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by Nancy Pearson,Jacob Needleman,Leo Schaya
Download The Universal Meaning of Kabbalah (Quinta Essentia series) fb2
Bible Study & Reference
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    Nancy Pearson,Jacob Needleman,Leo Schaya
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    Fons Vitae; Translation edition (October 1, 2004)
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The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah: with Leo Schaya . The Essential Marcus Aurelius Jacob Needleman, John P. Piazza - 2008 - Page 111.

The Universal Meaning of the Kabbalah: with Leo Schaya, Sophia Perennis, 2005. Why Can't We Be Good? (2008). An Unknown World: Notes on the Meaning of the Earth (2012). Necessary Wisdom: Jacob Needleman talks about God, time, money, love, and the need for philosophy, in conversations with D. Patrick Miller. D. Patrick Miller, Beyond Belief: Jacob Needleman On God Without Religion, The Sun, December 2011. ^ Horowitz, Mitch (February 25, 2011). When Does A Religion Become A Cult?".

Leo Schaya (Author), Nancy Pearson (Translator), Jacob Needleman (Foreword) & 0 more. Jacob Needleman is a professor of philosophy at San Francisco State University and the author of many books, including "The Essential Marcus Aurelius", "Why Can't We Be Good?", "The American Soul", "The Wisdom of Love", "Time and the Soul", "The Heart of Philosophy", "Lost Christianity", and "Money and the Meaning of Life. Series: Quinta Essentia series (Book 1).

The book was translated from the French by Nancy Pearson.

Because this book goes beyond the literary uses of Kabbalah and makes some claims about 'what's really there,’ it is interesting to contrast it with similar claims by modern cosmologists. The book is also an intriguing anticipation/echo of various modern philosophical views. But because Kabbalah's claims are about reality rather than truth, the best way to appreciate it is as a cultural compendium of symbolic knowledge, a warehouse of myth in which all sorts of A Warehouse of Mythical Wisdom. The book was translated from the French by Nancy Pearson.

Leo Schaya, Jacob Needleman, James Wetmore.

The Universal Meaning of Kabbalah (Quinta Essentia series). Publisher: Fons Vitae,US ISBN 13: 9781887752602. Books will be free of page markings. Will be clean, not soiled or stained.

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Items related to The Universal Meaning of The Kabbalah. Leo Schaya The Universal Meaning of The Kabbalah. ISBN 13: 9780042960043. The Universal Meaning of The Kabbalah.

Published October 1, 2004 by Fons Vitae.

DJ Quinta Essentia, Санкт-Петербург. DJ Quinta Essentia is at Shtab Loft. 1 January at 11:33 · Saint Petersburg ·.

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In addition to the Talmud, one of the classical sources of Jewish mysticism, the Hebrew Bible and the Zohar or Book of Splendor are discussed in an all-embracing synthesis of our earthly individuality to our essential identity with the Absolute.

Schaya is one of the lesser known of the Traditionalists (and specifically of the Guenon, Coomaraswamy, and Schuon line , as there is also a more mathematical/geometric Traditionalist line of thought...). Hopefully that will change over the next decade or so because here, in this work, lie many keys to unraveling the quagmire of exoteric Christianity and Judaism that we are all more familiar with. There are many pearls here and I am not surprised that Schaya was often criticized for "saying too much" . What remains to be seen is whether there are enough seekers out there that have "ears to here" what is discussed in this collection of writings. Also recommended, especially for the editors preface and forward by Patrick Laude & Roger Gaetani, is a recent release of Schaya's writings, UNIVERSAL ASPECTS OF THE KABBALAH & JUDAISM.

As for the other review offered here, all I can say is that there is always a dearth of exercises when it comes to spiritual awareness, regardless of the orthodox religion. While Schaya doesn't offer any exercises, what is offered, especially for those who are willing to re-read and study the Old & New Testaments, is the connection between Judaism & Christianity. Understanding the connection between the Cross and The Cube of Space, for instance is key. From a Traditionalist perspective, there are many of us, regardless of the orthodox/exoteric path we follow that have never really been taught how to pray. For those needing a guide to Jewish Meditation, look at Aryeh Kaplan's JEWISH MEDITATION: A PRACTICAL GUIDE. Don't be afraid to improvise.
Schaya's book offers a very interesting philosophical and theoretical approach to the study of Jewish Kabbalah from outside the frame of said religion. However, it lacks in practical exercises. I'd recommend it to people more or less familiar with kabbalistic terminology, as it feels quite dense in some parts.