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by Kirkbride Bible,Frank Charles Thompson
Download KJV - Black Bonded Leather - Regular Size - Thompson Chain Reference Bible (015090) fb2
Bible Study & Reference
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    Kirkbride Bible,Frank Charles Thompson
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    B.B. Kirkbride Bible Company; 5th edition (January 1, 1988)
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    Bible Study & Reference
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However, the Thompson Chain Reference Bible is one that I have wanted for several years. The quality is excellent.

However, the Thompson Chain Reference Bible is one that I have wanted for several years. I first got one about 10 years ago, and due to the very light red text and inconsistent printing, it was returned. I have finally repurchased, and as I still notice these issues, I think it is just the way that it is with this publisher. The Bible is very sturdy and smythe sewn.

KJV - Burgundy Bonded Leather - Large Print - Thompson Chain .

KJV - Burgundy Bonded Leather - Large Print - Thompson Chain Reference Bible (015193). This Bible is not "Genuine Leather" but 'Bonded Leather', even though it say "Genuine Leather' on the back, it's definitely not what you would expect from a 'True Leather bound Bible' in this price range. The embossing on the outside spine of this Bible is frankly the worst I've ever seen. It is blotchy and has many print gapes; (cheap).

This copy that I just bought is for my son, he loves it and uses it daily also. The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is the best study Bible you will find.

Thompson Chain Reference Bible: NKJV-burgundy. Frank Charles Thompson. New Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. I was fearful that Kirkbride was making poor Bibles. I just got this one, good packing and very quick shipment in fact, and I'm thrilled.

The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is a Christian study Bible published by the Kirkbride Bible Company

The Thompson Chain-Reference Bible is a Christian study Bible published by the Kirkbride Bible Company. The Thompson Chain-Reference system was devised by its namesake, Dr. Frank C. Thompson, in the early 1900s, but the original work was started in 1890. Dr. Frank Charles Thompson was born in 1858, in Elmira, New York, and was ordained in 1879. His wife was Laura Boughton Thompson.

Thomas Chain Reference Bible For years the unique Thompson . Nonfiction Books in English. Kirkbride Bible Company, Publisher of the Thompson® Chain-Reference® Study Bible. thompson chain reference bible niv.

Easy to learn and use, the Thompson Chain-Reference system contains over 100,000 topical references in over 8,000 chain topics, helping to make in-depth topical study and lesson preparation easier and more efficient. The 10 Best Study Bibles of 2020.

NVI Biblia de Referencia Thompson (Thompson Chain Reference Bible . B. Kirkbride, 1991, Genuine Leather.

NVI Biblia de Referencia Thompson (Thompson Chain Reference Bible, Bonded Leather, Tan). Zondervan, 2016, Bonded Leather. Thompson Answer Bible-KJV: Discovering Treasures of Truth for Youth, Paper Over Board, Not Applicable. Kirkbride Bible Company, 2009, Hardcover.

Author: Kirkbride Bible. ISBN:0887073298 ISBN-13: 9780887073298.

Contact Us. KIRKBRIDE BIBLE CO. 1102 Deloss St. Indianapolis, IN. 46203 1-800-428-4385 FAX: 317-633-1444. Genuine Leather (style 536). Bonded Leather (style 539). Standard text of 1769. New King James Version. Genuine Leather (style 306). Bonded Leather (style 309).

King James Version | Regular Print Size | 8pt text | Black Bonded LeatherSmyth sewn pages | Gold gilding | Gold stamped spine | Words of Christ in red

I was a little leery of purchasing this Bible, given all the negative reviews about the printing quality. However, the Thompson Chain Reference Bible is one that I have wanted for several years. I first got one about 10 years ago, and due to the very light red text and inconsistent printing, it was returned. I have finally repurchased, and as I still notice these issues, I think it is just the way that it is with this publisher.

As for the quality of the printing, there are definite issues that are noticeable. I have attached a picture showing how the darkness of the print can vary between pages. It is not that extreme, but noticeable and possibly distracting. The red font is also a light shade of red which is not that easy on the eyes, compared to my older Bible where the red was a darker color. Another issue I noticed with the red font is that some of it is actually slightly out of alignment with the regular font. The more issues like this that I find, the more it seems to distract me from reading, as I start scanning the pages for problems. I have not found anything so bad it makes the text illegible, just a bit distracting.

On the positive side, this is the perfect Bible if you are like me and looking for a Bible that goes beyond the basic text, but includes aids to help you get more out of the Bible (and you don't want commentary, which might be wrong or biased). You can really study with this Bible and get more out of it. And even though it has a tremendous amount of study aids, the actual body of text is COMPLETELY free from any notes or annotations, leaving you free to just read the text if that is all you want. The beginning of each book usually has a short notation of the author and often things like the main theme, key thoughts, and key verse/text of the book; there is also a subheading under each chapter division that gives a quick list of the topics in that chapter. And of course, it has a unique and comprehensive chain reference system that makes it easy to study further along basically ANY topic encountered while you read. Another reviewer mentioned this, but if you look it up on Youtube, you can find a video that makes it much more clear how it works.

