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by Howard Marks
Download Mr Nice: An Autobiography fb2
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1841953199 (ISBN13: 9781841953199).

During the mid 1980s Howard Marks had 43 aliases, 89 phone lines, and owned 25 companies throughout the world. Mr. Nice: An Autobiography Paperback – Import, 1997. by. Howard Marks (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central.

He also compiled an anthology called The Howard Marks Book of Dope Stories (2001) and more recently a follow-on from his autobiography: Señor Nice: Straight Life From Wales to South America. Señor Nice differs from. his previous book as drugs are not central to the story and, while autobiographical, the book is more Marks's own exploration of his ancestor, the pirate Sir Henry Morgan

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What an extraordinary fellow Howard Marks is. His autobiography takes him from his South Wales childhood and . His autobiography takes him from his South Wales childhood and Oxford University education through his life dealing marijuana and the enormous mythology that accrued around what the tabloids called "the English Toff Drugs King of the World". This book is called Mr Nice after one of the many aliases Marks's life as a merchant of pot obliged him to assume, but it describes him perfectly too: the epitome of British niceness, the nicest international criminal you could hope to meet

Why did I do it? I swear that I expected the cat to go for a swim, catch fish, and return triumphantly. So, I didn’t know any better and mustn’t blame myself.

Why did I do it? I swear that I expected the cat to go for a swim, catch fish, and return triumphantly. So, I didn’t know any better and mustn’t blame myself rave was symptomatic of a character far from nice. If it’s any comfort to cat lovers, the image still haunts me. Whenever my life flashes before me, which happens not only when I’m about to die, that cat’s face is the first I see. We were on the Indian Ocean. The ship was the Bradburn, a 10,000-ton freighter owned by Reardon Smith and C. Cardiff

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During the mid 1980s Howard Marks had 43 aliases, 89 phone lines, and owned 25 companies throughout the world. Whether bars, recording studios, or offshore banks, all were money laundering vehicles serving the core activity: dope dealing. Marks began to deal small amounts of hashish while doing a postgraduate philosophy course at Oxford, but soon he was moving much larger quantities. At the height of his career he was smuggling consignments of up to 50 tons from Pakistan and Thailand to America and Canada and had contact with organizations as diverse as MI6, the CIA, the IRA, and the Mafia. This is his extraordinary story.

One of the greatest rags to riches to prison story ever told by the ever so clever Howard Marks. This autobiography rocks, ever since I purchased this book its been turned into TV shows, etc. Sent this copy to a friend in prison who loved it.
Heard about his death in TIME mag and decided to read about his life. It was very informative, amusing and authentic. His life was colorful which made me want to know more so I ordered the next book. No movie could cover all the details he packed in the one book.
This guy is either one of the most creative minds, or if all he says is factual, then this guy is the Janes Bond of dope smuggling, plus a real traveller. I skipped many pages, did not grab my reading attention, only in small increments. If he is the real deal, no one is going to dispute he lived a very unique life. 4 Stars.
I enjoyed Mark's storytelling style. The absurity of drug prohibition approaches of various cultures is laid threadbare via poignant anecdotes.
Honored to have signed copy. The movie totally sucks compared to the life, happiness and brilliant storytelling described in this book.
Should be required reading for all humans who love life.
I just started reading the book but it is interesting and easy reading. I know about the background so the book will give me the further detail about his life.
It was interesting enough, and the stories are funny, but it just dragged on for so long. Watching the percentage slowly tick over was painful. I ended up stopping half way through, and will pick up again after reading a few more novels. Maybe I'm just not a biography person, but I just felt it dragged. As I said, interesting enough stories though.
A very self-serving biography in which a man spends his time high and trafficking marijuana worldwide. Seldom does any philosophy come across as a sincere protest against society's norms per se, but rather a self-serving criminal activity which provides him with money, marijuana of the best kind and as much as he likes, adventure and a lifestyle of comfort and travel while no real work is ever done. Clearly the DEA and its officials really have no respect for the law or sovereignty and anyone's rights and so they also labor under the same rule "the ends justify the means" thus corruption abounds on both sides of the legal line. Morality as such is never at issue as it is not about morality but rather simply the hedonistic life of drugs and how to fund the activity. The main character David Howard Marks--Mr. Nice--is apparently likeable but because of my own feeling of revulsion for his lifestyle I found my bias colored my liking of him. He has an Oxford degree apparently not especially hard won and then proceeds to waste the hopes of his family and also their finances when aged 45 and yet professes great love and loyalty toward family. However, an interesting and honest look at a life, in my opinion, with so much potential wasted. The poor man died in 2015 of cancer and should be congratulated for not presenting his life as glamorous but rather fraught with anxiety and pain.