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by Holman Bible Staff
Download HCSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible, Burgundy Genuine Leather fb2
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    Holman Bible Staff
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    Holman Bible Publishers; large type edition edition (January 1, 2006)
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Items related to HCSB Ultrathin Reference Bible, Burgundy Genuine Leather. HCSB Ultrathin Reference Bible, Burgundy Genuine Leather Indexed. ISBN 13: 9781586401382.

HCSB Large Print Study Bible, Hardcover. HCSB Study Bible, Charcoal LeatherTouch, Indexed. My one criticism of this HCSB Reference Bible is that the cross reference system has much less detail than other Bibles; cross references are by paragraph rather than verse, and there are far fewer of them compared to other Bibles I have used. But, since I bought the HCSB for reading rather than study that is not a large drawback for me. For in depth Bible study I will return to my NASB with its highly detailed and helpful cross reference system.

This bible is very easy for me to read without my glasses.

Leather Bound: 1824 pages. This bible is very easy for me to read without my glasses. I only wish it was more of a study type bible with better references, but that's why I have a Strong's Concordance.

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HCSB Super Giant Print Reference Bible, Classic Mahogany LeatherTouch. HCSB Large Print Compact Bible, Black and Burgundy LeatherTouch. Holman Bible Publishers, 2015, Imitation Leather. Holman Bible Publishers, 2014, Imitation Leather.

Автор: Holman Bible Staff Название: HCSB Giant Print Reference Bible, Purple . In this context the Holman CSB(R) Giant Print Reference Bible could become one of the fastest growing families in your Bible department. The print is a comfortable fourteen point type.

Описание: As Baby Boomers-the generation born from 1946 to 1964-reaches their mid-fifties and beyond (more than 80 million over the next forty years), large print resources will be increasing important to them.

HCSB Pocket New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. ISBN 9781586404796 (978-1-58640-479-6) Hardcover, Holman Bible Publishers, 2008.

UltraClear Print (12 point type). Giant print concordance. 8 full-color maps covering each key epoch of Bible history. Words of Christ in red. End-of-verse cross references

Holman Bible Staff; Alistair Begg. KJV Super Giant Print Reference Bible, Burgundy Bonded Leather.

Holman Bible Staff; Alistair Begg. MR Jeremy Royal Howard. Steven Smith; Holman Bible Staff. Sold & Shipped by thebookpros.

Holman, America’s first Bible publisher, pioneered in the development of an UltraThin Bible, over two decades ago by finding just .

Holman, America’s first Bible publisher, pioneered in the development of an UltraThin Bible, over two decades ago by finding just the right paper and a type face that made possible the optimal combination of clarity and portability. Bible Details: ISBN-13: 9781586401405. Author: HCSB Scripture. Publisher: Holman Bible Publishers. Binding: Burgundy Bonded Leather.

This full reference HCSB Bible includes 18 point type with over 20,000 cross references in the Jewel Verse Reference System. Other features include words of Christ in red, eight full-color maps, topical concordance, and gift box.

Impressive Bible in a very sturdy box. It is very large and is weighs 1.5 kg, but it handles very well because it is only an inch and a half thick. Opening this bible in the centre will find Psalms 100% of the time, which means the "reference material" at the back of the bible is extremely minimal.

Fortuitous availabilty of disposable income induced me to buy the Genuine Leather version, which was at the time only marginally more expensive than the Bonded Leather version. Since then, the Bonded Leather versions have come down in price and I am pretty certain that the Bonded Leather versions will look no less impressive. Cheaper versions of the same bible tend to see more use than costlier ones.

The Gold Stamping on the spine is lovely and well proportioned. The front cover had HOLY BIBLE stamped in Gold. This is serious stamping, and you will be able to feel the indentations made by the words HOLY BIBLE. The gold words on the cover do not look like they are going to rub off with use. A lot of bibles today omit front cover stamping, and I was happy that this one had HOLY BIBLE stamped on it, in the classical Times Roman typeface, which is a very impressive typeface. As a personal preference, I put a very high premium on a bible with a stamped front cover.

The pages of the bible are in a typeface resembling Verdana, a typeface designed for easy reading on early pixellated computer screens. Each alphabet looks longer and distinctive. It is hard to confuse a "g" with a "y". Think of the concept of lettering on highway signs, where visibility and clarity takes precedence over formal stylish print. This is not a blown up version of a normal bible: a magnifying glass would have done the trick if you just wanted a blown up version. Binding is superb.

The marginal notes have disappeared, because the empty margin is less than 1 cm wide. There is also no central marginal notes either, the two columns on the page are quite close together. There is precious empty space on the top and bottom of each page: the print has been maxed out to the edges. A lot of distracting subscripts and superscripts have disappeared. A very narrow "crawler" below each page seems superfluous, but mercifully, they have a dictionary-like function, with explicit no nonsense explanations. No note has that irritating "see another section", "refer to another verse somewhere far away in another part of the bible", "cf verse something". I prefer to stay on the same page when reading the bible, reading one consecutive page at a time. The effort of flipping around the bible through subscripts has already done for you by NAVE's TOPICAL bible.

The pages are good quality very white pages, with very little bleed through or ghosting from the reverse page. Like most bibles printed in Korea, the print is slightly lighter than those printed in the USA. The red lettering is competent. For a reason explained in the preface, some black and red letters are darker. These super-red and super-black letters correlate with the more important passages.

