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by Mary Helen Bowers
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Performing Arts
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    Mary Helen Bowers
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    Vermilion (July 5, 2012)
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Ballet Beautiful is inspired by Mary Helen’s passion for the art of ballet and .

Mary Helen Bowers is a former ballet dancer for the New York City Ballet. In 2008, she launched Ballet Beautiful, and in 2010 she trained Natalie Portman for her Oscar-winning role in the film Black Swan

Bowers Mary Helen (EN). Ballet-inspired fitness for every woman!You don't have to be a professional ballerina to look like one!

Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers is an inspiring and innovative series of customized exercises that leads to a strong, lean, graceful and ultimately-ideal ballerina body shape.

Ballet-inspired fitness for every woman! 

When I first heard about Ballet Beautiful, a light bulb turned on inside of me and I knew, right there and then, that I would have finally found the perfect solution to my health. I was, and still am, just an ordinary girl who, like many other females, score high and low for an exercising and dieting regime. I've tried going to the gym, I've tried doing P90x, I've tried running on the treadmill in a basement, I've tried jogging in my neighborhood, I've tried fitness trends like Zumba dancing and so on. And it always ends the same: Either I hate the way my body started to look, or it got too difficult and I would become commitment-phobic and just drop the regime, much to my deep disappointment. What really burns me is that I can't ask people nowadays on how to lose weight without looking bulky because then I'll get verbally assaulted, that "women cannot bulk up", that I'm being ridiculous. Well, I did P90x, and I bulked and looked strange. As a soft spoken, sensitive introvert, it just doesn't fit my personality, if that makes sense. I wanted to look lean, limber, and very much feminine. I thought I'd never find the solution... and then I brought this Kindle.

I read about her workouts in the book and I knew I had to grab her DVDs. They were all surprisingly challenging, despite her moves that look deceptively simple, but they are also very fun and the results are losing weight, dropping inches everywhere, becoming firm and toned, and still keeping your womanly curves without the bulges and cellulite. I look and feel like a princess the more I do these. Mary's first couple of chapters is her talking about the mindset- that no, you do NOT have to do her workouts perfectly, and that you do NOT have to kill yourself every single day doing a lot of working out to get results. She taught me that, hey, its okay to mess up and not workout for an entire day or even a week because of life circumstances. She taught me that I should forgive myself, brush myself off the dirt, and just workout the next day with her customizing workouts. This is such a huge relief for me. So much of the workout culture is all about shaming other people and pushing people too hard. I don't do that mess anymore, and I remain flexible thanks to Mary.

Her diets are amazing! I have found new dishes and food that are nutritionally dense that I've never heard of before! Mary is so right about eating a healthy, balanced meals, and to not stress yourself too much over sizes or calories. Remember that not every calorie is equal. Ever heard of "empty calories"? Yeah, it's true: Tons of unhealthy, processed foods, like diet sodas, are nothing but empty calories and have a ton of sugars and dangerous chemicals that knocks your entire body system off. People become overweight and obese, not just because of how much calories they put inside their bodies, believe it or not... but because a lot of people are eating THE WRONG FOODS. When you eat the wrong foods, you will always feel crabby, moody, hungry, sickly, and experiencing sugar spikes that will have you eating the entire house and STILL not feeling satisfied! Mary's meals are nutritious, clean, wholesome, and has a wonderful balance of healthy carbs, fats, and proteins, so that you will always feel and look your best. Let go of the numbers for once and start looking at the ingredients. When you eat good food, you will always feel contently full and satisfied, and you'll be able to just live life in peace. She preaches about never going to the extreme just to get results; you can still enjoy chocolate, alcohol, coffee, red meat, and other sinful foods, you just have to learn to pick healthy alternatives rather than restricting yourself from the things you love. I'll never give up on chocolate, but I can give up my favorite Snickers bar for a healthy alternative, which is dark chocolate that is rich with antioxidants and a high percentage of cocoa, for example!

Mary Helen Bowers, despite her seemingly glamorous life, is a down to earth lady just like you and I, and she is never arrogant or proud. She always stays humble and knows the reality of how busy life can be for everyday people. All she asks of you, is to stay flexible and open- If you're a mother who also has a full time job, all she asks is 15-30 minutes of working out during the evenings when the kids are doing homework and you can have time for yourself. If you're a med student deep in stress, all she asks is 15 minutes here and there to keep you healthy and alert. If you're juggling so many things at once, all she asks is that you plan your healthy meals accordingly so that you'll always munch on healthy snacks while running around with tasks. If you can stay flexible and forgiving of yourself, I promise you, you will see amazing results, and you will feel immensely proud of yourself. Just ask me! :-) My body is looking more and more amazing each day!
Let me start by saying that I love MHB. I gave up on traditional workouts about 2 years ago from simply not enjoying them and being able to keep up with them. This woman's workout plan is definitely the ultimate if you're looking for a feminine, fit and all around sexy physique without having the bulk and whatnot that tends to come along with a 'fit' physique.

First off: This book does include her classic workout, however, I find I personally do much better with the videos. With the book I feel it may be a tiny bit too easy for me to make a mistake. On paper it definitely looks a lot more confusing, and I'll admit her technique requires (for myself, at least,) high attention and detailing. -1, but that was my own fault. I am much more visual, especially when it comes to my workouts.

Second: Her approach to diet is so/so depending on how you already eat. For example, I don't include any animal products whatsoever so I basically skimmed right through the entire shopping list / meal plan / recipe section. She does mention almond milk and tofu, but makes it a clear focus that meat and dairy are super important. Again, a personal preference. Strict vegetarians and vegan, watch out! Because this is a LOT of mention in the book.

Lastly: The book just didn't strike me as 'different.' I think that my favorite part was the beginning, right before she got into diet and whatnot. She basically gave her story, with quite a good bit of testimonials and it all was very sincere. Much of it was very typical, though. "Don't diet and deprive yourself, but make mostly healthy choice. Shop the fruits and veggies aisle first. Change your mindset into a positive one."
I've read stuff like this before.

In short, if you are already sure of your ideal dietary choices and just want an excellent read, I would skip this and just purchase the DVDs. I don't regret buying this because I love supporting Mary Helen, I think she is great. I'll stick with the DVD and streaming!
This book is a great intro to Mary Helen's exercise philosophy. It guides you through her own struggles with her weight after she retired from the stage, and how she came to form Ballet Beautiful. It's nice to see how she designed this program to overcome some of the flaws in a 'standard' ballet day of exercise, and in doing so made her body more toned and stronger than it was when she was dancing everyday. It's also nice to see how she's human too! She's struggled with weight and making the right choices, so she's not up on a high horse.
She workouts she goes through in her book are good because they teach you the correct form more so than her dvds, but I think you really need the dvds as well to see how she does the exercises.
The recipes section is the least inspiring part of the book as it's extremely basic, but I think that's important, in a way. It shows readers that eating simple, healthy food is all you need to stay on top of your diet. But if you're looking for interesting ways to prepare lots of veggies (which is the cornerstone of any good diet), I would recommend Kimberley Snyder's Detox Beauty Foods.