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by Thomas Van Hare,Matt Lawrence
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True Crime
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    Thomas Van Hare,Matt Lawrence
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    iUniverse; 1st edition (February 9, 2009)
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Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare have written an important book.

Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare have written an important book. BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five is a timely reminder that the United States must be vigilant against repeating the mistakes of the past. I recommend this book. - Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart (FL-21). Van Hare has served with three Administrations in Washington. During the Reagan administration, he was with the United States Agency for International Development.

Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five is a fully documented work exposing the events of February 24,1996 when Cuban MiGs attacked and shot down two aircraft from the group Brothers To The Rescue killing four aviators. What To Do 'Til The Cavalry Comes. What to Do 'Til the Cavalry Comes serves as a Family Guide to Preparedness in 21st Century America. Matt Lawrence's latest book is designed to help you and your family prep for disaster.

Betrayal- Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five. Lawrence Matt, Hare Thomas Van. Скачать (mobi, 459 Kb).

Matt Lawrence, Thomas Van Hare. On February 24, 1996, two . civilian aircraft flying a rescue mission in international airspace off Cuba were shot down by MiG fighters. The authors slam the Clinton Administration for failing to take action when Cuban MiGs were launched in the Florida Straits to pursue civilian aircraft flown by members of Brothers to the Rescue, a Cuban exile organization. May 17, 2016 steven guerra rated it did not like it.

Carl Nagin, The New Yorker, January 26, 1998, Annals of Diplomacy - Backfire. Seagull One: The Amazing True Story of Brothers to the Rescue.

Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare have written an important book detailing an infamous chapter in the .

Matt Lawrence and Thomas Van Hare have written an important book detailing an infamous chapter in the history of the Castro dictatorship and a weak United States Administration. By documenting the Cuban regime's espionage activities and the calculated, cold-blooded murder of four humanitarian pilots, BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five is a timely reminder that the United States must be vigilant against repeating the mistakes of the past. In gripping detail, BETRAYAL: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five reminds readers that Cuba's 1996 shoot down of two civilian aircraft in international airspace was an act of international terrorism.

Matt Lawrence (Lawrence, Matt). used books, rare books and new books. by Matt Lawrence, Thomas Van Hare. Find all books by 'Matt Lawrence' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Matt Lawrence'. Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five. ISBN 9781440118012 (978-1-4401-1801-2) Softcover, iUniverse, 2009. Find signed collectible books: 'Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five'. Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five: ISBN 9781440118012 (978-1-4401-1801-2) Softcover, iUniverse, 2009. The Complete Guide to Core Stability.

Inside the Cuban Revolution: Fidel Castro and the Urban Underground.

On February 24, 1996, three Brothers to the Rescue aircraft took off from South Florida on a search and rescue mission meant to save the lives of Cuban balseros - yet their mission would end in death, with two planes shot down by Cuban MiG fighters.

Four aviators were lost - Carlos Costa, Mario de la Peña, Armando Alejandre and Pablo Morales. Their murders were perpetuated by La Red Avispa, the "Cuban Five" spy ring and a DIA analyst turned Cuban agent, Ana Belen Montes, Castro's Queen of Spies.

Betrayal: Clinton, Castro & The Cuban Five compiles extensive research, sworn testimony and fact. It reveals a cover up spanning the Florida Straits, from Havana to Washington D.C. It uncovers that senior Clinton Administration officials, including Sandy Berger, Bill Richardson, Richard Nuccio, retired Pentagon brass, U.S diplomats and even members of the U.S. media were forewarned by Castro of the shootdown, yet somehow did nothing to stop the murders.

Cuba declares them heroes, yet the "Cuban Five" are serving jail sentences for espionage and murder. Now, in an opening gesture toward improving relations with Havana, the Obama Administration contemplates their release - but will the USA have to go so far as to pardon murderers?

