True Crime
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Hastened to the Grave book.

Hastened to the Grave book. In this shattering expose, bestselling author Jack Olsen follows Fay Faron as she retraces every step of the Gypsy family and the crimes they stand accused of: moving in on their helpless prey, extorting money, signing the fortunes of elderly millionaires into their own names- and speeding up the death process with sadistic neglect, slow poison, and unspeakable cruelty.

The Gypsy family murder investigation. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

They were a notorious gypsy family that seeped into their victims' lives like a deadly cancer. Jack Olsen is the author of thirty books published in fourteen countries. HASTENED TO THE GRAVE: The Gypsy Murder Investigation. Пользовательский отзыв - Kirkus. The prolific true-crime writer Olsen profiles the charmingly named Tene Bimbos, a family of Gypsies accused of murdering the elderly for profit. Olsen (Salt of the Earth, 1996, et. profiles the. A former bureau chief for Time, he has written for Vanity Fair, Sports Illustrated, People, Paris Match, and Reader's Digest.

Hastened to the Grave" surely falls into this category for me. As a matter of fact, whenever you see someone really . In this book the gypsies certainly do onto others. As a matter of fact, whenever you see someone really good on "American Idol," you always hear one of the judges use the ady saying, "He's in it to win it!" But you also often hear, "You're so good you could sing the phone book!" . They use an natural ingredient called Foxglove.

Hastened to the Grave: The Gypsy Murder Investigation

Hastened to the Grave: The Gypsy Murder Investigation. Not since Peter Maas' King of the Gypsies has the world of Gypsy crime been exposed in such shocking detail and with more fascinating insight. Read on the Scribd mobile app.

Hastened to the Grave only confirms what thousands and thousands of us have always known about Jack Olsen . com User, November 20, 1998. A solid book for Olsen, and something of a departure in its tone, which seems influenced by perhaps Carl Hiassen

Hastened to the Grave only confirms what thousands and thousands of us have always known about Jack Olsen - he's the tops! The prose this time is especially vivid, the characters (including a car) all wonderful, and the true-life plot worthy of Dashiell Hammett on his best days. A solid book for Olsen, and something of a departure in its tone, which seems influenced by perhaps Carl Hiassen. The idea of a funny true crime book about serial killers sounds a little strange, but Olsen pulls it of. he light it shines into the subculture of American Gypsies is truly disturbing.

Hastened to the Grave is a true crime classic by a master at the top of his form. Jack Olsen's particular gift is the ability to illuminate the souls of his characters. -Jonathan Kellerman.

Gypsy Murders Daniel speaks to Jack Olsen, who's latest book chronicles the bizarre murders of wealthy old men in San Francisco. "Hastened to the Grave - The Gypsy Murder Investigation"; St. Martin's Press 1998). The case is almost stranger than fiction, involving a beautiful intrepid private eye, a bumbling city police department, and a family of criminals.

View on timesmachine. Hastened to the Grave. The Gypsy Murder Investigation. 288 pp. New York: St. Martin's Press. LET'S hope there's a special place in hell reserved for con men who prey on the elderly.

Written by Jack Olsen, Audiobook narrated by Susie Breck. Narrated by: Susie Breck. Length: 9 hrs and 48 mins.

The steeply divided reviews probably reflect what happened to me.....a fan of Mr. Olsen, after reading Son (5 stars), I ordered this. It is apparently somewhat of a parody of an English cosy mystery, which is strangely off-putting (in the detail presented about the PI which probably horrified her). Once one subtracts 1.5 stars for that annoying happenstance, the events he lays out are fascinating. Wealthy single adults in their dotage are mercilessly "befriended" by a clever clan of colorful gypsies........yikes! If this happens to you, hobble with your cane (use it as a weapon if necessary) at full speed to an attorney, trustee, or conservator, and register your alarm. Law enforcement agencies will be apparently helpless to defend you because the poison digitalis is tricky to detect, and some of the devices used are more civil than penal offenses. It's a good reality check for all of us, who will get older and more vulnerable, even if we are not wealthy. People who suddenly and inexplicably befriend us usually have their own agenda, and it is more in their interest than in ours.........
I've read many books from Jack Olsen: "Son," "The Misbegotten Son," "I," "Charmer," "The Man with Candy," etc. and etc. Even when I'm not completely fond of one of his books for one reason or another -- "The Man with Candy," in particular, as that book kept the killer at more than arm's length, too far for sure -- I still always appreciate his writing style and skill. "Hastened to the Grave" surely falls into this category for me.