The back of this Bible also has an enormous amount of other study helps. You could spend a lifetime using this Bible and still not glean everything out of it. It includes:
-- Text cyclopedia. Here, all the topics from the chain reference system are found, and the full list of cross-references is given. Also groupings of topics that are very similar so you can study along a similar topic.
-- Bible readings (groupings of topics and verses for devotions or speaking)
-- Outlines of each book of the Bible. Includes a brief history of the different Bible versions, outline of the Bible as a whole, historical outline that relates Biblical times to secular history, and outline of every book. Some books also have illustrations to further help in understanding the overall idea of the book. Great if you are like me and need to see the bigger picture in order to understand the details.
-- Character studies. Includes some charts and graphics. Also includes differences in how Christ is portrayed between the gospels, and list of prophecies of Christ and their fulfillment.
-- Harmony of the gospels and illustrated studies. Includes maps with annotations actually explaining where things happened (great if you don't like flipping back and forth between the map and text, trying to understand what happened where). Also several more illustrations of various topics. Good if you are a visual learner who needs charts or pictures to understand things.
-- Archaeological supplement with pictures
--Glossary of archaeic words in the KJV with modern meanings
--Color maps with index
-- and more (list of memory verses from each book, guides to Bible study and marking, Hebrew calendar explanation, etc)

Because this is such a unique and helpful Bible that so many people could benefit from, I do wish the publisher took a bit more pride in their product to simply make the printing uniform and easy to read. All the hard work behind the content is there -- I just don't understand why the printing cannot be made uniform. Because a Bible is not an everyday purchase, I think most people including myself would be willing to pay extra to ensure quality. I would probably be willing to pay double for this Bible if the quality were stellar. Despite the printing issues that bring this Bible down from being the best it could be, I still love this Bible because I think it is one of the few that provides the tools to not just read, but really study deeply.
If you use the King James Bible as your primary or only translation for study, then this is a fantastic resource (it does come in other translations as well). Do bear in mind that this is not a study Bible in the in the sense of which most people are familiar. There is no commentary on the text, rather it is a very well executed reference system that allows the reader to follow a particular topic through from Genesis to Revelation, and has a topical index and study aids in the back. This Bible is not intended to help you interpret scripture, it assumes that all exegetical efforts will be your own; rather, it provides a great deal of historical and background information in the study aids, and allows you to see connections made throughout. I typically use the NASB for study, but I grew up on the King James and I love it. This Bible is easily my nicest looking one, and sometimes I do get in a mood to read the KJV.

The bonded leather is obviously exactly that; however, though I have not had it long, it ford seem to hold up well. It is printed on a very high-quality paper, and the format is very nicely done. It is a two-column text with side column references. It just looks very good, and for its intended purpose, it is the best system I have come across.
This is a review of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible (Style 509black) - Regular Size KJV - Bonded Leather.

The quality is excellent. The Bible is very sturdy and smythe sewn. The pages are thin but need to be as it would be simply to heavy with thicker paper; it has 1,923 pages not including the great maps (15 color) which include a very helpful index. I've experienced no problems reading the text on account of the thin paper and I have bifocals. The red lettering could be darker and brighter but I'm still satisfied with it.

The Bible has a copious Archaeological Supplement with each article having its own chain reference number that is linked to from the Bible text itself when appropriate, it also contains many B&W photos (about one per page).

It also has a ca. 100 page concordance which not only directs you to verses in Scripture but also to chain reference numbers to further help with the topic you are studying and of course these have many more Scripture verses to assist you.

I'll go ahead and list some of the other contents of the Bible listed under COMPREHENSIVE BIBLE HELPS:

General Index (All topics listed alphabetically with collateral subjects and chain reference numbers)

Condensed Cyclopedia of Topics and Texts (All marginal topics are contained here from 1- 4452 with their chain of texts AND when space allows the text is printed in full with selected verses of more important chains so you don't have to refer to the Bible text!)

Special Bible Readings for Private Devotions and Public Services.

Outline Studies of the Bible.

Bible Character Studies.

Bible Harmonies and Illustrated Studies etc. etc..

I would recommend Bible Tabs for this Bible or the indexed version since you'll be doing a lot of verse search for obvious reasons. Also a set of tabs that have blanks where you make your own references for the index, maps etc. wouldn't be a bad idea. If you can afford it I would also recommend a smythe sewn version so you'll have a Bible that will last and will lay out on your table or desk very conveniently.

On the devotional side I've found the Chain Reference Bible very helpfull when I am going through "dry spells", and just don't feel like spiritual reading and who doesn't experience that? The reason being is that it has so much information contained in it, Archaeological Suppliment, Outline Studies etc. (600 pages worth) that you can start there and let these helps serve as "frosting" for your your Bible Study and they can lead you into the Bible text itself, the "cake" so to speak. For all the extras in this Bible it still, as of yet, does not seem to me to be a fancy or "high tech" (i.e. a lot of opinion) version which suits me just fine so I've labelled this review "Good Meat and Potatoes Bible".

In Christ.