I was only vaguely aware [as I am sure many others were] of this horrifying incident from brief news reports. This book is very cleverly written to present an apparently balanced and unbiased account, but it cannot conceal the shocking implications of the way in which the US government can be manipulated and turned against its own citizens. It stands as a permanent indictment of Castro and his regime and should be a warning to all who fail to appreciate how closely war criminals and tyrants from North Korea to the former Yugoslavia all resemble each other.
I don't read a lot of books but this is one I could not pass on. I am a Skymaster Owner and Pilot and having already seen the movie Shootdown this book was a must read. I remember the day of this tragic event because even back then I was flying a Skymaster. Instantly I was interested in this story because of the association with the aircraft. But 1996 was quite some time ago and I did not hear anything for a long time. I knew there was a movie being made but again it took so long that I lost track of the situation. Last year I had the privilege to meet Thomas Van Hare and fly with him in Michigan. He started to tell me more about his tenure with BTTR and what they encountered each mission they flew. I was amazed at the dedication the pilots had to this organization. It really opened my eyes. Thomas taught me the basics of SAR over the waters of Lake Michigan. What a privilege to fly with him. As I picked up this book BETRAYAL and started reading it I could not put it down. It grabs a hold and will not release you. I cannot believe the information that Thomas and Matt found. They truly have a masterpiece of information on this event. It is so current to today also, referencing the Obama administration. It is just amazing that these kinds of events can happen and 99% of the people in this country do not even know about it and probably never will. You have to read this book, it is not just for Skymaster pilots but for all of America in a time that we need to know TRUTH. Thank you Thomas and Matt for having the passion to find the truth.
Herb R Harney
Seagull Hotel
This book is an excellent written documentary on a tragic & outrageous but preventable event. The book exposes the corruptness and double standards found in AMerican politics and the authors have fairly and honestly documented and reported the events as they occured. A Great read!!
Item arr in good time and condition. Very pleased, thank you.
Finally, the real story on the Brothers to the Rescue shootdown: the integrated Cuban Government activities conducted to commit murder, and the ongoing influence operations relating to some of those involved. This book provides the most detail to date on the events of 24 February 1996. The details are upsetting, but provide much food for thought.

Thanks to the authors for providing excerpts from the transcripts of the Brothers to the Rescue and MiG pilots, as well as transcripts of the testimony by Major Jeffrey Houlihan, who was one of too few in the US military doing his job that day! The transcripts make the events both easier to understand, and appalling at the same time. (If you haven't seen it, the documentary Shoot Down, cited by the authors, is worth seeing. You will hear the chilling recordings of the Cuban MiG pilots.)

The book also provides a disturbing look at the non-response by the US military on that fateful February day. The non-response is so comprehensive that you will wonder if the military was ordered NOT to respond. A communications glitch is a facile excuse that could cover up just such a command. Draw your own conclusion.

Thanks to the authors for pointing out that the purposefully misleading reporting provided to the FBI by Juan Pablo Roque (who was one of at least two who infiltrated Brothers to the Rescue at the behest of Cuban intelligence), has not been reassessed which continues to skew the thinking of the Intelligence Community, and does a disservice to the humanitarian record of Brothers to the Rescue.

Some of the people identified in this book were clearly misled by assessments written by convicted DIA spy, Ana Montes. It's unfortunate that some of the same people recently have offered their opinions on US policy toward Cuba (perhaps without considering how their opinions may have been shaped by Montes' reports and briefings). As with the reporting of Juan Pablo Roque, the legacy of her assessments lives, an unfortunate circumstance given the haste to make changes in Cuba policy. While the time for change may have come, this book makes it clear that Cuba's intentions are not always as benign as supporters claim. How much has the Cuban Government's view of the United States really changed since 1996, and where does that leave us?

The Obama administration should take time to read this well researched book so they aren't fooled into believing the propaganda from solidarity groups carrying out orchestrated efforts to free the five convicted Red Avispa members, a.k.a. "Cuban Five." As the authors note, the Cuban Government has already mentioned them in public statements to the new administration.

Overall, the book is a quick read, but comprehensive in its treatment of the subject. You will find it thought-provoking and worth your time. In fact, you may not be able to put it down!

Kudos to the authors for lending clarity to confusion at this critical time in US-Cuba relations.

Thanks to the volunteers of Brothers to the Rescue who risked their own lives to save the lives of numerous others over the years.
A unique story about the stained relationship between the great United States and Cuba. A must read to get a real understanding of inner workings of our government.
Yellow Judge
Absolutely a great read!!! When I first started reading wasn't aware that these were actual events in our history. Thank you for the fabulous selections!!!!!
All one sided!