This bible is hard to misplace. Holman also has a KJV version in an similar format. This version reads a little "icky" for KJV users. I am of course, referring to the familiar Lord's Prayer, familiar Psalms, common passages like John 3:16, and Exodus 20 and so on. The narrative parts of the Old Testament feels less cluttered, which encourages more reading. The reaction of my family members who see the pages is "Wow, the print is too big". I do not really need the large print (My eyesight is still good enough to do some very fine detailed work), but having a bible without all those "helpful" distracting marginal notes all over the place is quite an experience. Reading a spaced out OT is a different experience from reading from a pocket sized bible. For pretty prosaic passages in the OT, I am not particular which version I am reading from, as long as I can be enticed to read the "boring" bits in the first place. With a modern translation, the OT can read with less referring to footnotes, but we will miss the grandeur of expressions like KJV's "Stay now thine hand".

The maps at the back are really nice. However, they should go with the flow of the theme of the bible, which is large print. The place names in small print on the maps should all be omitted or enlarged. These maps were just lifted off another Holman bible, although slightly magnified by the larger pages of this Super Giant Print Reference bible. Why this bible needs very small print, to cross reference, it is incomprehensible to me. A concordance with one or two references in large print is virtually useless.

I think Publishers of these niche bibles should recognise that buyers would already have more than one bible. This bible's sole purpose is to provide Super Large Print. If people wanted a study bible, a concordance, an atlas, bible dictionary, devotional sections or a commentary, they would get dedicated books, which can be very exhaustive. Mercifully, the little letters directing the reader to the little skeletal "crawler" notes below each page disappear by optical illusion when compared to the huge letters.

There is a ribbon, gold edges, and no thumb index. I find a thumb index fairly superfluous nowadays, when pastors have the good sense to put up the referred verse with new Audio Visual aids, like a 100 plus inch flat screen TV or at least projectors. Thumb indexes are a source of weakness after the bible has been kept for a long time. Tabs flake off. What is the hurry when reading God's word, and for speeding readers, "Where is the fire" (need a clue?). This bible correctly comes without a thumb index: without copious "notes" at the end of the biblical text-block, we can gauge where each chapter is going to be, like Revelation is right at the end, and not somewhere in the middle.

This minimal-frills bible is about 11 inch tall. Now, what we need are no-frills versions that are over 13 inches tall. The original 1611 KJV is 17 inches tall and weighs 32 pounds. It's gothic manuscript print is hard to read. 17 inches has been done before, I am just saying. Otherwise, this bible is about as good a large print version available at present.
First let me start by telling you that I have a few different versions of The Holy Bible. I have the King James Version, the New King James Version, the New International Version, the English Standard Version and this one: the Holman Christian Standard Bible. And except for the KJV, all of them are super giant print Bibles.

I have read the KJV, the NKJV and the NIV. I am now reading this HCSB and have the ESV waiting to be next in line.

This HCSB isn't as pretty and doesn't have the same 'rich' feel to it as the others ... but ... I must say that it is pleasantly surprising by how it reads. Although it may not be as beautiful to look at, it is quickly becoming my favorite Bible.

The print is definitely large enough. As large as the others, except for the ESV which is 17 point. But the ESV is also over 2 inches thick whereas this Bible is slightly over an inch.

And don't get me wrong, this is still quite an attractive Bible on its own. I love the color and the gold HOLY BIBLE on the front pairs well with the burgundy.

More importantly though, is the content. This Bible is written beautifully. It is easy to understand and I'm finding things in it that I didn't catch in the other Bibles.

My eldest daughter has her own NIV and I just passed my NIV down to my middle daughter. It was my intention to pass this HCS Bible on to my youngest daughter when I finish reading it but I'm having second thoughts about that now. (Yes I have three daughters).

I will certainly let any of them read this Bible but I have a feeling this one is going to become my reading Bible for a long time to come. You see, I continuously read the Bible from cover to cover. When I finish The Revelation, I go back to Genesis and read it all over again.

It has been interesting to read the different versions and I still intend to read the ESV next, however, I am becoming more attached to this Bible with every chapter I read and I believe this will be my main Bible until death do us part.

Anyway, I said all that to say, don't be discouraged by the appearance if you feel like I felt when I first saw it. This is a treasure in disguise. I guess we really shouldn't judge a book by its cover, huh?

Oh and it has all those other features as well. Maps, concord, all the references at the bottom of each page, split pages, words of Christ in red, plenty of explanations in the preface and guidance passages at the back. It also has prophecies in bold type which I thought was awesome and it has bullets (or large bold periods) next to certain words that you can look up in the back as well.

All in all, I absolutely give this Bible 5 stars. It captivated me from the first chapter I read and kept me hooked.
I was looking for a good translation with large print for our grandparents. I accidently bought a HCSB translation because it was on sale and I found it to be very readable. They had a good selection of large/giant/ and SuperGiant print. I believe the font on the SuperGiant is about 18! Some bibles claim large print and are actually 9 pt., some Giant prints are 12. It is worth finding out the actual font at a local store to see the actual size and also how the print is. Then you can buy online with confidence (write down the isbn numbers to make sure it is the exact same bible as what you saw in the local store). If there is good contrast on the paper, the letters are not crammed together, and the print is dark (especially "red letters" as when these are light, it is very hard to see if your eyes are not so good). A note of interest for notetakers. Usually when you have "giant" or bigger print,the pages are somewhat thinner so you usually can see through the pages more and my guess you will need like a .005 fine marker to have a chance of not showing through.
Over all good translation, very readable, good price.
The BIBLE's print is fairly large, easy to read, and well written. The notes are in depth, but printed using a light black ink in a small font- what's the use of having a LARGE PRINT STUDY BIBLE if you can't read the notes FOR study? Great idea- A+. Successful print? C-/D+
Excellent Bible. The print is really giant. Just what I was looking for. No disappointment with it. Highly recommend.
ok for the price
great bible. super giant print makes for easy reading.
I purchased this thinking it was the latest version of the Holman's translation; however, it wasn't. For that reason, I gave it 3 stars. I wish they were more forthcoming in their description. The Names of God are different than the new version.