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by Marley Brant
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    Marley Brant
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    Berkley Trade (January 1, 1998)
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The lives of Jesse James and Cole Younger and their brothers are shrouded in myths created by Nineteenth Century . The James and Younger boys are no longer just footmates in some dusty history books but still live in the minds.

The lives of Jesse James and Cole Younger and their brothers are shrouded in myths created by Nineteenth Century journalists who celebrated their deeds and by themselves through the lies they told to cover their tracks and to excuse their crimes. Brant's book attempts to separate reality from legend, covering the James and Younger brothers from birth to death. Their exploits in life made them immortal in death !

Confederate guerrilla.

Confederate guerrilla. Cold-blooded killer  . Now Marley Brant, author of the acclaimed biography The Outlaw Youngers, sets the record straight, painting a portrait of a man obsessed with rebellion, loyalty, and an irrepressible need to be known. He loved as intensely as he hated. And i Confederate guerrilla.

Marley Brant, Author. My friend, Marley Brant, has revised & made additions to her book. Outlaw, Music and Television biographer; author of fiction and non-fiction  . The notorious outlaw Jesse James is entrenched in American folklore, and his reputation is firmly embedded in Missouri history. He was born in Missouri, died in the state and was. Marley Brant, Author. April 3 ·. If you watch one movie, watch The Assassination Of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. In my opinion, the most accurate film.

Jesse James: Last Rebel of the Civil War. . In these pages, noted James authority Harold Dellinger sifts through the hundreds of published articles and books about James to painstakingly create a compelling collage of character, an extraordinary, multifaceted portrait of one of history's most infamous outlaws. Harold Dellinger is a bookseller, small press publisher, and elected board member of the Friends of the James Farm. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri. And in his eyes, the war between the states would never be over.

8vo. Color, stiff wrappers, vi, 312 p. acknowledgments,introduction, illustrated from photographs, afterword, notes, bibliography, index. Story of one of the famous outlaws in American history. Wild West magazine says "Getting at the truth is no easy matter, Brant passionately guides the reader in that direction. Fine copy without dust jacket, as issued. Inventory Number: 41908.

The Man and The Myth. JESSE JAMES IS the most famous outlaw in American history. Published January 1, 1998 by Berkley Trade. Internet Archive Wishlist.

Jesse James was all of these, but still, most of his life remains a mystery  . Offers a portrait of the man known as a Confederate guerilla, a bank robber, and a cold-blooded killer in the late nineteenth-century.

Offers a portrait of the man known as a Confederate guerilla, a bank robber, and a cold-blooded killer in the late nineteenth-century. ISBN13: 9780425160053.

The author of The Outlaw Youngers uncovers the life of Jesse James, from his obscure childhood to his Civil War career and his rebellion against the law, presenting the facts and dispelling the misconceptions surrounding the notorious bandit. Original.

I have a growing collection of books related to the guerilla war in Missouri and bushwhacker's. This book will become a permanent member of it. I enjoyed reading it.

This is a well written book that flows. The narrative stayed interesting to the very end. It examines a lot of things that were claimed about the James brother and Jesse in particular with a critical eye. Many possible myths are explored as well as some facts somewhat confirmed. It tells more about Jesse's family than I've seen in other books and follows his many moves admirably.

This book does not talk about the war and Jesse's participation as much as I would have liked nor does it include a whole lot of new information about his outlaw exploits. It's not the best book I've read on Jesse James, but it is worth reading. It has a new home on my bookshelf.
Overall, a good book. Had a few areas where I could not tell who the author was referring to, because the author would discuss so many people simultaneously, but overall a fairly quick read and gave me the basic idea of who Jesse James was- who I had known nothing about. I would recommend this to anyone looking to learn about Jesse James.
very well detailed, intriguing book
Good info book.
I did not check up on the source of references for this book, but I really enjoyed the reading! It was the most interesting factual book I have read in a long time. I thought the Author was very clear on the instances that were tall tales and what not. So over all, if your interested in a spicey history such as Jesse James, I highly recommend this book.
Got this for my husband and as soon as it arrived he started reading and over half way done
Marley Brant did an absolutely exceptional job in researching and writing this book. This is the best book on Jesse James I have ever read. This book is an integral study of Jesse which separates fact from fiction. As a distant cousin of Jesse, I am both thrilled and proud that Brant treated Jesse in such a fair and unbiased manner. While Brant does not sugarcoat Jesse's criminal activities; neither is Jesse demonized. Instead, Jesse's family background is brought to light and the reasons for his actions are studied. One certainly wonders at what Jesse WOULD HAVE BEEN like if his father, the kind-hearted preacher, hadn't died when Jesse was a child. When the despicable actions of John Brown and others lead to "Bloody Kansas", nearby Missouri, of course, also suffers. Numerous, innocent families, including children, who were simply trying to survive, were attacked, beaten, and many times killed. As a boy, Jesse "was chased through the field at bayonet point until finally caught. He was then thrashed to a bloody pulp with a rope," by Union soldiers. They also hanged Jesse's stepfather, hoisting him up a tree with a rope around his neck four times, trying to get information about Frank James. Many people do not want to face the atrocities committed by Union soldiers during the War Between the States, but the evidence exists. One must remember "to the victor go the spoils of war" and, of course, the telling of history. Jesse, naturally, reacted to the ill-treatment he had received. After the war, the James family continued to be harassed by the government and other carpetbaggers. In addition to this, the railroad companies began "railroading" people off their farms. So, Jesse chose his revenge. He targeted the banks where the carpetbaggers kept their money and the trains which carried it. Certainly, one cannot condone everything Jesse did, but what he did can certainly be understood, and his reasons for doing so can be understood. Read the book and get acquianted with the man Jesse James and his family. Besides getting to know the James family, this is a very informative book on the history of this tumultous era in America's history. You won't be disappointed.
This book was not only very informative, but enjoyable to read. Marly Brant did some fine research to put this together. We see the James Family as well to do, (not "hillbillys" ) as if on "The Ponderosa" until the Union Troops came and totally plundered western Missouri. This is where the James boys were forced into a life of violence. We not only see the story of Jesse James, but a new perspective of The Union as not as noble as we like to believe. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone with interest in these subjects.