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AGATHA CHRISTIE A MYSTERIOUS LIFE LAURA THOMPSON To Vinny, my friend, . 1992–2006 Contents The Villa at Torquay The Young Miss Miller The Husband The Child.

AGATHA CHRISTIE A MYSTERIOUS LIFE LAURA THOMPSON To Vinny, my friend, . To Vinny, my friend, .

Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, Lady Mallowan, DBE (née Miller; 15 September 1890 – 12 January 1976) was an English writer. She is known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections, particularly those revolving around her fictional detectives Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Christie also wrote the world's longest-running play, a murder mystery, The Mousetrap, and, under the pen name Mary Westmacott, six romances.

Agatha Christie book. It has been 100 years since Agatha Christie wrote her first novel.

Agatha Christie: An English Mystery. Laura Thompson's previous subject was Nancy Mitford, whose biography had already been ably written by Selina Hastings, and she made a decent go of it - even if it wasn't exactly crammed with revelations, and even if her style was, at times, on the toothache-inducing side of syrupy (Nancy herself would have honked like a drain at its worst excesses). Emboldened by this success, Thompson has now tried the same trick again, with Agatha Christie, who was last the subject of a biography (by Janet Morgan) in 1984.

The unabridged tales in this Mystery Masters audiobook include all the ones in the print book first published in 1974.

Who poisoned the wealthy Emily Inglethorpe, and how did the murderer penetrate and escape from her locked bedroom? Suspects abound in the quaint village of Styles St. Mary-from the heiress's fawning new husband to her two stepsons, her volatile housekeeper, and a pretty nurse who works in a hospital dispensary. Making his unforgettable debut, the brilliant Belgian detective Hercule Poirot is on the case. The unabridged tales in this Mystery Masters audiobook include all the ones in the print book first published in 1974. With each case, Poirot further proves his reputation as the greatest mind in detective fiction.

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Laura Thompson has certainly written the last word on Agatha Christie. Her book is a superb piece of biography. Thompson has treated Christie with compassion and her books with sharp critical intelligence. The result is an excellent biography. Jake Kerridge, Daily Telegraph.

In Agatha Christie, by Laura Thompson, the author’s work is quoted extensively but little attention is given to how she committed all those .

In Agatha Christie, by Laura Thompson, the author’s work is quoted extensively but little attention is given to how she committed all those murders. Continue reading the main story. Supported by.

Agatha Christie Biography - Agatha Christie is reputably known throughout the world as the Queen of Crime. The Guinness Book of Records cites her as the second best-selling author of all time, after William Shakespeare. She also has the honor of being the most widely translated author. The Guinness Book of Records cites her as the second best-selling author. She was born in Torquay, Devon, England. She did not receive any formal schooling, but did not lack education either. She taught herself to read from a very young age.

Laura Thompson, acclaimed biographer of Agatha Christie, narrates the story that led up to that cataclysmic event, and draws on her considerable forensic skills to re-examine the possible truths behind one of postwar Britain's most notorious murders. A DIFFERENT CLASS OF MURDER is a portrait of an era, of an extraordinary cast of characters, of a mystery, of a modern myth.

This a brilliant biography by a writer who was given extraordinary access to both Agatha Christie's family and business associates and many of her private papers. From those, she has been able to draw original insights into this very complicated and, in some ways, still mysterious woman.

I found it so interesting that I went back and read it again when I turned the last page. This isn't a book to skim, although it is well and accessibly written. Of all the bios written about Christie (including her own), this is the one to have.
I'm a Russian Occupant
Facinating personality
I love anything connected to Agatha Christy!!!
Agatha Christy wasn't as interesting, or as well written as 2 other biographies of Laura Thompson. I thought the book was very poorly written, and very boring, which was too bad as I was interested in learning more about her background.
I was a bit disappointed in this book,as too much time is spent trying to analyse Agatha,s mind by using quotes from her various books. I would have preferred a shorter more factual version.
First of all, let me note with regard to the over-all rating, that with so few reviews a couple of negative reviews will have a disproportionately heavy impact on the review--and one's impression reading them. It certainly does not make for a representative sample in any scientific sense. This pertains to my review as well. Only many more reviews can solve this.

That being said, I do indeed recommend this biography. I think it pairs well with Morgan's biography from 1986. Every great writer deserves a fresh biography every decade--at the most every two decades. So Christie--particularly in light of the fact that she is the second most successful writer ever--certainly deserves continued biographical treatment.

Thompson belongs to the newer approach to biography, which is aware of itself as an imaginative, essentially hermeneutic, leap. It is very hard to claim full objective truth when it comes to a life. One imagines one's way into the life. One makes it clear one is doing that. In the hopes that a fuller sense of the lived life will be communicated. Objective facts are verifiable, yet they will never give us a sense of the inner life. This is Thompson's approach, and I think it is highly successful. Let me point out a couple of things I liked.

Thompson starts out by considering Christie's childhood home, Ashfield. The importance of Ashfield for Christie cannot be overstated. It defined the very sense of "home" for her and remained a source of wonderful memories throughout her life. Christie struggled to hold on to the house as long as possible, finally giving it up once it had been swallowed up by the suburban expansion of Torquay (and to help fund another dream home, Greenway.) When she heard it was going to be demolished, she desperately tried to save it. What Thompson recounts as part of this is her own journey to the site of Ashfield. All that remains to indicate the site is a blue plaque on a small rock not much bigger than it next to a bus stop in front of a sadly plain pseudo-modernist apartment building. It is a great allegory for the dilemma of the biographer. How to bring something back to life that was so important to your subject, when absolutely nothing tangible remains to suggest what it was like? It's a brilliant gesture on Thompson's part. And makes us aware of so much at the same time.

Another thing that stood out for me was her discussion of Christie's first marriage. She totally changed how I saw Archie Christie. Everything I've read about him makes him seem like the most horrifying narcissist. Which of course makes one wonder how on earth's name Christie fell for him. But what Thompson makes clear is that that kind of narcissism, while it focuses on you, is incredibly sexy. It's the stuff of romance novels. Plus, Thompson shows how Archie's absolute certainty and insistence about so many things would be compelling to someone who naturally over-thought things. Christie admired decisiveness and action. So Thompson helped me to understand Christie's first marriage in a way I never did before. Something like that--which is so important to Christie's life story, psychology and fiction--is by itself justification to praise this biography.

As with this mode of biography in general, there will be places where you will probably disagree with the imaginative work Thompson does. But I am sure every reader will at the same time come across so many things where you feel that Thompson has hit true pay dirt, that it will finally seem that this is simply part of the territory for an approach that truly tries to understand this notoriously private writer.
I have wanted the autobiography for many years and was very happy to find it on Amazon! She was such a great mystery writer!
I loved reading Agatha Christie mysteries and stories and often wondered what she was like. I started researching biographies and found that this book gives a much more in depth look at Ms. Christie and her times than most. Laura Thompson is obviously a fan, but doesn't pull any punches when it comes to Ms. Christie's very human faults and foibles. A fascinating read.