of the 12th through the 16th centuries are still hanging around today. The mystics are portrayed as deeply religious,empathetic feminists. They fought against an unfair system with grace and were successful enough to be remembered today. I lent this book to a friend. She liked it so much that she bought her own copy. You need to get this book.
Carol Flinders does an excellent job of bringing to life these 7 women mystics. Her handling of this very esoteric material is very sensitive and enlightening; especially so since she does not reveal her own spiritual orientation. The truths she discusses herein are universal truths that saints of all religions experience in deep inner communion with the Divine. She describes these experiences very well as she tells the stories of the seven women. Excellent read for any one seeking a deeper inner experience with the Divine.
this is a very nice book. the stories are inspiring
I will start by saying that, although I was raised a Christian, I am not one now. So I approached this book with some caution. However, it is well written and makes the medieval world that these women dealt with very vivid. It also makes what they did and wrote very accessible. I have found a lot to think about in this book and it made me want to learn more about some of the things discussed. That said, it is not a book to sit down and read all at one go. I read it a bit at a time, taking it on trips with me and keeping it in the kitchen between times. It was well worth the thought I had to put into the reading.
I think the author missed an opportunity to include at least one modern times Mystic and then
presented an in-depth comparison of treatment by others, acceptance/non-acceptance by peers, critics, etc.
I bought this on Amazon.com.
Carol Lee Flinders did a superb job of making the mystics in her book come alive on the page as real persons living in a particular culture and particular time. Writing about mystics is not an easy task and making them real to a modern audience can be even more challenging. As a woman and a Catholic, I was surprised that Carol not being Catholic herself, could express so well the experiences these women had. Her scholarship, research, and writing skills were very evident. The book flowed and kept my interest with each biography. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about women mystics.