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by Kristi Lyn Stewart
Download Dancing with Autism: Choosing Joy over Fear fb2
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"In this positive portrayal of life raising a child with autism, Kristi Stewart takes us through myriad emotions, ending ultimately with the message that while there are hefty mountains to climb, the view when reaching the top is vast and breathtaking. She is clear, however, that the summit isn t necessarily recovering your child, but rather finding peace within yourself and discovering happiness that results in making the most of the victories even if they re seemingly small along the journey. --Leeann Whiffen, Author of A Child s Journey Out of Autism

"This is the first book on autism I've read that both uplifted and represented me! Mrs. Stewart allows the outside world to peer through the window of our homes and feel some of the truly unique experiences we have raising our children with autism." --Kathy Healey, mother of a child with autism.

"Dancing with Autism: Choosing Joy Over Fear" by Kristi Lyn Stewart is a story about how her son, Alex, was diagnosed with autism and how she and her family chose to live their lives with an autistic child.

I think that this book should be a must-read for any parent whose child is diagnosed with autism. When parents get the initial diagnosis, it can be overwhelming. There is guilt, anger, denial, and other strong emotions that come into play. Dealing with a child who has autism can be very isolating for the family Ms. Stewart acknowledges these emotions but then shows how to overcome the negative emotions and focus on the positive. She validates how many parents feel when they receive the diagnosis.

Ms. Stewart talks about the different therapies that are out there that will "cure" autism. She has tried many herself, such as ABA therapy, milk-free/gluten free diets, occupational/speech therapy and many others. She even spent one whole month "brushing" her son with a soft sponge. There is no cure for autism and what therapy works to help one child may not work on the next child.

Some of the chapters in her book are:

If You Can Either Laugh or Cry
Educate Others with a Smile
Living with the Embarrassment
We're All in This Together

And my favorite:
Grumpy Doesn't Have to Be Permanent.

Ms. Stewart does an excellent job of letting the reader know that they are not alone in their journey with their autistic child. She demonstrates how to find the joys and triumphs with your child and not to focus on only the negatives. She also feels like she is giving you a hug and telling you that it is all going to be okay. That's the best part.
Super P
A wonderfully positive book!

The main point of Stewart's book is that anyone who has a child with autism or special needs, can choose joy - that we can find small ways every day to create happiness for ourselves and our families.

I loved her personal stories! They remind us of the need to laugh, to love yourself and find peace, to share the responsibility of raising a child with special needs, and to take what advice is out there and "make it our own", tossing the unhelpful aside and moving forward.

Many of us have a child with special needs, and all of our situations are very unique. I know through my own situation that we may even feel very alone, at times, in facing the wall of challenges that we are up against. Many of her stories remind me of how important it is to celebrate even the small triumphs along the way.

I also love that this book works for a busy parent! Some chapters can be read in just a few minutes. They are filled with personal stories and reality, along with sometimes even witty advice, reminding us to smile and find joy, and that things really aren't always so bad. It was fun to look forward to each chapter when I had a few minutes to myself.

I walked away from this book with a little more love and patience, and hopefully a better sense of humor. Also, for those without a child with special needs, I think this would be a fantastic read for gaining understanding!
I want to start by saying I haven't read the whole book, I only read the free sample.

As the mother with child who is diagnosed with classic, non-verbal autism I was elated to come across a book that seemed to stress the positives of life with an autistic child. About embracing your child for who he is and learning to love this life.

Instead I found page after page talking about her attempts to cure her autistic child. About other kids who have been cured and so on.

My child is 5 and we are 3yrs into this journey and I must say I am so tired of this talk of "curing" our autistic children. I understand the initial attraction, especially if the child in question regressed into autistic behaviors (as mine did) but autism itself isn't an illness and doesn't require curing. And I know many of these treatments can help your child cope and have a positive effect on behaviors but they are not a cure.

Anyway, if you are on the path looking for a cure this book my be just the thing for you, however if that isn't where your interests lie you may be better off skipping this one.