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    Tommy Lee
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    Simon & Schuster UK (2004)
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Tommy Lee was born in Athens, Greece, and moved with his family to California at the age of one. In his musical career he is famous for being the wild drummer of one of the most successful and outrageous bands of the 1980s.

Tommy Lee was born in Athens, Greece, and moved with his family to California at the age of one. A master showman, Lee's antics included performing onstage with a revolving drum kit.

Tommyland - Ebook written by Tommy Lee. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Tommyland. I am Tommy Lee, born Thomas Lee Bass in Athens, Greece, on October 3, 1962, and raised in a suburb of California by an American father and a Greek mother. At seventeen, I joined Mötley Crüe and we became one of the baddest-ass rock bands in history. We sold over 40 million albums, we wreaked havoc, we scared parents, and we titillated too many fathers' daughters.

When I first started reading this book and Tommy Lee was having a pages-long, detailed conversation with his penis, I thought about just putting it down. I mean, how entertaining can that be for anyone who's not a 12-year-old boy? And, I'd just finished Nikki Sixx's "Heroin Diaries" a few weeks before, which was extremely well written and meaningful; comparatively, it was initially painful.

TOMMY LAND TOMMY LAND TOMMY LEE with ANTHONY BOZZA ATRIA Book New york London Sydney Toronto 1230 Avenue of the Americas .

T. Lee. Readers, would you like to know why I’ve named this ride Tommyland? The word means many things to me: It is the name of my studio, my home, my hard drive, and the place where my nerves and pleasure centers freak each other inside my skull. Tommyland is where my boys were born, it’s a playland that my ex-wife Pamela Anderson built for my thirty-third birthday, it is where I lose myself most days making records, having sex, and sleeping.

Tommyland: The Ride is the second solo album by the Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. It was released in 2005 on TL Education Services Inc. It was released in 2005 on TL Education Services In. .Tommyland: The Ride was released in conjunction with Lee's book of the same name, as well as his then new reality television series Tommy Lee Goes to College, which premiered a week after the album was released. The album features tracks from the show

Читайте Tommyland (автор: Tommy Lee, Anthony Bozza) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода.

Читайте Tommyland (автор: Tommy Lee, Anthony Bozza) бесплатно 30 дней в течении пробного периода. Читайте книги и аудиокниги без ограничений в веб-браузере или на устройствах iPad, iPhone и Android. But this book isn't your typical journey in a straight line from day one to day now. I'm more interested in revealing what's most important about my life, like how I cook my steaks; what I think of the tabloids, the truth, my ex-wives, my ex-band, my music; and what an innocent observer might find hanging around my house any given Sunday.

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Tommy Lee's Tommyland.

I am Tommy Lee, born Thomas Lee Bass in Athens, Greece, on October 3, 1962, and raised in a suburb of California by an.This book is my truth.

I am Tommy Lee, born Thomas Lee Bass in Athens, Greece, on October 3, 1962, and raised in a suburb of California by an American father and a Greek mother.


From playing with Motley Crue to marrying Pamela Anderson to dating Pink, rock 'n' roll's most brazen bad boy exposes a lot more than his tattoos in an unflinching look at life in the fast lane.

Entertaining, insightful and fun. Glad he didn't do the play by play of motley crue. It's been done to death. The book was about HIM. A lot of reviews complain about the notes from his famous appendage. I found them to be totally tongue in cheek, fitting of his personality. Most of these books are ego trips about all the groupies, this book went in depth about his marriages, kids and the hell he went through in jail. Good, fast read.
This is not quite 5 stars for me, but it was well worth my time and the purchase price. I read it over a three day period and I got tons of enjoyment out of it. I'm really glad that I read this book to get Tommy's personal take on several different things that happened to him, especially being married to Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson. I was also interested in Tommy's account of going to jail, about a young boy that sadly died in his pool, and the passing of his father, being raised by his parents etc. Of course, many other great topics and stories are covered. I think a better rating would be about 4.6 stars, because that represents a percentage of the book that I totally enjoyed. The .4 remaining I sometimes felt was rather dumb, but it's not a big deal. I got many good giggles from the entertaining way Tommy expresses himself. I am familiar with Anthony Bozza and he does an excellent job finding the voice of the person he's writing for. I really felt that the writing style was completely Tommy talking. I can't guarantee someone else will like this, but it was good for me. It's not exactly the self-improvement type of book that I like to read, but I felt that in my own context of life, I identified with Tommy in a certain way. I've been epically misunderstood, and I think Tommy is misunderstood. The man personifies the idea of a rock star. He's wickedly talented. Post Motley Crue, it's probably true to say that he's the most talented of the four in that bunch. A true artist. Seemingly a lovable guy. That is all. :)
I was really looking forward to reading this book, especially since I had just read Bobbie Brown's "Dirty Rocker Boys" Book- which was basically about him. I wanted to get Tommy's point of view about their relationship. But she didn't get one mention from him. Nothing?! Only Pamela mentions "someone named Bobbie Brown." Really? He only was engaged to Bobbie, and had her name tattooed on his neck- which he didn't recommend doing. But as with her, he didn't really go into detail about his relationship with his ex Heather either. It's almost like Pamela had final edit approval (removal) over that.

The beginning of the book was just the worst- his private anatomy "talks" and he describes his "skills." Ugh. Aside from that, it's an ok book- he goes from ridiculous to almost down-to-earth, and back again. He was surprisingly close to his parents, but you won't learn too much more about him from this book, oh, and he likes the word "craise."
I am huge fan of Motley Crue and of Tommy Lee as a drummer. Was disappointed in this. If you know him then you already know that a certain part of his anatomy has been a major part of his life and don't need him talking from his ****'s point of view. Would rather he just talk honestly about his relationships.
First of all that is a straight five-star read. Why? Because those are just one person's thoughts on the life he's lived, and other stuff. Makes sense to either agree or disagree. It's all in the disclaimer, so just give it a quick look before either committing to the story, or walking away.
I do have a habit of judging books by either the aftertaste they leave, or the amount of fun I had while reading them. This is by far one of the most fun reads, and I it's amazing, because there are no underdeveloped characters, most of the events are surreal, and overall it was a read worth spending 2 days on (and some bucks).
So, if you decide to read it, get used to the fact that sometimes you would think "there it is, you said it, so true", and sometimes you would shake your head no, but you might learn something.
It's also partly a more simple, not overdramatic look at the same events from the Dirt, and Heroin Diaries. Anyway, apparently it's time to move on to next autobiography).
I enjoyed this book. It was definitely written in Tommy's voice which made it feel genuine. He's lived a crazy life and was upfront about it and didn't try to make himself look better or like a victim. This book was funny, honest, and made him a lot more relatable in my opinion. If you enjoyed The Dirt you'll probably enjoy this: give it a read.
I love Motley Crue, but this book did not keep my interest. I finished it in hope's it would get better, but it didn't. I've seen Motley Crue several times , and like the book , it seems good at first, like their first show, but like their last show, it only got more boring. But the bad concerts was Vince Neil's for forgetting the words.. Tommy does great live... he should stick to music, not writing.
Exactly what I would expect from Tommy Lee...the book is funny, he comes across very genuine & his stories are a riot, not to mention his outlook on life. On a more serious note, he wrote about his time in jail, issues with his relationships with Pam Anderson & Heather Locklear, also talks about his kids. Great read! Definitely recommend it.