As a matter of fact, whenever you see someone really good on "American Idol," you always hear one of the judges use the overly-tired-and-just-get-rid-of-it-already saying, "He's in it to win it!" But you also often hear, "You're so good you could sing the phone book!" And this latter saying seems to apply to Mr. Olsen, or at least it used to before he unfortunately died about a decade ago: "He was so good that he could write the phone book!" you might exclaim. But you'd also have to add, for clarity, "AND make it interesting."

And Mr. Olsen seemed to write the phone book here. At least he gave all of the names, addresses, and perhaps even some of the phone numbers of the unusual suspects. I'll admit, when I first purchased the book, I didn't know that it was mostly set in San Francisco, a city in which I lived for about a year and a half. And I was amazed while reading that at least two of the elder people in this story who were swindled lived within a couple of miles of my old house in Noe Valley. Ah, and I used to think that that was a "good neighborhood" in "The City" too. Guess looks can be deceiving.

I was a little hesitant to make this purchase as I read a few partial reviews first, and quite a few of them were negative. "Who cares about Beans the dog, anyways?!?" "So what if she called her Everex computer 'Evie.' Whatever!" "Why should I care what kind of car that Fay Faron drove?!?" These would all be questions, and exclamations, of most of the prior reviewers of this book. And so I took note, but I still made that purchase, mostly because it was written by Mr. Olsen, but also because it was available on Kindle, which is way better than paperback.

But I believe that those reviews might have been missing the point a bit. The first word that popped into my head while reading was "whimsical," and I think that word applies here. While the crimes were dastardly, and the people that committed them were psychopaths (I believe that a "psychopath" is simply someone who has little-to-no empathy, and the perps in this book certainly fit that definition), Mr. Olsen did a good job of keeping the tone of the book light so that it would be endurable. That tone actually grew on me as I read, and I have to admit, even though it is far different than any of his other works that I've read, I still liked it quite a bit.

But I would caution that, if you are a politically-correct liberal, this book may not be for you. Even the word "Gypsy" has been avoided by the media and PC people for quite a while now, and Mr. Olsen uses it quite a bit. He even discusses this issue towards the end of the book. From what I remember, when I was in Europe, just using the word "Gypsy" is quite controversial there. Sure, the United States isn't quite Europe yet, but not for lack of trying, and we aren't getting that way in any good way. Especially when we, and more importantly the police in San Francisco, don't care about crime and criminals, like this pretty decent book explains.

Well, I'll keep marching my way through Jack Olsen's books, and I think that you should try do the same. Even give "Hastened to the Grave" a try, at least if you aren't offended by words such as "Gypsy." Or "Beans."
Elderly people are a huge target for con artists. This book describes how a skip-tracer tries to further the fraud investigations necessary to catch these people at their game, a game that can easily lead to death. Although a gypsy group is described, it also describes exactly what any sweetheart scammer could be up to. I read this book to get more information about how young females hook up with very old wealthy males to steal all of their money before they die. It is one of the biggest transfers of wealth going on in this country today. Stealing from legitimate hard working families and moving the money into criminal families. Watch out for your own family members! Any lonely, single elderly person can be a target at the grocery store, or anywhere. The con artists target and then pounce. My 76 year old father-in-law is in the grips of a 29 year old obvious criminal but he can't see it, and no one in the family saw her coming. Next thing you know these people have taken over and stolen everything, including your chance to spend precious time with the elder relative. Read it before they get a chance to invade your family and steal generations of wealth!
Author Joe Gores says of the ROM-The Gypsy motto
is GADJE GADJE, SI LAI AME ROM SAN-outsiders are
only outsiders, but we are the Rom. In other words:
Do them before they do you."

In this book the gypsies certainly do onto others.
Angela, her mother, 3 brothers and her lover begin killing
old men and women for their money/bank accounts,cars, houses
and any other property they may have. They use an natural
ingredient called Foxglove .

No one except the families and Fay Faron-private detective
seem to be interested. SFPD-no. Maybe the SF Senior Service
agency a little bit but nothing comes of it. Fay plods on for
4 years on a case that she earns no money for. She just wants
to do the right thing.

Many will tell you that this is their least favorite Jack
Olsen book. It reads like a fiction book not true crime.
Matter of fact years ago when I first read this I found it
in the mystery fiction section in the library. Library did
not know what to do with it either. But, folks it is true
crime and it is sad. Many helpless old people died with no
gypsy friends beside them and owning nothing.

I personally like this book and I think you will too.
The gypsy family is the TENE-BIMBO family made famous in
the book by Peter Mass- KING OF THE GYPSIES about Steve
Tene Bimbo.

Since this is an old book many want to know what happend to
Angela and her famiy...Nothing really--nobody went to jail
on murder--fraud yes but no murder. They got away with it.
You can read about their trials on the net.

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